Mischief Maker

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Mischief Maker 
Bright light filters through dream slumber,
ultra-sensitive, to a new day of wonders.
The unseen, the soundless, eternal infinity,
God given beauty of a soul, knowing divinity.

A call to a new day, a call to self change,
a new dawning, to encounter and arrange.
Knowing, yet not knowing, what this day holds,
unfathomable, yet not demanding, to behold. 

Expecting the unforeseen and unexpected, 
as a new rune whisper; Ansuz is collected. 
Heed; supreme God Loki, holds this key,
beware a trickster of mischief he could be. 

Give thought to motives and intent, 
this rune, is a Divine call to circumvent. 
In sacred knowledge, answers be found,
with common sense and feet on ground. 

God gave us free will, a right to choose,
a mind of our own, to form our unique views. 
When beliefs in own instincts are strong,
transitions will be impossible, to go wrong. 

With mind over matter, the remedy is simple, 
cross every fork in the road, at the middle. 
Or you can choose to walk away,
and that in itself, is otherwise okay.
Victoria Healing ~ 17.9.2021
Mischief Maker  
Image: Runes

Rune Ansuz:


God of Mischief. Signals. Messenger. The God Loki. Trickster.

The key Note: Receiving messages, signals, gifts. Loki is the ancient trickster, as well as the bringer of benefits. A call to new life. Consider the uses of adversity.

The Book of Runes. Ralph Blum 


“Find your ears before you search for words.”




Into the unknown


‘You’ve  drawn a Blank’ 
‘What do you mean?’

Then where do I start?
where do I go? 

I don’t blinking know. 

Is this the beginning, or is that an end?
to trust in fortune, can I depend?
to surrender the limits, of all control;
is that the ultimate spiritual warriors goal?

Will I be abandoned? Will I fail?
will my fate and destiny, be taken away?
are positive powers, forever in heart,
by chance or luck, how do I start?

Odin's Blank Rune replied;
Lucky is as lucky does;
just breathe, there is no rush’
Victoria Healing~26.4.2021
You’ve Drawn a Blank!

Inspired by:

The Book of Runes. ~ Ralph Blum 

The Blank Rune 

The Unknowable. The Divine. Odin.

“Sometimes we’re persuaded to relinquish control, and when this happens, time becomes more synchronic and coincidence more profound. It’s the same cosmic force, but without so many restrictions. This is when guardian angels can roll up their sleeves to say, ‘Now we’ve got food and shelter done, let’s get to work!

― Jan Golembiewski, Magic  


‘Fate makes the map, but destiny is determined by the manner in which you engage your journey. Pay attention as your map unfolds’ ~ Collette Baron-Reid 

Do You Use Runes?

They can be made of different materials, including wood, stone, pebbles, crystals, bone or even metal.

Fill in the Blanks


ME: What could possibly go wrong?

ANXIETY; I’m glad you asked. 

To stop anxiety, we have to stop our minds from time traveling.


Teiwaz ~ In Patience

In patience listening little girl speak
Image: Little Girl Speak


Moving forwards, on our own paths,
the Spiritual Warrior within ‘self’ is tasked.
Otherworldly riddles will be made clear,
when releasing “self” from all that you fear.
Commitment in your ‘own’ soul path,
waiting patiently, is what is asked.
Cutting away from the dead and the old,
is your mission, to let inner truth unfold.

Never presume, nothing else can be learned,
evaluate and test, then be true, to your concerns.
Patience and detachment, is the warrior’s task,
waiting on the will of heaven, to be forecast.
Victoria Healing ~ 28.10.2018
©In Patience
Rune: Teiwaz:  The Spiritual Warrior. The Sky God.
(Inspired from The Book of Runes ~ Ralph Blum)


“Whatever is most heavy on you, take it off.


and just for this one sweet moment, carve out a place in your heart for peace and just breathe” ~ AVA  ~ Stardust Poetry 

Image: Little Girl Speak


Break Through ~ Rune Dagaz

Look Out ~ Rune Dagaz


DAGAZ; is the rune, belonging to the cycle of initiation,

inviting you to be open hearted to this new transformation.

Now signalling a breakthrough, major shift and revelation.


No longer living life in the ordinary way, because the timing is right.

Trust in yourself, with all of your awareness, alertness and might.

Know this, that the darkness has lifted and gone,

now become aware of your own inner bright light.


Taking risks, in order to grow;

is a calling inherent, did you know?

Use your inner strength, step beyond, your comfort zone,

remembering things, that you’ve forgotten, that you know


Explore inwards of those deepest parts of your self,

beyond the fears of other peoples judgements, as well.

Victoria S Healing ~ 7.11.2018

Look Out  ~ Rune Dagaz.

(Inspired by ~ The Book of Runes ~ Ralph Blum)


dagaz rune of awakening, breakthrough


Rhyme in Verse

Blessings to ‘Each’ in us

“Each”  (The White Horse) – The Goddess, The Land, Travel”

Wholeness within, is a spiritual warrior’s quest,

discovering who we really are, is the ultimate test.

Bringing our own essence, alive into form,

expressing our selves, away, from society’s norm.


Retreating inwards, to discover our strengths,

letting light inside secret parts, needed to comprehend.

Practicing the art of doing, without doing,

deliberating our intentions, taking ‘time-out” for reviewing.


What is inside your heart, that, you’d like to pursue?


May the blessings of “Each” and Rhiannon, be by our side,

integrating inner parts, with those, that try to hide.

The spirit of “Each” calls us on our journey to travel,

inner, or outer, letting our true happiness unravel.


God speeds our energy with the power of land and sun,

where all of, our dreams are created and begun.

Finding our spirit and strengths with our ally as the “Horse”

spiritual Messenger “Each”  guides us forwards, on course.


Rhiannon is our Mother-Goddess there, inwards, to find,

directing life, birth, death, cycles through infinitive times.

In Welsh traditions, Rhiannon holds the key,

unlocking gateways to those secret mysteries, as you might seek.

Victoria S Healing ~ 1.11.2018

Blessings To “Each” in Us 

“Each” ~ (White Horse) and “Rhiannon” represent:  The Goddess, The Land and Travel”

In Welsh mythology, Rhiannon rides a white horse.

Poem inspired by ~ The Druid Animal Oracle ~ Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm)

The White Horse is the most common hill figure in England.They are often associated with the sun chariot, warrior-heroes and fertility The Celts believed the appearance of a white horse meant purity and spirituality. It symbolised light and goodness, power and wealth, and freedom.

The white horse is the Celtic Animal Sign for people born June 10 – July 7. The white horse is also the animal symbol for the Celtic Oak Tree Sign.

Rhyme Universe

Rune: Sowilo.

“Each” also shares the same message as the Rune Sowilo.

Casting “Sowilo shows that this is a time for regeneration.

Meaning: Wholeness. Life Force. The Sun’s energy

Riches and Gold ~ Rune Fehu

celtic woman celts page staring
Image: Celts

“Fehu” rune is a stanza of nourishment and growth;

ambitions, abundance, all of life’s dreams and hopes.

Runic stave, representative of Freya and Celtic of Bo’,

honouring our mothers sustenance, as they, to us, have bestowed.

Contemplation of riches and gold,

looking back, to those days from old.

Freya, with her magical keys:

holds all of the answers that you might like to read.

Above all else,

“Be true to your Self’

Never allow others, to tell YOU…

how, or what, you should do.

Victoria S Healing ~ 21.10.2018

~ Hey Momma

Poem inspired by The Book of Runes ~ Ralph Blum

rune fehu wealth prosperity, cattle and divine fire, Bo in celtic

The FEHU rune is sacred to Freya, the goddess of sex, love and luck.

representing: Nourishment. Possession. Cattle. Connection with family or community.

This rune calls for a deep probing of the meaning of profit and gain in your life.

SEX ~ With Freya

Numerology Daily Matters
Rhyme in Verse

Way Finding ~ Runic Compass ~ Vegvisar

vegvisir viking workshop way finders .jpg

way f I n d e r


“I want to get a tattoo” said I,

a runic compass to protect and guide;

a Mimir warrior in his great wisdom said:

“the Vegvisir would be perfect, to guide your way ahead”


vegvisir way finders .jpg


This Runic compass “Vegvisir” literally means;

“way-finder” guiding you towards the path of your dreams.

Made from sunstone, a sun compass of sorts;

Representing South, East, West and North.


Steering the road forwards, that for you, is best.

the nail in centre, poised permanently, towards your quest.

Holy, sacred, symbolic, circumventer,

devoted to guidance, balanced, centred.



Suns shadows point, purpose through day,

apparently, Viking warriors sailed their ships in this way.

Storms and high seas, may have come,

but Vegvisir would guide all back, to the safety of home.


It is a sign of great protection, ascertained to your own path,

“Oh yes” I replied, “I’d like to dedicate my vision to that”

Victoria Healing ~ 19.10.2018.

(Poem inspired by The Book of Runes ~ Ralph Blum)

vegvisar runes celts


The Vegvisir, also known as the runic compass or the Viking compass 
made of eight Viking rune staves, is a symbol of protection and 
guidance believed to be used as a compass by Vikings. 
The word vegvisir means 'wayfinder' and 'sign post' in Icelandic 
language.May 2, 2018 
Vegvisir, The Symbol of Guidance and Protection & Its Meaning - 
The ...


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Rhyme in Verse


Joy to action





Shine Your Light ~ Rune Kenaz


rune keno find yourself be that.jpg
Image: Honey Child


Kenaz is the inner light that guides us when we explore our inner worlds.


A Rune of wide openings, Kenaz beckons to renew your clarity, giving and receiving,

in total faith, that you are now, in the right place.


Each morning, having clear intent,

focussing forwards, towards destiny meant.

Lighten yourself up, look within,

all will be made clear, where you should begin.


Awareness of the flames;

desires, burning, beating within your own heart.

Focussing passions, into that perfect centre,

this is where, harmony, mentors.


Learning from adversities, now recognised as blessings,

the timing is now right, move forwards,

honour your higher soul intentions.


Victoria Healing ~ 18.10.2018

Inner Light ~ Rune Kenaz

(Ascribed from “The Book of Runes ~ Ralph Blum)



rune kenaz

Rune Kano ~ Kenaz
Meaning: Opening, Fire Torch.

Kenaz is a light that gives clarity. It connects us with knowledge and enables understanding of life, insights and opening towards wisdom.

Positive Traits: intellectual knowledge, purity, clarity, Revelation, enlightenment.
Negative Traits: ignorance, confusion, false hope, lack of intolerance and clarity.

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Rhyme in Verse









The Gift ~ Rune Gebo

celtic friends ~ Gift
Image ~ Celts


The Gift ~Rune Gebo ~ Partnerships


We each have a special gift; a buried treasure within our hearts,

when we begin to share this impulse; courage makes a start.

There is a Rune called Gebo, that describes exactly this.

You will recognise this symbol, it is shown as a kiss X.


The only stipulation, is that you need to be,

flexible, adaptable and respectful, do you see?

We each have different perspectives, as individuals, we may be.


If you are true to you, and I am true to me,

together we’ll find our potential, in friendship and harmony.

 Victoria S Healing ~ 17.10.2018.

The Gift ~ Rune Gebo

(Inspired by ~ The Book of Runes ~ Ralph Blum)


Celtic Blessings
With sunshine on your shoulders
Shamrocks at your feet
A rainbow in your pocket
And “friendships”, ever sweet.

Angels to protect you
Good luck to light your way
And may blessings surround you,
For ever and a day
~ Ireland Calling


rune gebo frith connection


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Rhyme in Verse


Be True To Your Self, Rune Mannaz


rune mannaz ehwaz you are a force to be reckoned with.jpg


“I want to read the Runes” said she;

about real life, magic, adventure and mysteries.

Can you imagine, if there be all answers shared,

this book already written; would you want to look there?


The Rune “Mannaz” is a symbolic cast.

A good omen, for this task.

What then, would YOU ask?


Understand then, the charms of these runes, my friend,

Ancient wisdom, where all life never ends.

“Mannaz” will remind you, “to your own self be true,”

This is who you are and what you could do.


Nourish your spirit and soul,

read each symbol, to find “your own” treasure and gold.


Living your life, in an ordinary way,

although looking for the ‘extra’ in the ordinary, each day.


Contentment, wholeness, and stillness within self,

becoming mindful and balanced, before anything else.

“Do nothing in excess”, is the phrase,

each morning, willing to begin anew again.


When you practice learning this ancient art,

following, potential passions, born of your own heart.

Treasure the essence, of your own true self,

your wisdom, poise, maintaining your good health.

Above all;

Do not follow the paths of anyone else.


rune sowelu wholeness .jpg


Victoria S Healing ~ 15.10.2018

Be True To YourSelf ~ Hey Momma


(Poem inspired from ~ The Book of Runes by Ralph Blum)


rune mannaz

Rune “Mannaz ~ own Self, above all.


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Rhyme in Verse


This is a ‘SIGN’ POST