It’s June Love

Image: Claire Roige Photography


It’s June Love


In Numerology

The month of June represents ‘Six’

The number of Love. Family. Balance of responsibility.


‘Love your People for who they are not for who you want them to be’ 


Family are life’s greatest blessings.

You talk like best friends.

Play like children.

Argue like brother and sister.

Protect each other like husband and wife.


Familial love is unconditional, a protective love, that loves through thick and thin. It is a natural, instinctual affection.  This month you are being reminded about your family and your duties to them. However, you must decide when it’s required and when enough is enough. This is a time to honour what’s in your heart, because it’s there, that you must be truly responsible.


The quality of your relationships matter.

Who you surround yourself with, can impact your emotional well-being. 


Nobody owes each other anything, except the ability to communicate effectively about how they feel and the humility to listen deeply to what the other person is saying about their needs and conflicts.

Focus on those who show you they care through both their actions and their words. Those are your people.  Never take them for granted. because we often lose what and who, we don’t appreciate.

If you are the one always giving your all to your loved ones but never receiving the love and appreciation in return, you are allowed to walk away when your association is being taken for granted.


Be kind and full of love, but remember to set boundaries. Find the balance between honouring your commitments to family and honouring those you make to yourself.


Your June mantra should be:

‘Home is where the heart is’


Universal Month 

June, 2022, will be influenced by the Universal month of Three:

The number of Creative Expression. Imagination.


This can be a very innovative combination.

Make June your voyage of discovery.

Never stop questioning.


Turn everything inside out.


Curiosity makes us open minded. It takes us to different places, allowing us to explore, discover and create different possibilities.

When we are curious, we are more willing to experiment to see what works and what doesn’t. We tend to get less stuck and be kinder towards ourselves and others.


‘Curiosity is the ‘Know How’ of Life’

Cheeky Blinders

‘On a gathering storm, at 5pm came a handsome man, with a dusty black waistcoat and a red left hand ‘ ~ Kevin ~ (aka Thomas Shelby)

It had been one hell of a time,
all bets placed, began at Five. 
He’d appeared at the door,
by his looks, he wasn’t sure. 

Our secret planning was ingenious,
our leader has become too serious.
‘Every day is a bonus’ he’s said, 
but turning 65, filled him with dread.

‘I don’t want any fuss’ he’d cried;
we (pinky) promised, we’d comply. 
We love him for so many things;
inherited in family roots he brings.

Charismatic, wise and cool, 
living by working man’s rules.
Conceived and made in Brum, 
with a naturally sarcastic tongue. 

We had been whispering his name, 
like the Gang Star, of Peaky fame.
We didn’t ask for his permission,
to set him up a ‘Blinders’ vision.  

By order of our Brummy gang,
we’d gambled on ‘flat cap’ plans.  
As he blew the candles on his cake,
a huge smile exploded on his face. 

‘Traa a bit loves’, he later quipped, 
my surprise party was a huge hit’ 
It all went off like a shot with a bang, 
he’d loved his Cheeky Blinders gang. 
Victoria Healing ~ 9.5.2022
Cheeky Blinders

fighting together and winning
Image: Our littlest cheeky blinder *Babby (*Baby in Brummy slang)


peaky boys jordan oliver and finn 1

You’re all Cheeky Blinders now boys! 


peaky finn and zoonie 3

Finn: ‘The first rule about being a Peaky Blinder, is you gotta love animals’ 


What makes a Cheeky Blinder?

1. Family comes first.

2. Remember your roots.

3. Look the part. 


Thanks to all of our Cheeky Blinders and Babbys on a job well F**king done.

Out of this World

Image: Valerian Entertainment.
Everybody nervous?
Get strapped in and buckle up…! 

In attraction of the planet, we entered, 
flickering lights, magical in surrender.
In the twists of gravity’s void and fall, 
we were starry, spectral glows of it all.

It seemed only nanoseconds of time, 
as body, mind and spirit, entwined.
The oblivion, in a centrifugal force,
twisting, spinning spheres on course. 

Seemingly ‘Out of this World’ at night, 
multi coloured transition of neon lights. 
Waltzing energy, passions and pleasure.
Topsy turvy; electrically fired treasures.

A little mysterious, a pre-empted risk, 
a state of mind, for an adrenalin fix. 
‘Go on’ she urged, please tell me more,
of creepy Haunted Houses, of doors’

'Glimpsing scary shapes at a distance,
in dread, but focused in our persistence.
Imagining all horrors of skulls and gore, 
tip toeing quietly, but screaming for more’

A sensory barrage of smells and sounds, 
a little dangerous, how thrills were found.   
Sugar candy, popcorn, hot dogs or fries?
tossing soft balls, to win fluffy gala prize. 

Carousels and Giant Teacups of pleasure, 
Ferris Wheel spins in ‘Fun Fair‘ of leisure.
As the Dodgems ‘rolled up’ to Brum town,
‘Fair’ enough, we’d loved, ups and downs. 

From these treasured memories as a kid,
recalling the epic thrills that Fun Fair’s give. 
Victoria Healing ~ 4.4.2022
Out Of This World

How to be happy?

Buy more Fun Fair tickets

It was the Easter FUN FAIR in Stechford, Birmingham, plenty years ago!

*Insert Sad Music*

Then we saw it, now we don’t

The First Fairground Showmen in Stechford, UK.

a Healing Journey


 If it should be that I grow frail and weak,
 and pain should keep me from my sleep,
 Then will you do what must be done,
 ‘For this ~ the last battle ~ can’t be won.

 You will be sad, I understand,
 But don’t let my grief, stay your hand,
 For on this day, more than the rest,
 Your love and friendship must stand the test.

 We have had so many happy years,
 You wouldn’t want me to suffer so,
 When the time comes, please let me go.

 Take me to where to my needs they’ll tend.
 Only, stay with me till the end.
 And hold me close and speak to me,
 until my eyes no longer see.
 I know in time, you will agree,
 It is a kindness you do for me.

 Although my tail, it’s last has waved,
 From pain and suffering, I have been saved.
 Don’t grieve that it must be you,
 who has to decide this thing to do.

 We’ve been so close, we two for all these years,
 Don’t let your heart, hold any tears. 

 ~ Unknown. 

We are relieved that Roxy is back at home. Her sister Zoonie has a big smile on her face, wagging her tail happily, for the first time this week. I swear she knows that her sister is back here with us.

Our little gypsy princess is now sleeping peacefully, in our library, which was her favourite place.

#Euthanasia: Is the hardest decision you’ll ever have to make, but because something is hard, it doesn’t mean it’s not right. In fact, some of the most meaningful things we do in life are difficult — raising children, honouring our responsibilities, and most importantly, being with loved ones during their last moments.

Thank you Passing Paws Pet Crematorium and Dr Andrea, at Vet Visits for taking good care of our dear little girl Roxy Healing.

‘The happy memories of her life shared, are what endure’


And so this is our story about the process we went through, with the healing and grieving that led us to peace.


#petcremations #petloss

Roxy Healing. 26.12.2008 ~ 16.02.2021

Happy Birthday

Dear Mom, 

Happy Birthday in Heaven

It’s been thirteen long years, 
since you left and went away.
I still love and think about you,
each and every day.

The love that we shared,  
was an unbreakable bond.
I hold you safely in my heart, 
knowing you will never be gone.

Your love, kindness and caring, 
laughs, chats and sharing.
There can be no comparing.

Sadness hits me harder today,
as I remember your birth day. 


“Everything is temporary, but love 
outlives us all”

“Grief, I’ve learned, is really just love. It’s all the love you want to give, but cannot. All that unspent love gathers up in the corners of your eyes, the lump in your throat, and in that hollow part of your chest. Grief is just love with no place to go.”― Jamie Anderson

Heart Broken

Our grief comes in waves, as we recall our happiest days.

 Zoonie wants to express our heartfelt thanks on behalf of her sister Roxy, for the sympathy you have shown towards our family during our time of loss.

 Roxy fell asleep at home, in the arms of her loved ones.

 Life will never be the same without Roxy.

 Our hearts are broken. 

 We have to remember to remind ourselves that 

 “Whenever grief tries to steal the beauty of our memories, that our Love. Never. Dies”

 We are deeply grateful to you all. 
 With our love and appreciation
 Thank you
 Our beautiful Gypsy Princess

 Roxy Healing 
 26.12.2008 ~ 16.2.2021 
 Forever in our hearts 

 A Bitter Pill

 Thank you Dr Andrea: Mobile Vet Visits And Lisa at Passing Paws Pet Cremations  

Our Angel

 Tomorrow, we lay our little girl down to rest,
 in knowing, that for her, we did our very best.
 The joy, the love, the happy moments, 
 memories sweet, to keep our hearts going. 

 The best days of our lives,
 were while Roxy was by our side. 
 The greatest love that we shared,
 in knowing that she’ll always be there.

 To live, to love, to hope,
 to see her again, will be how we cope.

 Sleep peacefully, our beautiful angel
 Roxy Healing ~ 15.2.2021  
Guardians of the mysteries

A Bitter Pill


Killer Time

 Dark clouds shadowed the realm,
 as demons crept into a fiery hell. 
 Entering a forbidden crypt door, 
 I’d not seen anything like it before.

 Havoc, evil, pestilence and plagues,
 mudslides dripping from the graves.
 Blood, skeletons, witches and gore,
 sinister faces swung from the walls.

 Swaying from cellar, holy men sipped,
 nuns writhed, spiral dancing in crypt.
 The cadaverous had travelled quickly,
 to meet in the tomb of deaths infinity.

 Bugs slimed, eyes spied in coven wall, 
 until we heard, ‘It’s time to eat’ called.
 Below graves, the undead came ‘alive’
 as cocktails, nibbles and hot food slimed.

 Thank you to our g’hosts Kerry, Aido family,
 we laughed our way home… back to sanity. 
 Having had a killer time halloweens night;
 we’re tickled to death, we had an invite. 
 Victoria Healing ~ 8.11.2020

A Bitter Pill

It was a dreary day in September,
I was sick as a dog,  as I remember.  
My snorting, came by day and night,
something about me wasn’t quite right.

A professional diagnosis was required,
medication with steroids, transpired. 
These side effects are unkind, brutal,
but to keep on taking tablets is crucial. 

Always ravenous, endlessly thirsty, 
my hair is thinning and I’m growing curvy. 
I’ve been talking to my mom,
about “what pill is this” I’m on.

Mom is watching my every move,
each little change in my attitude.
“I’m sorry” I say “I’m too tired to talk,
don’t want to go for any more walks”

Mom looks deeply into my eyes,
“I’m sorry my darling” she cries.
“I beg your pardon, please” I said;
can I have a healthful diet instead?

Real meat, eggs, fish, veggies and rice,
and probiotic yoghurt would be nice.
When she came back from shopping,
I wagged my tail, happy eyes a popping.

In her bag she’d had; a steam vaporiser,
Hemp oil, and healthy treat appetisers.
its just a matter of resting and waiting,
for my ravenous appetite to be sated.

My vet said; I now have “Cushing’s Disease”
damaged from ‘toxic steroids’ if you please. 
Look at what those tablets have done!
I just hope, that I am the only one! 
Roxy (Tibalier) Healing _ 16.10.2020