Numerology February Forecast 2019

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“Two Heads are Better Than One” should be your mantra.

In Numerology, the month of February (2) represents the duo, which promises to be fantastic for building relationships, not only with others, but also with yourself.

Take time to reach out to others, although you must use caution to avoid becoming a doormat. Don’t get caught up in surrendering your dreams and desires to satisfy someone else’s and end up feeling powerless or mis-used.

Killing them with kindness!

Diplomacy is at the heart of this month. Yes, there can be lots of ups and downs in your relationships, so your keys will be ~ flexibility, adaptability and co-operation ~ otherwise drama may become a recurring theme.

Is someone pushing your buttons? Keep a level head and see all sides of an issue. Build bridges, to get over them.

The good news is that February will bring a sense of balance back to everything.

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numerology february the wisdom of the shamans by don jose ruiz hierophant publishing
Image Credits ~ The Wisdom of the Shamans by don Jose Ruiz




Party, hard.


party people with balloon on own tatiana-nino-2963-unsplash.jpg
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Unfortunately, we were invited to a birthday party dinner

parleying on small talk, becoming anxious, i simmered.

huddled, sat sitting there, all alone on the couch,

because, i hadn’t known anyone else.


Their conversations, were exceedingly loud,

ensuring, i was feeling confident and proud,

i wasn’t going to interrupt them, or butt in,

but omg, they all made such a din.


Dragged away, from my own home sanctuary,

truth is, i didn’t want to be at that get together, actually.

after half an hour, i asked hubby, ‘now’ can we go home?

he said, “not yet my darling, you would then have to atone”


Once we had politely stayed as long as we respectfully should,

a few hours later, we could, go home, relieved i was, oh yes and good.

having survived the party gathering that night,

made some new friends, so, in the end, it turned out alright.


It’s been several years, since we have been forced to attend

those social activities, as earlier in our lives, our employment, did depend.

now happily, secret, quiet members of society,

our communal ideals have changed for ever, more than, slightly.


Victoria Healing ~ 20.1.2019

Party, hard.

birthday go wild 22046175_275186212973144_789562373799015569_n

“I used to walk into a room full of people and wonder if they liked 
me, now, I look around and wonder if I like them” ~ Rikkie Gale.
w o n d e r land
Rhyme in Verse

w o n d e r land

wise woman challenge keep doing what you're doing.jpg
Image credit ~ Wisdom of the Hidden Realms ~ Colette Baron-Reid

The Wise Woman of Wonderland

Brings integrity to thought, word and deeds

She lets you know that as long as you’re being loyal to yourself, by pursuing your own desires and needs.

She will protect and care,

great dividends will be paid, when devoting your courage, to dare.


Remain faithful and grateful, that you have remained on your path,

compromise is not an option.

Stay true to your own self, foremost, first and last.


Victoria Healing ~ 20.12019

Wonder land


wise woman of wonderland

Numerology Daily Matters
Rhyme in Verse


h u s h


silence typewriter peter-pryharski-663241-unsplash.jpg
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S h u s h, now, can you hear that sound?

echoes of an, other world, buzzing around

turn off TV, phone and music,

mystical silence, absorb inner most, infuse it…


Peace, tranquillity, calm, stillness, humming in the air

when you stop a moment, in quietude there.

reverberations, perhaps yet to come?

sensing there, in this world, i am only one.


Precious, present, private time,

thanking God, to hear, how it sounds to be alive.

bouncing back, to the land of the living

day dreams are so, delightfully fulfilling.


Victoria Healing ~ 20.1.2019


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Image credit ~ jr-korpa-640520-unsplash.jpg
The poet William Meredith observed, that the worst that can be said 
of a man, is that "he didn't pay attention."


Rhyme in Verse


Spider, in sight

spider web art .jpg

Animal Guides

If spider shows up it means…


This is an opportunity to access your deepest wisdom.

Beware of any traps.

Open your mind to the infinite possibilities.

Be willing to explore other dimensions and realities.

It’s time to write creatively without limits or tradition of habit.

Allow yourself to be inspired by nature.

"Just when you need to make a connection, like magic, synchronicity
 appears" ~ Collette Baron-Reid

Nets work

Spider, in sight

spider web  Marie Ooi Photography .jpg


Spider, spider, hiding out of sight

weaving webs at dark of night.

spun with lace, of heart and soul

we can see, just where you go…


Shimmering threads, in the morning sun

admiring, how your work gets done.

concealed there, at the back of that tree

your art is glistening, for the world to see.


Supper, may just be on its way

as you watch carefully at break of day

fascinating, how it is, to see

your life is lived, so self sufficiently, free.

Victoria Healing ~ 19.1.2018

Nets work. 

Rhyme in Verse
"The next time you see a spider web, 
please, pause and look a little closer.

You'll be seeing one of the most high-performance materials
known to man." - Cheryl Hayashi
Image credits to 
Marie Ooi Photography




magic star look closely child with curious eyes.jpg
Image credit ~ Magic Star

M e d i t a t i o n

Here is that big ‘word’

what does it mean, have you heard?

In meditation, you don’t need supernatural powers,

spend a little time on your own, perhaps allow an hour.


Musing, pondering, walking, painting or cooking,

aim to ignore your logical ‘mind’ looking.

Remain silent and ‘still’ reflect on your passions,

listen in for concepts, naturally flashing.


Society has many demands and expectations,

leaving no time, for natural sensations.

You don’t have to sit cross-legged on a mat,

relax in your own way, what is wrong with that?


Slip into the beat of your heart,

contemplate your passions as a start.

In between, daydreaming and reality,

you will find your own peace and sanity.


This is not a selfish thing to do,

make some time to be all about ‘YOU’

Thoughts will come and go,

let them all drift and flow…

Victoria Healing ~ 30.5.2016



Numerology Notes 2019

creativity do not doubt your originality happy creative new year .jpg


The Big Picture


Creativity, be your Muse!


Be creative in your own self-expression

2019 is the year to draw on this lesson.

learn something new, use your spirit of imagination

tune in to your heart, inner feelings and sensations.


Keep a journal, write, paint, sing or dance,

there are so many, numerous, innovative tasks.

whatever makes you happy or brings you joy

endeavour to be original in your own art and ploy.


Look at all your possibilities with humour, wit and fun

however, manage your emotions, don’t jump the gun.

Listen twice before you speak, remember your feelings are not facts

Lighten up, practice impeccable communication, before you talk or react.


Paint, sketch and write, read outside the lines

This year is for fun and colourful, inventive times.


creativity you don't have to stay between the lines hippie chicks


2019, prediction by the Numbers;

This year ‘2019’ is added up as: 2+0+1+9 = 12. Then add 1+2 = 3.

Victoria Healing ~ 5.1.2019

The Big Picture ~ Three.


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January Numerology

rhyme sally life is your garden.jpg
Thank you Sally J Vittorio

Begin it now…


In Numerology, the ‘month’ of January adds up to “1”

a turn for the better, the start of something new

what you have been waiting for; now may be in view.


January is the month to step out, be independent and take chances.

watch out for every opportunity, keeping your faith positive under all circumstances.

the wheel of fortune is turning, as this next rotation can bring exactly what you are yearning.


Numerology and the Divine Triangle

Dusty Bunker and Faith Javane.


Numerology Daily Matters



all seeing


peacock walk like a peacock.png




“You’re about to experience a vision that will greatly affect your life and the direction that you are going. Be watchful now, observe what is going on inside and around you. Speak up, take risks, speak your truth. Walk your talk and hold your head up

Thanks ~ Steven D Farmer PhD. Animal Spirit Guides



Peacock will remind you, to be aware of your own vision,
becoming more watchful and vigilant with your decisions.

If you see a peacock, remain ‘all seeing” listen and learn,
observing inner rhythms, being sure to discern.
a reminder that you are protected, no doubts,
take some risks, speak your truth out.

Walk your talk and hold your head up high
May your instincts be true and become justified.

Victoria Healing ~ 18.2.2019

All Seeing ~ Hey Momma

Rhyme in Verse

Victoria Healing ~ 26.6.2015

All Seeing ~ Hey Momma

peacock a beautiful tail .png
This is the Peacock we met at Sandfire Roadhouse, in Western Australia


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