December Numerology


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Cultivating your curiosity

“Curiosity is the truth and the creative way of living.
Curiosity is the alpha, the omega, the beginning and the end.
Furthermore curiosity is available to everyone” ~
Elizabeth Gilbert.

In Numerology, this month represents ‘THREE”

December is a month for anything and everything self-improvement related.

It’s all about fun, creativity, and tapping into your expressive emotions.

Take centre stage. This is your month to be out there, enhancing all aspects of your sense of creative self-expression.

Understand that this can also be a month where you’ll be challenged to work on expressing your emotions clearly and effectively, so you’ll be offered plenty of opportunities to practice this feat.

Ultimately the lesson resides in finding your joy, developing and acting upon your creativity, and speaking your truth.

You also might wrestle with some unexpected emotional highs and lows, so take it as it comes and know you can’t go wrong when you tap into your authentic feelings.

This sounds a lot, like Christmas to me!

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Numerology Daily Matters


Dragon s i t t i n g

“If you want to conquer the world, you best have dragons”

~ George RR Martin (A dance with Dragon)

dragon earth here there be dragons anne stokes fierce loyalty.jpg
Anne Stokes ~ Here Be Dragons

“Earth Dragon ~ Draig Talamh”

When you’re feeling on edge, but you don’t know why,

befriend an earth dragon, hold onto him tight.

when your stomach feels tangled, butterflies inside

Draig Talamh will ground, anxiety’s inner gripes.

Placing both feet, firmly on the ground,

allowing all inner churning to compound.

earth dragon will be your ally and friend

slumbering and waiting for you, to comprehend.

When you discover how to use his potential powers,

you’ll be left feeling, soothed, charmed and enamoured.

sit with him a wee while, come to understand

that he is the guardian of potential treasures in your hands.

Times back, wherever he had curled up, in the ground

certain patches of hill-side, are still bare, no grass can be found.

although landscapes, do constantly change,

the belief in dragons, hold strongest in Wales.

Gaze face to face with your dragon, in your eyes,

come to understand, that he is not truly disguised.

you will find strength in your journey of self-discovery,

finding treasures inside, is more precious than money.

Come dragon people follow us,

if you want to know the honest truth, you must.

discover your dragons deep inside, where

All of your desires and needs will be met there.

Victoria S Healing 18.11.2018

Dragon Sitting ~ Drag-Talamh.

dragon earth once upon a time.jpg
Anne Stokes ~ Once Upon A Time

“Stress is an important dragon to slay – or at least tame – in your life” ~

Marilu Henner

Earth Dragon — Draig-Talamh
Keywords: Power, Potential, Riches

The Earth Dragon brings us face to face with our potential. Within us we have a treasure house of riches — of powers and capacities –which we can learn how to use. In the past we may have been denied access by the guardian of this treasure. But now we are coming to understand that this sometimes fierce guardian is in reality an aspect of ourselves. By coming to know and love Draig-talamh, we will be able to unlock the secrets of our heart, and at the same time we will find ourselves discovering the beauty and the power that lie within the hearts of those around us and in the very earth itself.

The Druid Animal Oracle ~ Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm

Numerology Daily Matters
Rhyme in Verse

F i r e d up?

dragon fire anne stokes here there be dragons



There lives a red fiery dragon, deep within us all,

when he is present, you feel your blood starting to boil.

Feel those hairs prickling on the back of your neck?

be aware that he is quick tempered,

try not to forget.

Taming that burning of power, stoked down inside

calming your emotions before they ignite.

King Arthur’s vision at Glastonbury Tor

was to protect that fiery dragon

before he began to roar.

When a rumble flinches in your tummy

see other points of view, perhaps say something funny.

Stop right there, take a moment to sit,

before the dragon triggers, sparking, hisses and spits.

Calm, cool and pacify, that volatile flame,

sense your own peace and feel relaxed again.

Pendragon was the heraldic emblem.

Guardian of passionate blazes, fuelling within.

Fire dragons guard our powerful inner prize,

attempt to befriend him, try to be nice.

this red Dragon still leads the way,

painted on our Welsh flag, unto this very day.

dragon from the way these authors talk about dragons here there be dragons

Victoria S Healing ~ 18.11.2018

Fired up ~ “Red Dragon leads the way”

The Welsh motto is.

“Y Ddraig Goch Ddyry Cychwyn,” or “the Red Dragon leads the way.”

Y Ddraig Goch has roots in Arthurian legend and folklore about a 
serpent representing the Welsh God Dewi. It’s said that Celtic King 
Arthur had a dream about a Red Dragon, symbolizing Wales who 
slayed a White Dragon, representing the Saxon invaders.

Draig-teine, Fire Dragon, is symbolic of energy, enthusiasm, courage, leadership, mastery and transmutation. He bestows, a heightened 
ability to conquer obstacles and teaches people how to have energy 
to cope.

dragon fire power strength

~ The Animal Guides of Avalon: The Dragon ~

Power. Strength.

The Dragon comes to offer you its power and strength, to protect and fortify you on this leg of your journey. The Dragon symbolizes true power and reminds you that this infinite source is not found within your personality or ego.

True power resides deep within your soul. So call on the Dragon’s spiritual power and strength, and you will find a vast resource to strengthen your resolve…through morality, integrity, and purpose. If you’re struggling with these issues, the Dragon will restore them to you. Remember that the power of the spiritual world can never be broken, and true strength is found within – not in the outside world. Never mistake a gentle man for a weak one.

Watch for a signal – the Dragon always makes the next step clear, and it gives you the power to take it.
*From The Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid.

dragon red welsh flag

Numerology Daily Matters
Rhyme in Verse

D r a g o n s fly



Awaken your inner Dragon sleeping inside,

see beyond illusions, inwards, your original light.

like a bolt of lightening, out of the blue

Air dragon guards treasures, buried deep within you.


Draig Athar is the magician of primal forces

recognise your ability to ‘see’ future discourses

Air dragon stirs up psyche and intellect

i urge you to treat him with great care and respect.


Sudden flashes of illumination,

new insights, thundering imagination.

conveyor of numinous power,

Welsh Air Dragon

comes calling, when feelings are gloomy or dour.


Are you locked into a habit, idea or belief?

discover inner spiritual concepts

which may need to be debriefed


Flight paths of dragons, represent ley lines, birth

sixty million years ago

since dinosaurs and those first humans on earth.

dragon Artist Catherine Langwagen EARTH
Dragon Artist ~ Catherine Langwagen


Victoria S Healing ~ 15.11.2018

Hidden treasure ~ Celtic Otherworld.

(Our forgotten heritage)


Celtic Tradition.

AIR DRAGON ~ Draig-Athar

Inspiration. Insight. Vitality.

Within the Druid tradition, the flying dragon is a creature of the sky God – coming from the constellation Draco, which turns about the pole star.

Druid Animal Oracle ~ Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm.

Numerology Daily Matters
Rhyme in Verse


You’re t h e r e

grief don't forget stars are not alone evolver.jpg

“But, the dead have a language of their own. They communicate 
through signs, dreams, songs, coincidences and messages delivered 
in unexpected ways.” ~ Alison Dubois ~ We Are Their Heaven.

Listening inwards to the secrets of silence, i am drawn,

away from the rat race and high society living and norm.

Recognising, that in this separation, there is a form.

Never to be feeling, lost and in confusion,

that death and goodbyes are, just an illusion.

“I know that you’re there” i have said,

when i hear your voice in my minds ear, in my head.

Words that you whisper, i will never forget,

i’m always waiting to talk to you and ‘’yes’

“I know that you are here” whenever i am feeling down.

i feel your presence,  besides me and all around.

Hearing what you say,

knowing, that you haven’t gone away.

Treasuring these moments, precious in my heart,

remembering, that we can never, ever be apart.

if you are reading this,

you may have a ‘knowing’ too and you will understand.

Our loved ones, will forever remain, close at hand.

In waking slumber and dreams, they come to visit,

reminding us, that there really are, no heavenly limits.

Conveyed by thoughts, senses and feelings,

I’m forever thankful, that Mom’s passing…

was not about her ‘disappearance’

Victoria S Healing ~ 13.11.2018

I know that you’re there ~

“A mother’s hug lasts long after she lets go.” —Unknown 

Hey Momma

grief lovepaperplane.png

“You don’t actually get over things. You incorporate them. They become part of everything you are. But you change” ~ (ukn)

Rhyme in Verse

a breath away


Image: My Heart and Soul


No words could express,

these feelings of emptiness

when losing someone, that you love

enduring heartache, society forbids you to discuss.


Wondering where has that love gone and where?

take a moment, feel in your heart, it is still right there.

talk about the grieving, you must,

love in your heart, forever bonded, you must trust.


The happy memories,

times spent together…

Your hearts are connected, tied in love forever.

Their spirit still stands by your side.


Take stillness of small moments to find,

beyond these physical limits

and logic of mind.


Just a breath away,

You will find.

Victoria S Healing ~13.11.2018

You will find ~ Dear Mom…


book my heart and soul

In loving memory of my beautiful Mom-in-Law

“Mavis Irene Healing”

Dancing with Dandy and her loved ones, in Heaven.

Always in our hearts

“Resting peacefully in the arms of the angels”

Mom and Dad 60th wedding anniversary
A wonderful 60th wedding anniversary celebration of their marriage. Made in Heaven.  

The Good Old Days

Guardians of the mysteries

dogs roxy of course i talk to my dog, sometimes I need good advice.jpg

Cu or Dog, represents a Celtic Totem animal that has the powers of guidance, protection and loyalty.

the tradition of the dog as animal guide and guardian of the 
mysteries in Celtic culture is very old.

It is associated with the Dog Star ~Sirius that rises and sets with the Sun. Although white to blue-white in colour, Sirius might be called a rainbow star, as it often flickers with many colours.

dog stars Roxy and zoonie finding cape range

With a wag of their tail, they show you their hearts.

a loyal companion, a true and dear friend,

forever by our side, from beginning to end

In the Celtic tradition, a dog is held in high esteem

other wise known as our custodians, of magic and all mysteries.

Dog was an endearment given to heroes, chiefs and warriors

as in Celtic lore, “Cu” was the prefix, heralding most honour.

The dog ‘Cu’ stands at the brink of birth, death and soul

carrying his loved ones across, life’s thresholds.

as a true spirit, bodyguard and ally guiding us back home.

Gods and goddesses, from way back when,

were depicted besides their dogs as their faithful friends

protecting and guiding, beloved souls of the dead

when leaving this world, to enter the next.

As the unconscious of our dreams,

life after death, is not what it may seem.

finding our healing and immortality there,

entering our next passage, into the beyond , we must fare.

Victoria S Healing ~ 11.11.11

Guardians of the Mysteries


DOG. Cu.

celtic dog the hermits journey cards avalon oracle cards

Cu brings guidance and protection, acting as a loyal companion and 
friend on your journey in both this life and the next. If our 
intentions are good, then Cu will lead us over the threshold 
through darkness and the waters of the unconscious toward the 
shimmering realm of the Goddess.~ The Druid Animal Oracle ~ 
Philip and Stephanie Car-Gomm
Rhyme in Verse

the k e y

numerology 33 poetic harmony .png


Compassion for ourselves and others, is the key.
Courage, hope and faith, is all that we will need.

However, we should not sacrifice our own ‘self’
As we follow our visions and dreams.

Setting our intentions, envisioning our goals,
observing carefully, as our destiny unfolds.

Keeping our family and friends, close to our hearts
new opportunities will abound, looking forwards

Let us begin, to make a new start.


Victoria S Healing ~ 11.11.2018

The Key

rhyme in verse book little girl Lovepaperplane


Rhyme in Verse


Red Riding Hood Review


Katerina Plotnikova Photography


Let us begin with the WOLF;
as a young girl was followed in the woods.
To me this fairytale seems all wrong,
I believe that ‘Wolves are magical, friendly dogs’
Who has distorted and fabricated this parable of old?
to make us fear, our own inner wild Wolf souls.
This fairy tale story, has stuffed up,
twisting true concepts; take a closer look.

A girl in a red riding cloak,
gentle, pure and benevolent to other folk.
Along comes an author, who demonises this story,
now little girls are fearful of wolves in their glory.

Demonising the wolf, instead of a ‘man’
I am not a supporter, follower or a fan.
Look deeper into those macho characteristics,
you won’t have to be an academic or a mystic.

This urban myth is about a ‘man who is inspired,
and willing, to fulfil his physical, lustful desires.
How do you trust any chap or human?
who gives cause for creating so much confusion?

This old twisted fable is a sad illusion.

The Wolf holds the strengths of integrity and knowing,
chased and hunted, he’s survived and keeps on going.
Frick society’s concept, if truth be told!
look into these childhood ‘fables’ from olde.
Why does the masculine, write this as a glory?
we could learn so much from this and similar stories.
Where do we begin?
look at your natural wolf character within.
Victoria Healing ~ 25.2.2018




“The ‘womaniser’ said, “You know, my dear, it isn’t safe for
a little girl to walk through these woods alone.”

Red Riding Hood replied;  “I find your sexist remark offensive in the
extreme, but I will ignore it. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must be on my way.”,_romantic,_or_rape_connotation

A sexual analysis of the tale may also include negative connotations in terms of rape or abduction.

Rhyme in Verse


Break Through ~ Rune Dagaz

Look Out ~ Rune Dagaz


DAGAZ; is the rune, belonging to the cycle of initiation,

inviting you to be open hearted to this new transformation.

Now signalling a breakthrough, major shift and revelation.


No longer living life in the ordinary way, because the timing is right.

Trust in yourself, with all of your awareness, alertness and might.

Know this, that the darkness has lifted and gone,

now become aware of your own inner bright light.


Taking risks, in order to grow;

is a calling inherent, did you know?

Use your inner strength, step beyond, your comfort zone,

remembering things, that you’ve forgotten, that you know


Explore inwards of those deepest parts of your self,

beyond the fears of other peoples judgements, as well.

Victoria S Healing ~ 7.11.2018

Look Out  ~ Rune Dagaz.

(Inspired by ~ The Book of Runes ~ Ralph Blum)


dagaz rune of awakening, breakthrough


Rhyme in Verse