For the pleasures of your soles

ME: I’m in a bad mood
HIPPOCRATES: Go for a nice long walk and if you’re still in a bad mood,
go for another walk. 

When the world is chaotic, your mind is in a buzz,
with in an infinite overload of ‘out of the blue’ stuff.
Take your mind, heart,  soul and spirit for a walk,
listen out for the exhilarating sounds of nature’s call.

Soul of Mother Earth, to soles of your feet;
Heart to ground, centred in peace.
Heel, then toe, mindfully across terrain,
smell and touch the stability of Earth again. 

Let the grass grow under your feet,
heart lifting moments, as senses meet. 
Earth and Heart, letters are the same;
they’re just ‘sounded’ out in a different way. 
Victoria Healing ~ 27.4.2021
Heel to Toe

‘When you realise Heart and Earth are spelled with the same letters,

it all starts to make sense’ ~ ~Jennifer Bramley ~ Earth Day Tag

Image: Unknown ~ Pininterest


‘The soul of the earth, can best be felt through the soles of your feet.

When you walk arrive with every step. That is walking meditation. ~ 

Thich Nhaat Hanh. 

Kinhin. Walking Meditation. 

This is the Japanese Monk from the documentary Baraka

This Monk is ringing a bell as he walks, so that it chimes at a constant interval, calling people to pay attention and join him on his spiritual journey. 

Mindful Walking Explained

Simply apply the core concept of mindfulness to the process of walking. Focus the mind on the movement of walking. This increases the mind-body connection, heightens mindfulness, and boosts our mental well-being.

“The most primitive way of healing the body is by putting bare feet on natural ground,” says US cardiologist Dr Stephen Sinatra. “I call it caveman medicine and I thoroughly recommend it.”

‘There’s a difference between knowing the path and walking the path ~ The Matrix 

Solvitur ambulando /ˈsɒlvɪtər ˌæmbjʊˈlændoʊ/[1] is a Latin phrase which means “it is solved by walking” and is used to refer to a problem which is solved by a practical experiment. It is often attributed to Saint Augustine.[2]

Image: Unknown

The Eagles, Landed


broome bird eagle10687867_639206122860296_5985580229742377872_o (1)
Image by Lou Healing in Broome


Footy Finals come in September each year

Our West Coast Eagles definitely each earned their rightful place here

Off on their flights to loud applause, mighty cheers

While dedicated fans waiting, patiently in WA, here.


I don’t have a clue how these Ozzie rules footy games play

All I know is that they caused an epic mass riot and wave

The excitement and joy of their connected team spirit

Made even me, want the Eagles team to win it!


Hubby took extra blood pressure tablets that day

Helping to keep his nerves calm, settled and in place

Mr grandson and I tried to have a quiet space

But oh, those loud screams that they … made!


Would the Melbourne Magpies win?

Touch and go, oh, yes? Oh no, hoping not, but what a din.

That is the bonding of sports when it is played

Even I became uplifted by the applause and euphoria that day

eagles best lou shaz kev

Great Family get togethers, hearing the roars and furore

Sitting patiently for the game, “go, go, go” they all implored

Their cheers and grunts were so hearty and loud

Feeling the exhilaration, the screams of the stadium crowds


Sensing nerves were jangling, tattered and torn

Right to the last minute, intently watching those scores.

Mr grandson and I could no longer bear the raucous at full blare

So he shouted out loudly, “Can you all please be quiet in there?”

eagles finn computer .jpg

So Mr grandson and I planned to make our great escape,

A little peace and quiet at the park we thought we should take.

eagles finn and girls at park .jpg

When we returned, tensions were still frazzling high in the air

OMG it was still too much for us both and all to bear!


Each sat, biting their nails, grimaces, sitting side by side

Holding each other’s hands, for most of that stressful time

Eyes on alert, riveted on to the MCG ground

Over in Melbourne, all optimistic, bellowing sounds

Eagles roar .jpg


Winning fists punched triumphantly upwards in the air

Go into that next room, hmmm, not sure, if I should dare?

Mass uproar, jubilation and celebrations

Oh boy, oh boy!!! the Eagles had a win, massive joy and elation!!


In the final moments of the game, I dared to venture in,

I had, had no doubt that the Eagles, had, had a mighty win

OMG and now those wild celebrations truly, will begin.


Feeling proud of our Royal Blue and Gold colours,

They’re bringing IT home at last, for their loyal followers.

Loud pitched yells and screams,

Oh WOW, what a champion team!

eagles bringing it home.jpg

Victoria Healing ~ 30.9.2018

The Eagles HAVE landed…


The club has won three AFL Premierships (1992, 1994 & 2006) and played in six AFL Grand Finals.

West Coast boasts a proud tradition of success which can be attributed to its many loyal members and corporate partners.


The club’s current logo features the head of a wedge-tailed eagle  The club’s current and former logos have all incorporated a stylised eagle’s head, always facing east (i.e. towards the right, where east appears on most maps) to represent the eagle eyeing off its prey in the eastern states.[55] :

The club’s official team song is “We’re the Eagles”, composed by Kevin Peek, a former member of the progressive rock band Sky

eagles win .jpg


Go, Go, Go…



“Come to your Grandsons’ sports carnival,” they say,
“Yes please” we replied;
“What time, where and what day?”

Sharing precious times in Mr Grandsons life,
is wonderful, delightful and extra nice.
Little man has spent his first year at school,
watching him grow, is rewarding and cool.

To see our little ‘running man’ race with his mates,
proudly watching, as he joins in and integrates.
“Go, go, go, you can do it” was the shout of the day,
we felt proud to cheer him on with his friends at play.

Truant from work, Mothers were meeting, Dad’s were there
but cheering their children on, is more important, to be fair.
Victoria Healing ~ 15.9.2018
© Go, go, go… 





41673068_2154595061251548_8072091364373823488_o Finn’s School Sports Carnival 2018



Rhyme in Verse

Quokka Friends


Look Who Was Here

The Hopman Cup is an international tournament, held here in Western Australia, each January. This is what happened in 2018…


How The Quokkas Taught Their New Friend to Play Tennis

A Quokka is a fine example of evolvement, survival and growth.

even an unknown tennis player had wanted advice about what our Quokka’s all know.

Roger (someone or other) had asked the quokka’s how he could ‘ace’ his game.

he wanted to know how these sassy critters had come by their notoriety and fame.


They have their own ‘advantages’ as you can see,

being famous icons of their game and grins ‘volleys’

Each Quokka calls its own ‘deuce.’

so they gave Roger their grip and score on “how he could become famous” too.


He was told that ‘If you get a sneaky attack from your sparring partner,

smile and chortle loudly with great guffaws and toothy laughter.

With a gripping hug and a warm embrace;

you may become as famous too, when people see YOUR smiley face”.


Passion and preparation is the key,

just keep serving your smiles indefinitely;

‘No Roger Federer, this is not a ‘racquet’;

You have just entered the great “Australian Selfie” can you hack it?

Victoria Healing ~ 17.3.2018

Quokka Smiles


quokka quoting sometimes you have to accept that a quokka played better on the day than you .png
Tennis superstar Roger Federer’s cute quokka selfie,


ONE happy snap from a certain tennis legend not only broke the internet but is now doing wonders for WA. When Roger Federer came to Perth for the Hopman Cup, he happily promoted WA to the world.

More than half a billion people read about his visit to Rottnest Island, and now, the “Federer Factor” is in full swing – with record numbers of tourists flocking to the holiday island.

Rhyme in Verse