Hyper Graphic

3 framed writing is a painting of your voice

(Hypergraphia - intense desire to write or draw)

All of those thoughts, inside our heads

thrashing around, ideas and feelings need to be expressed

Especially at times of dismay, upset and troubled emotions

jotting notes down;

to be written, released and loudly daily out spoken.

Keeping opinions as a prisoner in your own mind

or perhaps this is just that our Epilepsy demands to be refined?

Why do these words always come about in rhyme?

writing poems, calms, soothes, heals and helps us to read, between lines.

Where to print them?

i don’t know …

i just jot them down all over the place and then let them flow.

Does it matter how I feel?

well yes, it does, it’s all about keeping life ‘real’

Helping to find your own solutions,

without the added factor of external intrusions.

8 framed writing if not now when framed

Victoria Healing ~ 22.11.2017

Hyper Graphic ~ Hey Momma

Planes and hush ups

Epilepsy Support – New Zealand and Australia

death in life

9 ten out of ten people die of death agatha christie framed .png

Death is an important part of life

Forget all the philosophy

No one gets to live twice.


We’re always running away from the fact

That living for today

Has the greatest impact.


Follow your own heart

Wherever that leads

Doesn’t matter, if you think you’ll never succeed.


Don’t make life complicated or in debt for luxurious needs

Tread the path of the explorer

From birth to the grave


Simplify your living,

Go your own way.

1 framed I've been waiting my whole life for this moment .pngVictoria Healing ~ 22.11.2017

Death in Life ~ Hey Momma


Ring on the changes

5 framed Phone if you need me I'll be on my shell phone .png

Remembering back to my child-hood in the 1960’s

large, luminous hand-held telephones on the wall, attached by a cord,

hanging proudly in our hallway, we always seemed to be at its beck and call.


When I heard those shrilling sounds of ‘ring, ring’

i’d be so excited and run quickly to pick up the receiver to find out who was calling.


telephone exchange mom clementine
Image Credit ~ Clementine


I remember back as though, it was yesterday, especially because my Mom worked at the Telephone Exchange,

so i found communications technology very interesting then, from an early age.


So NOW in the 21st century we have the World Wide Web,

Apps, smart phones, and cock a doodle, whimsical, magical computers instead.


2 framed phone Pick up the phone .png

Victoria Healing ~ 8.9.2016

Ringing on the Changes ~ Hey Momma
╲ \ ╭ ┓
╭ 🦋 ╯
┗ ╯\ ╲ °•♡


Rhyme in Verse



Patience of a

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So hubby is not known for having lots of patience

I don’t think he’ll ever be awarded a saint hood.

When he’s setting up the equipment on our caravan

The devil comes out and he becomes an angry man.


Spanners, screwdrivers, wires and plugs,

Most of his equipment appears to be duds

You can hear him swear, guffaw and grunt

Stand well back, he’s about to perform a shunt.


Throwing his toys right out of the pram

He turns into a devil, not my lovely man.

Technical skills he has a lot…

But when it comes to outdoor maintenance, this time, I think he’s forgot.


If things go wrong, as they sometimes will,

Stay silent and keep away, stop very still;

It’s only safe for you to come back,

When he’s solved his maintenance problems… and with a beer, he’s sat.

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Victoria Healing ~ 14.11.2017

Patience of ~ Hey Momma

Where have all the hippies gone?

Rhyme in Verse
Joy to action







Crocodile’s Rock


What happened next …

“How lucky we all are to be on this journey,
All of the experiences, all of the learning.

So beautiful out there in the world
Makes me feel so complete and whole!

Life is such a blessing, don’t you think?
Is it this a rock or is it a croc?

We survived, so, now that is your lot!

C is for crocodile just chillin’ on the banks of the river, 
R is for running away, that is me, as he comes hither … 
O is for old and ancient ancestry! 
C is for cunning, he’s no fool, you can see
O is for open-minded, clever, I think …
D is for docile, even when he winks!
I is for, I hope he doesn’t eat me 
L is for learning his personal boundaries …
E is for Egyptian and worshiped as a God 
Did you know … He used to be! …  ”

Victoria Healing ~ 15.3.2017

Blessings ~ Hey Momma

Crocodilopolis ….yes it’s a real place you can visit, and I won’t keep you guessing, it was the official head-quarters for a crocodile worship cult!

The city of Crocodilopolis was located on the western bank of the Nile, southwest of Memphis in Egypt. During ancient time it was known by the name of Shedet and was the center of worship for the Egyptian water-god Sobek, or the crocodile god. It was the Greeks that dubbed it “Crocodile City”, or “Crocodilopolis”, but over time it has been given many names …

Poor Mr Crocodile gets a bad press, all is is doing is seeking happiness …
to be continued, from somewhere … deep, deep, in the jungle  

The Kimberleys memories, visiting Windjana Gorge

Kimberleys windjana what a wonderful way to start your day all of u 13528651_988741247906780_3883596266754721953_o.jpg