Rainbow Catchers

Image: Lovepaperplane ~ Rainbow Tales
Rainbow Catchers 
Their teardrops wouldn’t fall,
in repulse at the chaos of it all.
’They’ revolted against immorality,
frustrated by a man-made reality. 

He knew something had to be done,
and that He was the magickal one. 
His skin, an aura of spectrum light,
*tourmaline* eyes, watching at night.

He glanced back to both sidewise, 
‘We remember you’ they had cried.
Myths and legends had been spread,
that He should be avoided with dread.

Yet he had no claws, scales or spikes,
born within the arc of blue grey abyss.
A vivid image flashed into their minds, 
his heart and theirs, snuggly entwined. 

He whispered “I’ll make this promise, 
to be truthful, kind and always honest.
In the kingdom of karma and past lives,
as we all dwell in the Heaven and skies.

As each of your battles are fought and won,
lessons will be learned and new are begun'
As the sun reflected over watery mists,
a million colours were curved and twist.

It was at that moment, their mood shifted,
remembering that they and all, are gifted. 
Blessings be to our Rainbow Dragons,
crossing bridges, re-colouring our passions. 

We will all find our own serpent at heart,
for this is where our pot of gold starts’
Victoria Healing ~ 9.11.2021 
The Rainbow Dragon 

Image: The Cosmic System 

‘Challenge is a Dragon with a gift in its mouth. Tame the dragon and the gift is yours’ ~ Noella Evans


Rainbow Meanings and the Pot of Gold Legend

In Celtic wisdom. Provision, magic, fertility, and prosperity.



*Tourmaline* Power stone



Follow your truth with honesty and integrity ~ Anna Stark






The Rainbow Dragon is comparable with Rainbow Serpent legends in diverse cultures and mythologies.

 Genesis 9:13-1. 13: 14-16.

A Fiery Tale

Someone: Dragon’s don’t exist. 
Me: Why? 
Someone: I don’t believe what I can’t see.
Me: You believe in the wind?
Random Person: That’s different
Dragon: Is it?  
~ Pagan, It’s our Path 

A Fiery Tale 
‘Come with me on a journey’ she said,
‘We’ll talk with your heart, not your head’ 
‘You cannot wield it, none of us can,
it’s a conjuring of qi, d’you understand’?

As four elements are delicately weaved,
an unseen fire, fuels sky, earth and sea. 
The *Nwyvre* origin of mental balance,
psychic seer, of emotional challenges. 

In ancient folklore of Brythonic myths, 
*Dewi” is the ch’i of the dragons kiss.
You can’t see the winds flying through,
as in your heart, knows what to do. 

In using the Bards gloves of seduction,
my Dragon came with no instructions. 
‘What’s her name, implored the witch?
where is she now, is there a switch’?

’Her name is ‘Cinder Ella’ she’s the key, 
I didn’t find her, she has re-kindled me. 
The Summoning 

Image: Anne Stokes. Dragon Spirit Conjurer. The Hobbit Hole at Arch Inn

*Nwyvre* (Noo-iy-ruh) ~ Refers to the mental dimension. The life force that is in each of us. The Druids believed the Fire Dragon guards the ‘Inner Fire’ that burns inside our being. Nwyfre is related to the fairy word, which means “sky” or “heaven.”

*Dewi*  ~ Is an ancient Welsh God. The Red Dragon of Wales. Derived from the Pagan God, Dewi. is the official emblem of Wales and was derived from the Great Red Serpent that once represented Dew

The Anglo Saxon word for Dragon means “clear seer”. This implies that the Celts considered the Dragons as prophets and true seers with great wisdom



It is no surprise to discover a Red Dragon on the flag of Wales. The motto roughly translates as ‘the Red Dragon leads us’. Unlike many European tales, Dragons have strong benevolent tendencies, only harming when evil rears its ugly head.

When You Believe

Image: Ben Hatke’s Lost Creatures Blog Tour – GeekDad
When You Believe
They are born of earth, flame and bone,
long since forgotten and sleeping alone.
They weren’t the last to walk these paths,
through other worlds, they’ve since passed.

Scrambling through the cauldrons of hell,
back to the place they are known to dwell. 
They’re messengers of balance and magic,
how we’ve forgotten them is utterly tragic. 

Adored by the Welsh, their omens of good,
seers of great wisdom, wherein they stood. 
Stand out magnificent, mammoth and mythic, 
in fighting for what is right, they are terrific. 

Their unquenchable flames of compassion,
in virtues of empathy, truth and passion. 
It was a long time coming and they knew,
that hidden in yourself is a dragon, or two.  

They light the sky with inferno of flames, 
the legends of Dragons will always remain.
With fearless hearts, wisdom and charm,
when guarded by dragons, none are harmed. 

Creators or destroyers back in their time,
friends of the shamans and gods divined.  
If you’d like to practice earth spirituality,
wake your dragon energy, then you’ll believe. 
Victoria Healing ~ 12.10.2021
/!\ Way of the Dragon /!\

Is Dragon Your Totem Animal?

The Dragon is often seen as the guardian of treasure. The treasure symbolises you. You must overcome your struggles and fears to reach your true self. Dragon is here to help you find what you are searching for. 

Dragon Symbolism & Meaning

‘If you’ve given your power away, its time to take it back’ ~ Stephen Sterner

Guardian Angel

Image: Lagertha Vikings – Katheryn Winnick
All Hail 
The Rune ‘Algiz’ magical name;
an insignia of Protection, is His fame.
In His safekeeping, we are honoured,
in our awakening, we will prosper.

Boundaries, limits and self care,
are tested and strengthened there. 
Will you need a mirror of reflection?
or perhaps, a reversal for protection?

We might not reap all that we sow,
but from awareness, we will grow. 
Algiz raises upwards his guiding hand, 
asking: ’This, do You understand?

This sign is used on armour and shields,
as ‘symbolic’ of defence on battlefields.
Algiz will be your strength of mind,
when struggling in emotional times. 

A magnetic force, a field of energy,
if you have any problems, call *Hamingia*  
Victoria Healing ~ 10.10.2021
Protect Your Peace.
Image: The Book of Runes ~ Ralph Blum

ALGIZ  Rune  

Algiz is one of the most important runes. Standing for: Protection. Shield. Consciousness. Directing energy in the right direction. Resisting hostile forces. Guardian (*Hamingia*) Magical power. Sedge or Rushes. The Elk.

Temperance and courtesy are the sinews of this Rune’s protective powers.

Algiz victory runes were carved onto the shields, swords and spears of warriors as a mark of protection and sanctuary from harm.

The rune of life, his shape evokes the open hand protection.



Are the boundaries you have set being recognised and respected? Are you respecting the boundaries of those around you? 

Perhaps the challenge you are feeling now requires the courage to say no to something that no longer has a place in your life.


‘When our attention is trapped by fearful should’s, what if’s and don’ts, we scatter our energy and struggle with knowing what is authentic for us’. ~ ― Nikki Rowe



The primary objective for each Rune, is concerned with a correct relationship to your ‘self’ and are reflections of your own subconscious process.



If you are drawn to reading the Runes for your self; I’d suggest that you choose an oracle that you are instinctively attracted to. These poems are written from my own reflections. I use ‘The Book of Runes’ ~ (Ralph Blum) which were gifted to me by a dear friend, who has now passed. I am especially grateful to Sarah Beales who introduced me to these Runes as a study of self change.


(The fact that the runes were each given meaningful names confirms that they had some magical or spiritual significance to their users long before they emerged as an alphabet for records and messages.)



*The hamingja was a female guardian angel in Norse mythology. It was believed that she accompanied a person and decided his luck and happiness.



‘God within me, God without,

How shall I ever be in doubt?

There is no place where I may go

and not there see God’s face, not know’


‘Gud blessi thig’ ~ God bless you 

The Miracle of it All

Image: Humans of Melbourne
'I am learning to let go, 
like autumn. I am learning to grow like spring’ ~ Sabina Laura

The Miracle of it All 
‘Come to know Me’ 
Rune Berkana called...  

‘You are the miracle of it all;
summer, winter, spring and fall.
Planets in perpetual twirling,
new blossoms when uncurling. 

In the ebb and flow of oceans,
of sweet sap and nectar potions. 
Winds, rustle through the trees,
of shadows and lights in eternity.

In blushing colours of the rainbow,
circles of the sun and moon’s halo. 
When the birds twitter and sing, 
you will be ‘agape’ in all things.

And the dance goes on and on, 
as spirit sings, its mystical song. 
and when your last teardrops fall; 
‘You will be, the essence of it all’
Victoria Healing ~ 10.10.2021
The Miracle of it All 

Image: The Book of Runes ~ Ralph Blum

Rune Berkana. (Bear-kah-nah)

Meaning: – Fertility. Growth. Rebirth. Birch. 

The Rune of the life process. The power to influence development and the nature in which it flows into your body. The cycle of life.

The Miracle of Love

Image: Stephanie Bennett-Henry

Rites of Passage

‘Help’ she shrieked. ‘I’m still alive, 
don’t bury me here, I haven’t died’
The footsteps faded, no-one heard her screams,
as she realised then: ‘This is what death means’ 

Jumping into the abyss of her doubts, 
and the petty things, she’d stress about.
It felt scary, in the bottomless gorge,
a turning point, that had to be explored. 

As the darkness dissolved, shining to light, 
the dawn of the day, brought new insights.
She’d been running away from the fact,
living for the ‘date’ had a greater impact. 

Knowing each day is numbered, was her clue,
living life differently, was what she should do. 
Something ‘primal’ called to her and said”
‘Don’t be sad, there are runes to be read’ 

Drawing on the strength, of  the ‘Uruz’ sign,
invoked an unveiling of her heroine inside.
A new initiation, with fresh rites of passage.
There! a profound rebirth, of circumstances.

‘Thank God, it was only a nightmare’ she sighs;
‘I truly appreciate the fact, that I AM still alive’ 
Victoria Healing ~ 9.10.2021
Image: The Book of Runes ~ Ralph Blum

Rune Uruz:

Keywords: New Beginnings. Strength. Courage. Manifestation. Perseverance.

‘Uruz puts you on notice that your soul and the universe support the new growth. When in deep water, become a diver’ ~ (The Book of Runes ~ Ralph Blum)

‘Don’t let a wish bone be, where your backbone should be’ 

Heart Smiles

Image: EarthMagick.

Someone: ‘What is your religion’?

Me: All the paths that lead to the light

Wunjo said: 
’Speak to me about Joy’ 

I replied:
It’s an enchantment, when hearts entwine, 
a euphoric feeling, it’s a bright light inside. 
The sacred essence within all things;
intense passion and bliss, it brings. 

Some thing fuzzy beyond skin and bones, 
a relationship you will remember and know.
Sunshine in your soul and caress of mind,
seen in a child’s laugh and twinkles of eyes.  

It’s in the warmth of your Mom’s embrace, 
that kiss of love seen in your family’s face. 
Strangers momentarily, stopping to smile;
when strolling streets or shopping aisles.

It’s in the pure innocence of a pets stare,
seeing your family happy, free from care.
A vulnerability and feeling of safety, 
Have you felt this contentedness lately? 

Count up your blessings one by one,
mindful, it takes two, for ‘Joy’ to  bond. 
There’s happiness; casting Wunjo Rune;
the beauty of insight, in how ‘self’ blooms.
Victoria Healing ~ 4.10.2021
Heart Smiles ~ Wunjo 

The Rune Blessing ~ Wunjo 

Meaning: Joy. Light.

Image: The Book of Runes. Ralph Blum

Joy is good for the heart and soul. Joy is not just a brave smile or laugh it’s something deep within, it’s contentment, confidence and hope ~ © Harry, The Happiness Contagion

Ivy Leaf

Image: Lulu’s Secret Desires

Repeat after me:

‘I am magic, I know I am magic, no-one can stop my magical ass’


IVY ~ September 30 ~ October 27

Meaning: The SURVIVOR

Hey Momma

Girl fighter warpaint in eyes rhyme warpaint in her eyes A. Shea - With These Wings Image: A Shea ~ With These Wings 

It was dark, damp and cold,
as the bleak winter, had took hold.
But, little did i know,
i fearlessly continued, to rise up and grow.

Fighting persistently, for my survival,
is fundamentally vital.
Determined with strength and might,
i shot up, towards the brightest lights.

Twisting, changing, winding, ever turning,
upwards, ever green, growing with yearning.
In my quest for life survival,
my vision had become undeniable.

Bounding skywards, with daring and strength,
i sought pleasure, in the joy of happiness.
In the survival of my species,
these Ivy leaves, continue, striving and reaching.

Learning the warrior codes, in determined spirit,
this wild, Ivy, will never, accept any limits.
I’ve learned a lot from the Ivy vine…
… “to keep on growing upwards, at all times”
Victoria Healing ~ 13.4.2019
Ivy Leaf


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New Aged

‘Types of people you want in your circle’

a Numerologist

an Astrologer

a Rune Oracle

a Tarot Card Reader

‘What month is it?’ she said;
looking at her calendar, scratching her head.
‘Am I too early, or am I too late?’
I’m all fired up, as if new things await.

She’d searched the cosmos and the stars,
to know if Jupiter had aligned with Mars.
Many master teachers, she’d visited,
their prophecies were duly considered.  

Searching mind, body, soul and spirit,
studying secret doctrines, beyond limits.
After googling horoscopes and astrology,
calculating life’s path from logic in numerology. 

Consulting faith healers and channellers,
mystic, holistic and gypsy travellers.
Questioned about death and the after life,
the reality of dream messengers at night. 

Learned to interpret sacred Viking runes,
scattering magical crystals around rooms.  
Uttering, prayers, chants and incantations,
burned incense with positive affirmations. 

Consulting a group of psychic readers next,
occasionally, messages, were too far fetched.
some times astonishing, some times confusing,
although all of their insights, were infusing. 

Gazing up, into deep voids of night skies,
wondering ‘how awesome it could be, to fly’
Experimenting with those ‘new age’ tools,
although, with concerns, about being ridiculed. 

A plethora of modalities were searched,
all reiterating one vital lesson, to learn.
‘Follow your OWN heart where it leads,
use your own intuition, as YOU please’ 
Victoria Healing ~ 25.9.2021 
In the New Age 
Image: Kano. The Book of Runes. Ralph Blum

The Rune: KANO

Meaning: Opening. Fire. Torch.

This is the rune of Opening and renewed clarity.

The Book of Runes ~ Ralph Blum

Image: Luna and the Moon


One; October

In Numerology:

Get prepared, for new and exciting happenings in October.

Good Willing

Image: Steampunk Fans Movement.

The old, dwells on obstacles as negatives.
The new, sees challenges as incentives.
The old, gave up, before it began.
The new, prompts, 'self' that ‘You can’.

The old, feasts on all of its fears.
The new, says, ‘No worries my dear’
The old, hides within its shell.
The new, ‘On doubts; never dwell’

The new, follows into spirit of heart.
The old, wouldn’t ever bother to start. 
Through alternate shifts in perception.
Through mirrors reflect, new intentions.

Through these secret concepts within,
Through these switches, reform begins. 
Drawing the Rune ‘Perth’ is the initiation;
as divine spark, wills power of creation. 
Victoria Healing ~ 23.9.2021
Good Willing  

Identify the essential and eliminate the rest ~ Leo Babuta

The Hieratic Rune: PERTH.

Meaning: Initiation. Something Hidden or Secret.

This rune is on the side of Heaven and has associations with the Phoenix; that mystical bird which consumes itself in the fire and then rises from its own ashes. Deep transformational forces are at work here.

The Book of Runes ~ Ralph Blum

‘Now, you’re talking’