August Super Powers

August Numerology
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In Numerology

August Represents ‘EIGHT’

You will be a force to be reckoned with!

Eight is the number of Strength, will and effort. 

It’s time to take your life by the reins and lead with sure power and determination. The month of August will encourage you to assume command.

It’s about money, power and management this month.

Deep inside you have a potent sense of destiny. Life can be regarded as a set of challenges and obstacles to overcome. You hold the capacity for greatness and the will to wield your knowledge.

Be certain of your direction and assume control!

Eight represents the fulfilment of your desires.
Think of a goal you would like to manifest. Focus on that.

August Mantra: “Onwards and Upwards

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july numerology finding beauty lends a mirror

In Numerology

July Represents ‘SEVEN


The month of July is the time of the year, you’ll feel the need to be alone.

“No-one can see the world the way that you see it. No-one else can feel your life the way that you feel it. Our solitude is different. There is a mirror within our minds, that collects every reflection. When you come into your own solitude you come into companionship with everything. When things are moving too quickly, nothing can stabilise or grow” ~ Anam Cara.

You may feel moody or even explosive at times, as changes are going on within you and the lessons of life are not always easy. If you aren’t sure about what is going on inside you, at least say that. Don’t expect other people to read your mind.

The more you trust your inner promptings the stronger they will grow. Focusing on your imagination and talents is a great way to use the July vibe.

Your Mantra should be:
“The best things in life are not seen or heard, they are felt within the heart”

Seven: Vision. Stillness. Withdrawal. Silence. Meditation. Spirituality.