Hakuna Matata!  

Image: (Dingo) Echo Travelling to the Mundi Mundi Bash, Australia with Pnd Silverton. 


Nic Papalia from the Western Australia Dingo Association (WADA); once said that the Dingo could otherwise be known as:


‘The Lion King’ of Australia,

Video: Australian Reptile Park

This is a great study from third-generation cattle grazier and naturalist Angus Emmott of Noonbah Station. 





Who Stole My Dingo?

Image: Alex Cearns of Houndstooth Studios. Licensed for use to WADA. Thanks Leigh Mullen



It doesn’t matter how much factual research is shown, the livestock industry commission their own chosen researchers to falsely disprove any negative research that threatens their industry. They are just not prepared to listen.

While there is big money in agriculture and pest control, our wildlife and the environment are the losers.


The Dingo was sacred and a prized possession to indigenous people

Both their lives were changed with settlement. They had only two choices, to live in exile or to die.




Why we need Dingoes and they need us



An Icon in Peril



NASA’s Dingo Encounter






‘The effects dingoes have on the environment have been captured in 32 years of NASA satellite imagery along Australia’s 5600km dingo fence.



The Dingo plays an important role in the Australian ecosystem. As an apex predator they have helped to shape the Australian landscape and have traditionally kept pest and other predatory species in check. This has faltered since the arrival of non-Indigenous people, as many have viewed the Dingo itself as a pest species. In response to the imagined threat non-indigenous Australians have unnecessarily killed hundreds of thousands of Dingoes in order to protect their livestock.

For every Dingo shot or poisoned with bait, a dozen or more Foxes will take their place, causing significantly greater damage to livestock and to the environment.

Many Creation Stories speak of the importance of the Dingo. Their story plays out as a constant companion to Koori people, an important aid in hunting, a friend to those who have been exiled and a warning system against intruders.

‘In response to the imagined threat non-indigenous Australians have unnecessarily killed hundreds of thousands of Dingoes in order to protect their livestock. For every Dingo shot or poisoned with 1080 bait, a dozen or more Foxes will take their place, causing significantly greater damage to livestock and to the environment’




The Dingo Gap

‘The NASA scientists had mapped the surface of Mars into quadrangles, and named the locations after sites on Earth with a similar ancient geology or rock formations. Dingo Gap is named after a location near the remote Kimberly quadrangle in Western Australia.


So, in contemporary celestial narrative, a valley on the Martian landscape is named after the Australian NATIVE dog; the Dingo, that thrived for thousands of years in one of the most extreme environments on Earth’ ~

Justine M. Philip is a Doctor of Philosophy, Ecosystem Management at the University of New England


Image: Desert Dingo Rescue

It is the Dingo who has taught me to go about my work,

Sacredly, Secretly, and Silently_______

and those with eyes to see and ears to hear, will respond’

~ Jen Parker

Sassy Rose

Image: Puppy: Sassy Rose
Welcome to the world our darling Sassy Rose,
innocent eyes, sticky up ears and cute bud nose.
Your puppy paws, won’t take too long to grow, 
so here’s some things, that you ought to know.

We promise to protect you, as all families do, 
our bond is love and we’ll always be true.
To know what your future will be, 
don’t listen to propaganda, just follow me_______ 

You’re here to clean up the humans mess,
shonky deals, that they won’t confess. 
It’s up to you to keep our wildlife safe,
from invaders, brought into our natural place. 

Your purpose is to defend Ozzy wildlife folks, 
you must keep them safe and give them hope. 
Eliminate feral cats, foxes, rabbits and goats,
and beware of the killer men in white coats. 

You’re precious to your indigenous friends;
but on those sneaky colonials, don’t depend. 
It is a wicked thing those aliens will bring, 
millions of lethal 1080 bombs, they’ll fling. 

No creatures are safe, from the toxic fallout, 
listen to our packs, howl, cry and calling out. 

and one last thing, before I go____, 

’You must learn fast, dear Sassy Rose, 
a human’s treasure is only silver and gold.
as our Australian outback is growing cold. 

Soon it will be too late, but now, heed this warning:
You’ve been told’ 
Victoria Healing ~ 8.9.2022 
Sassy Rose 
Image: Desert Dingo Rescue
Photo: Sassy Rose orphan rescue, found near dead in the Pilbara, left to die, after her parents and other family members were killed by 1080 poison. Her DNA 100 % pure dingo.


“Scientific research has identified the dingo as crucial to land and wildlife conservation, ecosystem health and resilience.” ~ Tim Mullany (Manager of West Coast Wildlife Park )

‘It might surprise some to know the iconic animals are considered no different to wild dogs and can be killed or trap the animal without permission’ ~ WA Dingo Association. 

“Western Australia has some of the purest populations of dingoes in the country and they’re very rare and they have a vital role in the environment and they’re going to be damaged or killed.”

Each of these species and organisms work together in ecosystems, like an intricate web, to maintain balance and support life.

‘Dingoes are being trapped, poisoned, shot and hung up as trophies on fences and in trees’




Dingoes are grossly misrepresented, misunderstood and heavily persecuted, by wool and livestock vested interests Australian Wool Innovation Meat & Livestock Australia,  supported by many well-funded ‘ecologists’ and government funded ‘charities’ with large marketing budgets; Centre for Invasive Species Solutions PestSmart by Centre for Invasive Species Solutions  with the objective of ‘managing’ Dingoes as agricultural ‘pests’. The ‘ecologists’ involved in Dingo ‘pest control’ are responsible for researching the cheapest and most effective methods to eradicate Dingoes from the landscape. The well funded, widely supported, heavily promoted and coordinated mass extermination program of Dingoes is known as the #NationalWildDogActionPlan #NWDAP. The most commonly used method of killing Dingoes en masse is aerial baiting with meat baits laced with 1080 poison.


Are We Mad?

Image: New Zealand Arawhata. 1080 drop in 2013 which used THIRTEEN helicopters.

Are We Mad?
Helicopters wop, wop overhead,
Millions of bombs, drop bloodshed.
Devoid in shelter, spray floats round,
as dead carcasses, rot on the ground.

The risk’s, far greater than the cure,
but poison cartel sponsors endure. 
For each wild animal, native’s are lost,
the environment pays irreparable cost.

It makes me sad, it makes me sick,
this apocalyptic, chemical killing blitz.
As the crow flies high in the distance,
‘secondary poisoning’ is persistent.

Family pets, ingest the lethal baits, 
this genocide, does not segregate.
As the insects crawl from their holes,
wait, which way are they going to go?

Parroting the same dubious data;
scheming, since 1996 and thereafter. 
The paymasters seemingly agreed, 
‘confuse with propaganda and degrees’ 

Under the blue, free fall of the sky,
clouds of deadly toxin 1080 fly. 
In the polluting of nearby waterways,
you bet, future generations will pay. 

Wild places should be wild havens,
not man-made poisoning activations. 
Through our veins with each heartbeat;
pulse’s the destruction of every species. 
Victoria Healing 2.9.2022
Killing for cash in the name of Conservation

If I could talk for the Animals


These baits are extremely attractive to our dogs. There is no antidote.

Any animal who ingests 1080 suffers an excruciatingly painful death.

Natives take the bait.

No species is immune.

“Mr. Fox, sir, I won’t do it. I can’t say it. I won’t chew it.” ~ Dr Seuss

Are we mad?

It’s time that Australia catches up with the rest of the world and bans 1080.


Coalition of Australians Against 1080 Poison

Collateral Damage


Together we can, but we need your help



‘Compound 1080 was originally developed as a rat poison in Nazi controlled territory in the 1940’s and some research indicates that the Nazis considered using it to kill people in Holocaust death camps, before deciding it was too dangers for guards’ ~ Brooks Fahy


But, let’s not forget introduced pests did not ask to come to Australia – their presence in Australia is ‘man-made’



Western Australia declared state too dangerous for dogs outdoors.


An online map showing baiting locations today August 2022:


Image: New Zealand. Arawhata December 2008. Carol Sawyer.

Australia is second only to New Zealand in the wholesale use 1080 poison and that is another story.

“We must never, ever, forget our future generations of children” John Hanlon.

The Siren

Image: The Fantasy Art of Molly Harrison. ‘Astra’ The celestial Mermaid.
The world has gone quite mad, 
If you could put me back in the water, that would be good.  

The Siren 
She says so little, 
but exudes so much.
mysterious in ethereal flush. 

What secrets will she share?
watcher of moon, shining there.
Mythical, graceful and divine,
Siren of seas in ancient times. 

The night, sees her light,
in sanctity, of inner sight.
She’s coming and going.
in conscious. All knowing.

Balancing heart in mind,
in dreams, she finds.
Visions come and go, 
in memories; You know. 

Under water, she floats,
on rising, she takes notes.
Traveling in her own time, 
to seek, peace of mind.

In the glow of full moon,
sing her celestial tune. 
As you wave her goodbye,
silently, close your eyes.

With a flick of her tail,
a moment to exhale. 
Release and let’s go,
into depths of great, below. 
Victoria Healing ~ 15.4.2022
The Siren 

‘If people are doubting how far you can go, go so far that you can’t hear them anymore. ~ Michelle Ruiz


Today 15th of April;

Mars, the Planet Of Action enters the Emotional and Dreamy sign of Pisces. Pisces wants us to look within and find drive and energy from our inner spiritual warrior so we can be sure in which direction to take. ~ Dale Bradburn ~ (The Little Place of Peace)


Only in my pain, did i find my will

Only in my chaos, did I learn to be still

Only in my fear, did I find my might,

Only in my darkness, did I see my light

~ Unknown


Somethings gotta give

Keep it real and be ready to swim.




PINK FULL MOON ~ 16th April 2022

In the Northern hemisphere/.

Give in to the universal magic and all its surprises.



On the Flip Side

HUNTERS FULL MOON 17th April 2022/.

in the Southern hemisphere



It’s ok, you just forgot who you are, welcome back


mermaid siren Wallpaperstogo

Image: Unknown 


‘Listen to the universe, it is always whispering messages through songs, dreams, numbers, animals and thoughts’


The Twist

Image: Anne Stokes. Draco Aqua
Dragons, I’ll give ‘em Dragons

Somewhere below, 
an outcast figure, I know.
In unhurried pace,
of sensual grace.  

Come lonely Dragon, 
dance with me.
Let’s twirl, under seas.

The time is right, 
swim, to waking light.
Surface, oceans of blue,
all will see that you are true.

Beneath the pink coral caves,
I see your kaleidoscope displays. 
Pirouetting on your one foot, 
‘In mesmerising, you are good’ 

Come Blue Dragon, spin a twist.
I have seen, that you do exist. 
Naked little alien of the seas, 
arise from seafloor, if you please.

If you get beached on shore,
you won’t be lonely any more. 

Mystical and avant garde;
*Nudibranch Dragon, 
you are a dancing star.  
Victoria Healing ~ 13.4.2022

Image: Draco Aqua (commonly known as the water dragon) can breath both air and water, is an excellent swimmer and has a curious nature. The adult, young and egg are seen here together in an underwater cave. © Anne Stokes. Age of Dragons.

Well, you'll see... 

‘From above, the blue dragon blends into the colour of the ocean, but to anything below the surface they blend into the colour of the sky’ 

Blue Dragon *Nudibranch*

The word “nudibranch” comes from the Latin nudus “naked”

and the Ancient Greek βράγχια (bránkhia) “gills“. 

The first impression of a nudibranch might make you think it’s the love child of the 1970’s psychedelic era and aliens from the future.



‘You don’t need to go to another planet to see strange alien creatures, they are right here on Earth now, especially in the oceans!’

  dragon aqua nudibranch kev and jordi jurien


Image: lla Kostromicheva Alexander McQueen‘s ‘Plato’s Atlantis
Today is urgent

Water ripples 

it used to be, 
I liked swimming under the sea.
Noting the whistling of Mom’s calls, 
now, I can’t hear her clicking at all. 

She had a boinging sort of sound, 
her serenading trills, pulsed around. 
I’d known when it was time to eat, 
or to head home and go to sleep. 

Its awfully noisy down here now,
under the boats and the crowds.
The seismic explorers are scoffing,
to find oil, they’re sending shots in.
Some humans, are more thoughtful,
Stop! they say ‘Oil drilling is awful’. 
And the depth sounders moved in,
with a cacophony of tectonic din. 

Alarm bells are ringing under seas,
sirens boom ‘Can you help us please?’
‘Here I am, quivering on a lonely shore, 
I can’t hear my Mom’s songs anymore’… 
Victoria Healing ~ 12.4.2022

Some day is a romantic lie, right now is an urgent truth. ~ Jonny Ox

Marc Russo Photography Hamelin Bay, Western Australia. 2009

Why Do Whales Sing?

The Dangers of Noise Pollution


Listen quietly and you will hear the heartbeat of the planet,

at the edge of the sea ~ Wyland

Wake up with a Unicorn


’You don’t know anything about me’ Zoonie sighed,
her jaw tightly clenched, settling down for the night.
’Well whose fault is that’? Cornelius retorted’
all of my friendly attempts, you have thwarted’ 

‘I’m an enchanted Horse with a sword on my head,
a protector of magic, happiness and dreams ahead.
If you have a Unicorn to be your best friend,
you are extra special and on me you can depend’ 
Zoonie glanced over,  twinkling hopes, on her face,
‘Okay then, let’s begin with a furry hug of embrace’
Cornelius whispered back in welcoming response
‘Let go of your grief Zoonie, it’s time to move on’

Cornelius advised that there be just one rule:
‘Remember stars sparkle, between me and you.
Two precious hearts in a a mystical union,
now begins the alchemy of happiness infusion. 

It will be sweet to see Zoonie laughing again, 
this is a true story, I wish to have a happy end. 
Victoria Healing ~ 7.4.2021
Zoonie and Cornelius 

Has a Unicorn ever crossed your path? 

The mythical unicorn has long been a source of enchantment. Solitary, swift and graceful, the unicorn had a single spiralling horn growing from its forehead. Sought by many, the unicorn’s horn was said to have medicinal and magical properties. 

It is said that Unicorn energy heals what ails you

Unicorn Symbolism & Meaning

Happy International day of the Unicorn on April 9th.

Bilbies Not Bunnies

Pushing through the shop’s glass door,
there stood a Bilby, I’d not seen before.
The charismatic Bilby is a rare sight,
endangered species, in survival plight.

So, to Bilby yes? or to Bilby no?
these Easter treats, are good to go.
Your mission, should you accept,
to buy a ‘Bilby’ chocolate Easter egg.

Bilby versus Bunny, what’s the harm?
Bilbie’s have big ears too and lots of charm.
The same sweet look, touch, taste and smell,
warm, earthy flavours, we know so well.

Us Aussies aren’t big mates of rabbits,
an invasive species with killing habits. 
Our land down under has this new trend,
funds raised in candy for Bilbies defence.

This being, a statement of Australian pride,
Bilby easter eggs support marsupial life.
Bilbies are so much better than bunnies, 
guilt free treats, make conservation money.
Victoria Healing ~ 2.4.2021 
Bilbies Not Bunnies


“A meeting of adorable minds’

Heart melts, when Prince George met Bilby at Taronga Zoo.




Oii, Oii, Oii

The greater Bilby is also known as the rabbit-eared bandicoot, once occupied over 80 percent of Australia, but due to decades and decades of decline, they’ve become nearly extinct and only a handful of them exist in remote regions of Australia. Australian conservation groups are encouraging public awareness of the greater Bilby by promoting the Easter Bilby as an alternative to the Easter bunny. 


Why you should support the Bilby this Easter 



What can you do?

All you have to do is swap the chocolate bunny to chocolate Bilby this Easter.

Wildlife Conservation Co – link


Their future is in our hands






Top Image: OZ Travellers

Bulls Eye

Image: Pleiadian Stars 
‘By the Gods, it’s all of them’
 he’d shouted;
 How could they have doubted?
 At a distance of 444.2 light years;
 closest constellation cluster to earth.
 In eye of Taurus of great central sun,
 the essence of cosmos rises up AN/ON.
 Sacred solar heavenly wheels turn,
 new octaves of experience, learned.
 Starry infusions of greater reality,
 attaining of freedom and mastery.
 Merging magnetic veils at last,
 Aeons of preparation, have passed.
 Hey diddle, diddle, Taranis of skies,
 turning about cosmic circles of life.
 God of thunder, powers of lightening,
 celestial forces,  perpetual reuniting. 
 Benevolent ‘Sky Wheel God’ of virility,
 vital for wealth, health and fertility.  
 Sound the bronze Druid’s horn,
 mimic the rumbling of bull’s roar.
 Spiral dances, dream all awake,
 the choice is yours, to partake. 
 Pleiadians of ‘Seven Sisters realms’
 ‘Bid you God speed and fare thee well’ 
 Victoria Healing 2.3.2021

Taranis ~ at the Bull Ring ~ Birmingham, UK

‘We are seven sisters, 

twinkling all in one, above the back of Taurus.

We are dancing for the moon.

We are shining in the sky.’ ~ Pleiadian Stars 


Meet Taurus

Zodiac Zone: Meet Taurus ♉


500 light years from planet Earth is a small cluster of seven stars located in the” Constellation of Taurus of the Bull” known as Pleiades. The cluster is actually the eye of the bull in the constellation of Taurus.

The distance to the Pleiades can be used as a key first step to calibrate the cosmic distance ladder. As the cluster is relatively close to the Earth,

The name “seven sisters” has been used for the Pleiades in the languages of many cultures, including indigenous groups of AustraliaNorth America and Siberia. This suggests that the name may have a common ancient origin.[40]



Forming the profile of a Bull’s face is a V or K-shaped asterism of stars. 

In Celtic mythology Taranis was the mighty god of thunder. In Welsh and Breton the word for thunder is taran.




“I am the child of earth and starry heaven.” – Petelia Tablet 


Hypothetically Speaking:

Image: The Dish. David Magro Photography

‘Hey diddle, diddle’ nursery rhyme.

Among these origin stories are: that the figures in the rhyme refer to constellations in the night sky: Cow – Taurus, the Bull. The Dog: ~ Canis minor ~ The Dog Star. 


Bull: Wealth. Beneficience. Potency

~ Philip & Stephanie Carr-Gomm