It Takes Two

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If others are grating on your nerves,

stop and think silently about what you have really heard?

Don’t rush in like a fool to have a fight,

others perspectives can be just as right, right?


Listen carefully, not everyone’s truth is wrong.

Are you irritated from ego? or from your own experience?

Is it a ‘trigger’ flicked,? but especially, don’t become too serious.


We are all on this journey together,

albeit through sunshine and sometimes stormy weather.

Put up your boundaries, where you draw the line.

then everything should work out fine.


A careful balance of being true to yourself,

but also, respecting each other’s opinions as well.

Stand up for yourself, keeping sights high,

knowing your own strengths and weaknesses; will help to navigate by.


Although, remembering, in whatever you do,

If you stay silent, about matters that have caused you hurt,

This will cause conflict and a great war within ‘you’ first.

Accordingly, my advice would  be … ‘stay true to you’

Victoria Healing ~ 30.1.2018

It Takes Two ~ Hey Momma

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Traditional Owners


'The land is my mother. Like a human mother, the land gives us 
protection, enjoyment and provides our needs – economic, social and 
religious. We have a human relationship with the land: Mother, 
daughter, son. When the land is taken from us or destroyed, we feel 
hurt because we belong to the land and we are part of it. 
-Djinyini Gondarra
Image at Iluka Art & Design




We’ve travelled around this magnificent land of Oz,

after meeting our indigenous peoples’ I wanted to share this because;

If you have a mind to listen,

our Australian Aboriginal peoples,

hold an ancient and timeless wisdom and vision.


When those first ships sailed into their Australian port,

convicts ruled by kings were told to ‘imprison, annihilate and sort’

Those, our dear elders and ancestors who lived here, in peace,

Were herded like cattle and sold on, just like sheep.


Those invaders brought their booze, crimes and disease,

where are our traditional keepers of this land now, if you please?

Sold out by the wealthy miners for rich men’s treasure and fortune,

now being portrayed by the media as uncivilised people of misfortune.


Our new generation of white settlers want to celebrate this date,

but, don’t you think we should think about this again mate?

tragically two different cultures collided on that regretful day,
Would you celebrate the holocaust or Anzac day with parties and fireworks?


what do YOU say?

Victoria Healing ~ 26.1.2018

#Change The Date


Rhyme in Verse


Move your bloody party date


Vincent Buckskin (pictured) and his siblings will be the first people to claim traditional Kaurna language as their mother tongue in more than 150 years.
Photo credit: University of South Australia


Australian Aboriginal people have not said: ‘Don’t have your Australia Day ‘mate’

all they are saying is ‘move your bloody party date!’

Australia day is, a sorrowful reminder to them, of 26th January 1788,

why is it so difficult to just change the date?


Would you be happy to celebrate the day,

colonisers and missionaries arrived at your house.

Massacred your ancestors,

then stole your children from the loving arms of your spouse.


Australian Aboriginal people are not saying,

don’t have your Australia Day ‘mate’

All they are saying is ‘just move your bloody party date!’



Victoria Healing ~ 23.1.2018

Move your bloody party date   ~ Hey Momma

‘We cultivated our land, but in a way different from the white man. 
We endeavoured to live with the land; they seemed to live off it. 
I was taught to preserve, never to destroy’ -Tom Dystra




In an Instant


celtic girl lying down  each rhiannon sarah-comeau-351935-unsplash.jpg

How to stop time: Kiss

How to travel in time: Read

How to escape time: Music

How to feel time: Write

How to release time: Breathe



What if there were no hypothetical questions?

where would you be?

wondering, aimlessly… endlessly.

Have you ever sat down and thought?

why are you here?

what have you brought?


Some sit for hours on meditation mats,

some go to focus on the blues of the sea,

some go off wandering in the beauty of nature,

Where do you go, to feel serenity?


What is it that YOU like to do?

there may be lots of ways,

then, there may be just a few.


When you ‘try’ to be in the moment’

you will lose that ‘inner component’

Maybe, because you’ve tried too hard,

maybe, because you ‘think’ you can’t.


What you’ll find, so many times;

when writing, your inner spirit aligns.

When on road trips, or visiting the beach,

Your feelings travel, into depths, you wouldn’t usually reach.


At those times, don’t think, about what you should ‘think’

naturally let your spirit, reach that ‘instant’ within.

Victoria Healing ~ 23.1.2018



Rhyme in Verse


Rain Dancing

rain, the kimberley framed a promise is a cloud, rain, afulfillment .png
The Kimberley, Australia. Image Kimberley Chiropractic

The Kimberley, Australia
Sunny Broome was blessed with its first wet season downpour for 2016 
last night. Many locals were thrilled with finally receiving some 
long awaited showers


Listening to the sounds of the summer rain,

pinging and tapping, on our windowpanes…

This is a rare Ozzie summer event,

enjoying these peaceful, refreshing moments.


Snuggly, warm, safe, inside,

it’s a wonderful day to be alive.

The tail end now ,of Cyclone Joyce

travelled down from our remote Ozzie bush.


A beautifully calm, gentle hush,

sense this, you really must.

Everything becoming silent and still,

revitalising the senses, tranquillity fulfilled.


Nothing to do but listen and breathe

Heart warming feelings, bringing a cool sense of relief.


Nourishing our Australian bush trees,

Flowers happily drinking from their thirsty leaves

After so much hot and sticky weather,

I never get fed up of these calm sensations, sights and sounds together.


Droplets falling outside my window again,

merrily dancing and pattering on the floor,

Keep coming, little sprinkles, we need so many more.

Victoria Healing ~ 15.1.2018

Rain dancing

rain, lover of rain, rainbow .png

Many locals will tell you that the tropical summer is an exciting 
time for the region with Mother Nature really putting in the hard 
yards... think incredible sunsets, epic lightning shows and lush 
green landscapes.




‘Everything in our vast landscape has meaning and purpose’

~ Australian Aboriginal proverb


‘Noongar people believe that the Waugal dominates the earth and the
 sky and makes the koondarnangor (thunder), 
babanginy (lightning) and boroong (rain).During the Nyitting, 
it created the fresh waterways such as the 
bilya/beelier (river)
Rhyme in Verse

The Invaders

australia day demonstrate dont celebrate

Australia day is looming; fake flags are being sold out;

shameful invasion, genocide, massacres, WTF are they gloating about?

Apologies should be given on this day instead,

for stealing young children from their family beds.


Bringing guns and judgements under the guise of the church,

tell me now? What was that all worth?

A displaced nation, their culture ignored, misunderstood,

think about those horrific crimes if you would?


Why aren’t we saying sorry?

in memory of a terrible day, that came with no good.

Gifted, spiritual people who hold ancient mysteries,

why have they been forgotten in the invaders history.


I, for one, would never be wrapped up in an Aussie flag,

I’ll be remembering our ‘traditional owners’ of this ancient land.

No snaggers on the barbie for me, no shouting yahoo,

I’ve researched this tragic history,

How about youse?

Victoria Healing ~ 21.1.2018

The Invaders

one pound mob.png
Jandamawra’s Art Exhibition ~ Kinship Jandamarra’s Art


Rhyme in Verse




why am I here?

me with camel in broome, encourage and own your wild nature .png

Born back in the good old United of K

My character was made in Birmingham, I am proud to say.

Now, I’m living in this lucky land down under,

I love to go off on road trips, travelling off yonder.


me and kev paths are made by walking.png

Working in promotions and fundraising for most of my life

Now retired, enjoying Ozzie road trips and walkabouts with hubby by my side.

Our two children have now grown up and have gone and left home

So our furry babies Zoonie and Roxy always join us wherever we might roam.


Numerology is my other passion… I’ve been practising for many years,

This is how I focus on my thinking, each day to connect and learn.

Hand writing poetry, is my favourite quiet time,

Wordplay, puns and some laughter, to ‘make you think’ lines


You will find that mostly I write in lyrics,

Poetry and rhymes…


dogs roxy and zoonie travel keep on share them 12819308_918663624914543_2922671263728740358_o

Victoria Healing ~ 20.1.2018

why am I here? ~ Hey Momma

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Numerology Daily Matters
Rhyme in Verse


Write to the Rhythm



Begin each morning silently, with your book and pen,

listening within, with a focus, there and then.

Wait silently for inspirational thoughts to come,

when those ideas arrive, just keep writing on.


It takes a little practice, but it’s an easy hobby for you;

once you’ve started, the words will keep pouring through.

You’ll get to a point, where you just can’t stop;

Your pen keeps on writing, if it’s a ‘passion’ you have got.


WARNING: Don’t try to make any edits, whatever you do!

Your intellect gets in the way, ending a flow through.

Victoria Healing ~ 17.1.2018

Write to the Rhythm


Thank you to Julia Cameron ~ “The Artist’s Way’

(A Course in discovering and recovering your creative self )

Rhyme in Verse


I’m Listening


Dolores O’Riordan was born with a Life Path of ‘33’

Do you know how difficult this challenge would be?

A Master Number in Numerology doesn’t come so easily.

A Messenger born for self sacrifice, martyrdom and a spiritual teacher

Living life out loud, with courage and strength to beseech yah

Inspiring others to break down their defence.

Mastering all these virtues would demand logic and a lot of common sense.


Her creativity and imagination would have helped her through,

The lyrics of her songs will show you what she knew.

But once her vision was switched on, she could never switch it off,

You would think that would be simple; but it is not.

Resourceful, imaginative, those messages shared in her songs

This is where she found her niche, happily, where she belonged.

If Dolores wasn’t in control of her emotions,

That (Fentanyl) would have caused her massive, internal explosions.


Having had a lot of responsibility in her short life,

A reformer who gave multitudes, life direction and good advice

I think that Dolores lived up to her role…

Her strong pioneering spirit; embraced her compassion and well-meaning goals.

In the end, ‘prescription drugs’ (Fentanyl) ruined her life

Another gifted martyr sadly has been sacrificed.


Victoria Healing ~ 17.1.2018

I’m Listening

 Are you listening?

‘It's my evolution
 The only solution
 The torment it's all that
 I'm holding within’

~ Dolores Mary Eileen O’Riordan

Dolores O’Riordan – Wikipedia

Dolores Mary Eileen O’Riordan (/oʊˈrɪərdən/; 6 September 1971 – 15 January 2018) was an Irish musician and singer-songwriter. She led the rock band the Cranberries for 13 years before the band took a break starting in 2003, reuniting in 2009. Her first solo album, Are You Listening? was released in May 2007 and …

“In dying of Fentanyl overdose, O’Riordan joins other artists like Lil Peep and Prince”

Fentanyl, also known as fentanil, is an opioid, which is used as a pain medication and together with other medications for anaesthesia. It has a rapid onset and effects generally last less than an hour or two. Wikipedia

cranberries zombie 14 september 1994


Du, du, du, du…

‘When the violence causes silence, we must be mistaken’

cranberries ode to my family does anyone care .png Ode to Dolores O’Riordian

‘Another head hangs lowly’

As sadly, the news is breaking slowly…

Why is it that when our talented stars die?

Suddenly their life and songs become popular, I’d like to know why?


Dolores’ promoters and publicists,

Making another fortune from her famous hits!

Watch out for the media frenzy and glory, …

Breaking, new angles to her story!


Gossip here and chatter there,

So many rumours are in the air.

Her family, would be devastated enough

Without hearing nattering and guff, guff, guff.


cranberries dreams impossible to ignore.png

Dear Dolores sang her pure heart out,

Helping others, lost and wandering about.

When emotional difficulties came along,

We’d take time out to listen to the words of her songs.


Feeling comforted, in knowing, that we weren’t the only ‘one’s.

Hints that Dolores had been struggling, with a ‘bi polar’ condition;

Although her songs prove that she had logic and rational vision.


What is it they’re trying to say?

That she had a twisted mind in some unfortunate way?

That will help and assist the medics, society and media,

Just put another gifted star passing over ’allegedly’ written in history as; ‘mental health hysteria.’


Another head hangs lowly,

knowing, that she has died.

How many more heroes will we lose to the other side?

cranberries zombie BREAKING NEWS: ANOTHER STAR… tragically found dead.

Only ’46’ but ‘No explanation at this stage’ is what that they’ve all said…

Well, I’ll just nod, wink and hint towards those medical conditions,

Bi Polar and back disorders… what MEDICATIONS were given?


Like-minded people are drawn together, but sadly with Dolores gone,

All that we have left are her memories and lyrics of her songs.

Thank you dear Dolores for helping me, cope my tough times through,

Your thrilling voice and Ode’s… ‘Du, du, du, du’

cranberries they say it will work out fine no need to argue .png

Victoria Healing ~ 16.1.2018

Ode ~ Too impossible to ignore ~ Hey Momma …

Because I couldn’t let today go, without thanking you and just saying… ‘I wouldn’t disagree’ ~ ‘you gave all you could’

Dolores O’Riordan began singing when she was just 5 years old, and 
by the time she was a tween, she was writing...

Zombie by The Cranberries Songfacts. This was inspired by the IRA bombing in Warrington, Cheshire, England on March 20, 1993. Two children, Jonathan Ball and Tim Parry, were killed. The IRA (Irish Republican Army) is a militant group that was determined to remove British troops from Northern Ireland.

History shows that this idea dates back to the 8th century. The word ‘zombie‘ is said to have come from nzambi, which in Kongo means ‘spirit of a dead person’, or zonbi, used in the Louisiana Creole or the Haitian Creole that represents a person who died and was then brought to life without speech or free will.Apr 25, 2013

Sweet Dreams Dolores O’Riordan in #Limerick

Thank you