Well Come Change

Image: Shiori Matsumoto (1973, Japanese)

Me: Shuffling Tarot cards

*Twenty cards fallout*


She hadn’t let Faith play outside,
although, that girl moaned and whined.
Globs of Hope, spilled over the edge,
a dream potential, a destiny meant. 

Gripping Faith’s hands real tight,
stepping forwards, on wheels of life.
Destiny said ‘Let’s get one thing straight;
change is as constant, as is a new date’ 

Razing the old, to raise the new,
from higher ground, a perfect view.
Faith then turned, to blow her a kiss,
Hope knew, that this is, what it is. 

Some people say luck, others fate,
you know friends, it’s never too late. 
Spin the wheel, to place your bets,
when change comes, have no regrets. 

As this, your brand new cycle begins;
into fortune’s circle, you’re invited in. 
Victoria Healing ~ 29.9.2021
Well Come Change 
Image: Burlesque __ The Kapowder Room Secrets

‘Destiny is a Wheel of Fortune and its your chance to spin it’ ~ Unknown 


In Numerology the Tarot Card representing October is: 



Meaning: Growth. Fortune is on your side. A time of positive change.

A situation suddenly moves forwards.

The next rotation can bring exactly what you want. The positive side to this card is Good luck, karma and destiny. The negative side is resistance to change.


The connections between numerology, astrology and the Tarot have been tested through years of research and application.

Numerology and the Divine Triangle.

Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker

One; October

Image: Monument Photos

Them: ‘Who do you think you are?’




In Numerology

October Represents ‘ONE’

Meaning: Original. Independent. Unique. Innovative.



‘Be yourself, you look beautiful like that’




‘One’ is the Pioneer striking out alone. Where’s your pizzaz? Take command and have the courage to maintain your direction, without fear of opposition. Take one step at a time and keep your focus on the goals you set.



One is the number of new beginnings. Expect new opportunities. Don’t be afraid to try something new. This is the number of initiation.  Know what you want. Let’s go!



The challenge is lack of self esteem, self consciousness and the struggle to believe in your higher self. Have courage and be determined. ‘One’ represents the spirit at the centre of all things.



Sit quietly, listen to your ‘heart’ Imagine something that you’d like to create. Visualise your new intentions. Base your aspirations upon the workable. Let your intuition and instincts be your guide. Now, take that leap.


Image: Honey Child x

‘It’s Six of one and half a dozen of the other’


During October, (2021)  You will have the significance of Universal month:

‘Six’ ~ Meaning: Family. Love. Service. Compassion.



Find Your Balance. Are you being limited or set free?

You may feel sensitive to others approval or criticism. Avoid being angry or resentful. We must earn each others respect. There will be a need for social harmony. You must allow for the needs of others. You may not always get what you want, as quickly as you would like it, so be patient with the process.



Laugh with each other. Lighten up the seriousness.. Look beneath the surface. It is still important, to be kind and mindful of others. Find the balance in taking care of your own needs, while understanding that others have theirs too. 

Your 2021 October Mantra Should Be:

‘We Play To Each Others Strengths’

New Aged

‘Types of people you want in your circle’

a Numerologist

an Astrologer

a Rune Oracle

a Tarot Card Reader

‘What month is it?’ she said;
looking at her calendar, scratching her head.
‘Am I too early, or am I too late?’
I’m all fired up, as if new things await.

She’d searched the cosmos and the stars,
to know if Jupiter had aligned with Mars.
Many master teachers, she’d visited,
their prophecies were duly considered.  

Searching mind, body, soul and spirit,
studying secret doctrines, beyond limits.
After googling horoscopes and astrology,
calculating life’s path from logic in numerology. 

Consulting faith healers and channellers,
mystic, holistic and gypsy travellers.
Questioned about death and the after life,
the reality of dream messengers at night. 

Learned to interpret sacred Viking runes,
scattering magical crystals around rooms.  
Uttering, prayers, chants and incantations,
burned incense with positive affirmations. 

Consulting a group of psychic readers next,
occasionally, messages, were too far fetched.
some times astonishing, some times confusing,
although all of their insights, were infusing. 

Gazing up, into deep voids of night skies,
wondering ‘how awesome it could be, to fly’
Experimenting with those ‘new age’ tools,
although, with concerns, about being ridiculed. 

A plethora of modalities were searched,
all reiterating one vital lesson, to learn.
‘Follow your OWN heart where it leads,
use your own intuition, as YOU please’ 
Victoria Healing ~ 25.9.2021 
In the New Age 
Image: Kano. The Book of Runes. Ralph Blum

The Rune: KANO

Meaning: Opening. Fire. Torch.

This is the rune of Opening and renewed clarity.

The Book of Runes ~ Ralph Blum

Image: Luna and the Moon


One; October

In Numerology:

Get prepared, for new and exciting happenings in October.

Good Willing

Image: Steampunk Fans Movement.

The old, dwells on obstacles as negatives.
The new, sees challenges as incentives.
The old, gave up, before it began.
The new, prompts, 'self' that ‘You can’.

The old, feasts on all of its fears.
The new, says, ‘No worries my dear’
The old, hides within its shell.
The new, ‘On doubts; never dwell’

The new, follows into spirit of heart.
The old, wouldn’t ever bother to start. 
Through alternate shifts in perception.
Through mirrors reflect, new intentions.

Through these secret concepts within,
Through these switches, reform begins. 
Drawing the Rune ‘Perth’ is the initiation;
as divine spark, wills power of creation. 
Victoria Healing ~ 23.9.2021
Good Willing  

Identify the essential and eliminate the rest ~ Leo Babuta

The Hieratic Rune: PERTH.

Meaning: Initiation. Something Hidden or Secret.

This rune is on the side of Heaven and has associations with the Phoenix; that mystical bird which consumes itself in the fire and then rises from its own ashes. Deep transformational forces are at work here.

The Book of Runes ~ Ralph Blum

‘Now, you’re talking’

State of Grace

📷 @maya_gypsea Witches Gallery 
It’s an enigma and a puzzle, it’s true,
when casting the Rune; Sowelu.
Complex, yet simple to understand,
that the life force is at your command.

God made you different from others,
yet, he made us sisters and brothers.
A place for everything, everything in place,
seeking self discipline and the state of grace. 

There is an exact, law, order and action,
smiling at chaos, with a note of satisfaction.
God of the light, wholeness and pure power,
the divine spark of the sun’s beauty, devour. 

Long since, searching and struggling to control,
watching attentively; as heart wholeness evolves. 
The self realisation that you’re on the right path,
is the pivotal message of this rune’s task. 

Do not stray, from your dreams and desires,
appreciate your infinity, as vision transpires.
Allowing the warmth of light, glow into your life,
as you the ‘Spiritual Warrior’ take your flight. 
Victoria Healing ~ 23.9.2021
State of Grace

Image: The Book of Runes ~ Ralph Blum


Meaning:  Wholeness. Life Force. The Sun’s Energy.

There is a prayer known as the Gayatri, that embodies the spirit of the rune of ‘Wholeness’


You, who are the source of all power,

Whose rays illuminate the world,

illuminate also my heart,

so that it too can do your work. ~ The Book of Runes ~ Ralph Blum.

Image: Wisdom of the Hidden Realms. Collette Baron-Reid


Joyful activity. Celebration of life. Abundance.

The Sun Dancers celebrate you and remind you of the laws of success. Expect the best and praise it in advance. Create the reality you envision.

The Shining

‘I’m every nightmare you’ve ever had

I’m your worst dream come true

I’m everything you ever were afraid of’

~ Stephen King

Happy Horrifying Birthday Mr King

Kathy Bates: ‘Let me cut the cake’


Stephen Edwin King was born on this day; 21st September (1947) and is an American author of horror, supernatural fiction, suspense, crime, science-fiction, and fantasy novels.



In Numerology, Stephen King’s birth date adds up to Life Path: 33

Meaning: (Master Number) ’33’ Master Teacher. Avatar. Teacher of Teachers.

With courage and tireless energy, inspiring others to follow their leadership. Honest, self disciplined, discriminating and law abiding. Extremely versatile, creative, resourceful and imaginative. A reformer with a strong desire to make the world a better place. Strong Pioneer spirit.




Hell, no, don’t ever read me a Stephen King bedtime story!

Even the thought of opening a novel that Stephen King has conceived, gives me spikes of anxiety. I’ve almost scared myself to death, researching his profile today. But… it is his birthday and we should celebrate all of the insanely creepy characters, he has devised to scare us through the decades.

I’m trying not to think about them right now. I actually don’t like any of them. They aren’t real, right?



Whether you love his stories or (like me) avoid them, sooner or later, most people wonder how, Stephen King even imagines; dead pets, evil clowns and psycho killers, living in small creepy towns?


‘Ghosts sit around the campfire and tell Stephen King stories’


As one of the worlds top selling authors of horror and sci fi; there must be a method to his ‘madness’  … King says: ‘What if’ is always the key question. If, being the only word that is a thousand words long.


Believe ‘It’ or not, all of his stories are based on similar events, but he catastrophizes the worst most tragic and horrifying things that could happen.


On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft  Stephen also explores the similarity between writing and dreaming. Something King calls ‘creative sleep’ ~ Brain Pickings

‘I recognise terror as the finest emotion and so I will try to terrorise the reader. But if I find that I cannot terrify, I will try to horrify, and if I find that I cannot horrify, I’ll go for the gross-out. I’m not proud- Stephen King

Image: Nobody Does It Better


Where does Mr King get his ideas?


Creative Sleep



Numerology Blueprint:

Numerology and the Divine Triangle

Dusty Bunker & Faith Javane 

Girl Trends

Image: Getty Images. Harpers Bazaar

At sixteen, I was a funny, skinny little thing, all eyelashes and legs. And then, suddenly people told me it was gorgeous. I thought they had gone mad. Twiggy


Happy Birthday

to our most iconic super model of all time 



Dame Lesley Lawson DBE (née Hornby) who was born on this day, 19th September (1949) and is an English model, actress, and singer, widely known by the nickname Twiggy. She was a British cultural icon and a prominent teenaged model during the swinging ’60s in London. Twiggy was known for her svelte figure, and androgynous appearance. From her big doe eyes, long eyelashes, and pixie style hair.[1][2]



In Numerology: Twiggy’s birth date, 19.9.1949 adds up to Life Path: 42/6

Meaning: Conscientious. Family. Social Responsibility. Service. Creativity.

Gifted in the arts, can also express creative potential through a lens of balance, to  become a fine artist in their own unique field.

Personal charm and pleasure-loving, generous nature draws others to them. When making commitments, other are assured of an honest and abiding bargain


Image: Queens English

Can you imagine wot it was like. All the girls gettin’ luvly figgers and me stayin’ flat as a pancake? It was no fun, I tell you. ~ Twiggy



As a teenager, everything around you is changing. I struggled to adjust. I was too young, to be taken seriously. At least for me, one thing was a constant. The iconic ‘IT’ girl friend of the future generation. I loved her, I wanted to be her. I spent hours studying her make-up. I was mesmerised by her.  My desire to be authentic, was greater than my need to fit in with the expectations of my peers, so Twiggy became my greatest role model.


“I used to do my own make-up. I used to have this doll that had those big eyelashes on the top and bottom, and I think I copied her when I was doing my eyes, putting false eyelashes on the bottom as well as the top. So I came up with that look myself’ ~ Twiggy



I was an awkward, shy child, Twiggy was ten years older than me. I admired both her purity and the confidence she had in her own womanhood. Did she know how classy she was? It seemed to me, that she was one of those rare people, who had nothing to prove to anyone. She was my leading light.

Fab in the 60’s and she is still fab now!


Image: Twiggy. The 1970’s



“It turns out Twiggy didn’t actually want the famous pixie  hairstyle that made her so famous – she was just too shy to say no” 




Image: Do’s and Don’ts as told to Tyra Banks

Numerology Blueprint

Numerology and the Divine Triangle

Faith Javane & Dusty Bunker 

Mischief Maker

Image: stepintoknowing
Mischief Maker 
Bright light filters through dream slumber,
ultra-sensitive, to a new day of wonders.
The unseen, the soundless, eternal infinity,
God given beauty of a soul, knowing divinity.

A call to a new day, a call to self change,
a new dawning, to encounter and arrange.
Knowing, yet not knowing, what this day holds,
unfathomable, yet not demanding, to behold. 

Expecting the unforeseen and unexpected, 
as a new rune whisper; Ansuz is collected. 
Heed; supreme God Loki, holds this key,
beware a trickster of mischief he could be. 

Give thought to motives and intent, 
this rune, is a Divine call to circumvent. 
In sacred knowledge, answers be found,
with common sense and feet on ground. 

God gave us free will, a right to choose,
a mind of our own, to form our unique views. 
When beliefs in own instincts are strong,
transitions will be impossible, to go wrong. 

With mind over matter, the remedy is simple, 
cross every fork in the road, at the middle. 
Or you can choose to walk away,
and that in itself, is otherwise okay.
Victoria Healing ~ 17.9.2021
Mischief Maker  
Image: Runes

Rune Ansuz:


God of Mischief. Signals. Messenger. The God Loki. Trickster.

The key Note: Receiving messages, signals, gifts. Loki is the ancient trickster, as well as the bringer of benefits. A call to new life. Consider the uses of adversity.

The Book of Runes. Ralph Blum 


“Find your ears before you search for words.”




Who Dunnit?

Image: The Christie Archive Trust ― Agatha Christie, A Murder Is Announced 

Happy Super Sleuths Birthday

to our Mistress of Mystery.

  Agatha Christie


First things first, I love a good ‘Murder She Wrote’

Dame Agatha Mary Clarissa nee’ Miller Christie, was born on this day, 15th September (1890) in Torquay, Devon. Detective Novelist, poet and playwright whose books have sold more than 100 million copies. Agatha began writing detective fiction while working as a nurse during World War I (1914–18)


‘It never once occurred to me to be a writer. I was an atrocious speller.’

– Agatha Christie on childhood ambition


In Numerology Agatha’s Birth Date 15.9.1890 adds up to Life Path 33.

Meaning: (Master Number) ’33’ ~ Master Teacher. Avatar. Love vibration. Compassion.

Teacher of Teachers. 

With courage and tireless energy, inspiring others to follow their leadership. Honest, self disciplined, discriminating and law abiding. Extremely versatile, creative, resourceful and imaginative. A reformer with a strong desire to make the world a better place. Strong Pioneer spirit. 

“It is the brain, the little grey cells on which one must rely. One must seek the truth within–not without.”

~Agatha Christie


I think the reason that I always loved Agatha was because, as she said “I don’t like messy deaths … I’m more interested in peaceful people who die in their own beds and no one knows why.”[180]  ‘She was a curious young girl that often suffered “episodes” which alienated her from other children. (It was later determined by neurological experts that these “episodes” were Epileptic seizures)’  


Now, one of the world’s most beloved authors; known as the “Queen of Crime. Her plots are possible, logical, and always new.”[32] She shows us an apparently impossible situation and we go mad wondering ‘How can this be happening?’ Then, slowly, she reveals how the impossible is not only possible but the only thing that could have happened.”[109]

Image: Clementine
What was the secret to Agnes’s success?
she had a ‘trait’ of epilepsy, the ‘hypergraphic-ness’
Writing her way through stresses, of times,
using her imagination, became easier to define.

A curse or a gift, what do you read?
a talent for words came easily, in deed.
It was her purpose and passion, to create,
to pick up her pen, before it was too late. 

An addiction for writing, her insights to express,
sharing puzzles with others, as a means to de-stress.
Victoria Healing ~ 14.9.2021
How Agatha Christie Dunnit 


(Temporal Lobe) Epilepsy in inborn writers, is shown to result in a behavioural phenomenon called Hypergraphia. The tendency toward extensive and, in some cases, compulsive writing.

I absolutely understand her addiction, as I have the same attribute.

How will I celebrate Agatha’s Birth Day?

… By writing of course

Let us celebrate Agatha by not succumbing to limitations.

Image: Agatha Christie on board the RMS Kildonan Castle setting sail to from Southampton to Capetown

“Of course, if you’ve made up your mind about it, you’ll find an answer to everything.”





a Little Genius

Image: Roald Dahl

Happy Gobble Funky Birthday 

Roald Dahl


Roald Dahl was born in Cardiff, Wales on this day 13 September (1916) He served as a fighter pilot in the British R.A.F. (Royal Air Force) during World War II. Dahl was a famous short story writer who became one of the most successful and beloved children’s writers of all time.



Dahl has written many popular children’s stories. However, I never had the chance to read any of his stories as a child. It was much later in life that my Mom happened to discover these adventures. From James and the Giant Peach, The Min Pin’s to our most favourite proponent of magic: ‘Matilda Wormwood’. We were strangely mesmerised, feeling happy and understood. Comforted by the thought that ‘Goodness and kindness, will always overcome bad’



We loved Matilda’s weavings of magic and the special powers that she held. She was someone we believed in and aspired to. She made us feel safe in knowing that  ‘We weren’t alone’  My Mom was my most treasured ‘Miss Honey’ and favourite teacher ‘

Although, I wish now, that I’d read this story, before I began school. Everyone back then had a field day, teasing me, because I was so small. How easy it was for them to be full of bravado when they were taller than me.

Image: Roald Dahl



In Numerology Roald Dahl’s Birth Date (13.9.1916) adds up to his Life Path of ’30’

Meaning: ‘3’ Creative. Expansive. Communicative. Diversified. Sociable. Dramatic. ‘0’ is the Universal force behind this expression.

Shining brilliantly as the brightest star in the heavens, sprinkling a little sparkle into the lives of many people. Idealistic with an interest in higher consciousness and prophecy. Skilful in the arts. Lover of writing, children and animals.

Would easily occupy the centre of the stage, as charming and agreeable.



‘There is no end to what you can invent if you put your mind to it. You can go on forever’ ~ Ophelia Dahl (Roald’s daughter)


If you are a lover of Magic, check this link …

Mini Biography By: Matt Dicker



Numerology Blueprint

Numerology and the Divine Triangle

Dusty Bunker and Faith Javane