Hakuna Matata!  

Image: (Dingo) Echo Travelling to the Mundi Mundi Bash, Australia with Pnd Silverton. 


Nic Papalia from the Western Australia Dingo Association (WADA); once said that the Dingo could otherwise be known as:


‘The Lion King’ of Australia,

Video: Australian Reptile Park

This is a great study from third-generation cattle grazier and naturalist Angus Emmott of Noonbah Station. 





Who Stole My Dingo?

Image: Alex Cearns of Houndstooth Studios. Licensed for use to WADA. Thanks Leigh Mullen



It doesn’t matter how much factual research is shown, the livestock industry commission their own chosen researchers to falsely disprove any negative research that threatens their industry. They are just not prepared to listen.

While there is big money in agriculture and pest control, our wildlife and the environment are the losers.


The Dingo was sacred and a prized possession to indigenous people

Both their lives were changed with settlement. They had only two choices, to live in exile or to die.




Why we need Dingoes and they need us



An Icon in Peril



NASA’s Dingo Encounter






‘The effects dingoes have on the environment have been captured in 32 years of NASA satellite imagery along Australia’s 5600km dingo fence.



The Dingo plays an important role in the Australian ecosystem. As an apex predator they have helped to shape the Australian landscape and have traditionally kept pest and other predatory species in check. This has faltered since the arrival of non-Indigenous people, as many have viewed the Dingo itself as a pest species. In response to the imagined threat non-indigenous Australians have unnecessarily killed hundreds of thousands of Dingoes in order to protect their livestock.

For every Dingo shot or poisoned with bait, a dozen or more Foxes will take their place, causing significantly greater damage to livestock and to the environment.

Many Creation Stories speak of the importance of the Dingo. Their story plays out as a constant companion to Koori people, an important aid in hunting, a friend to those who have been exiled and a warning system against intruders.

‘In response to the imagined threat non-indigenous Australians have unnecessarily killed hundreds of thousands of Dingoes in order to protect their livestock. For every Dingo shot or poisoned with 1080 bait, a dozen or more Foxes will take their place, causing significantly greater damage to livestock and to the environment’




The Dingo Gap

‘The NASA scientists had mapped the surface of Mars into quadrangles, and named the locations after sites on Earth with a similar ancient geology or rock formations. Dingo Gap is named after a location near the remote Kimberly quadrangle in Western Australia.


So, in contemporary celestial narrative, a valley on the Martian landscape is named after the Australian NATIVE dog; the Dingo, that thrived for thousands of years in one of the most extreme environments on Earth’ ~

Justine M. Philip is a Doctor of Philosophy, Ecosystem Management at the University of New England


Image: Desert Dingo Rescue

It is the Dingo who has taught me to go about my work,

Sacredly, Secretly, and Silently_______

and those with eyes to see and ears to hear, will respond’

~ Jen Parker

Sassy Rose

Image: Puppy: Sassy Rose
Welcome to the world our darling Sassy Rose,
innocent eyes, sticky up ears and cute bud nose.
Your puppy paws, won’t take too long to grow, 
so here’s some things, that you ought to know.

We promise to protect you, as all families do, 
our bond is love and we’ll always be true.
To know what your future will be, 
don’t listen to propaganda, just follow me_______ 

You’re here to clean up the humans mess,
shonky deals, that they won’t confess. 
It’s up to you to keep our wildlife safe,
from invaders, brought into our natural place. 

Your purpose is to defend Ozzy wildlife folks, 
you must keep them safe and give them hope. 
Eliminate feral cats, foxes, rabbits and goats,
and beware of the killer men in white coats. 

You’re precious to your indigenous friends;
but on those sneaky colonials, don’t depend. 
It is a wicked thing those aliens will bring, 
millions of lethal 1080 bombs, they’ll fling. 

No creatures are safe, from the toxic fallout, 
listen to our packs, howl, cry and calling out. 

and one last thing, before I go____, 

’You must learn fast, dear Sassy Rose, 
a human’s treasure is only silver and gold.
as our Australian outback is growing cold. 

Soon it will be too late, but now, heed this warning:
You’ve been told’ 
Victoria Healing ~ 8.9.2022 
Sassy Rose 
Image: Desert Dingo Rescue
Photo: Sassy Rose orphan rescue, found near dead in the Pilbara, left to die, after her parents and other family members were killed by 1080 poison. Her DNA 100 % pure dingo.


“Scientific research has identified the dingo as crucial to land and wildlife conservation, ecosystem health and resilience.” ~ Tim Mullany (Manager of West Coast Wildlife Park )

‘It might surprise some to know the iconic animals are considered no different to wild dogs and can be killed or trap the animal without permission’ ~ WA Dingo Association. 

“Western Australia has some of the purest populations of dingoes in the country and they’re very rare and they have a vital role in the environment and they’re going to be damaged or killed.”

Each of these species and organisms work together in ecosystems, like an intricate web, to maintain balance and support life.

‘Dingoes are being trapped, poisoned, shot and hung up as trophies on fences and in trees’




Dingoes are grossly misrepresented, misunderstood and heavily persecuted, by wool and livestock vested interests Australian Wool Innovation Meat & Livestock Australia,  supported by many well-funded ‘ecologists’ and government funded ‘charities’ with large marketing budgets; Centre for Invasive Species Solutions PestSmart by Centre for Invasive Species Solutions  with the objective of ‘managing’ Dingoes as agricultural ‘pests’. The ‘ecologists’ involved in Dingo ‘pest control’ are responsible for researching the cheapest and most effective methods to eradicate Dingoes from the landscape. The well funded, widely supported, heavily promoted and coordinated mass extermination program of Dingoes is known as the #NationalWildDogActionPlan #NWDAP. The most commonly used method of killing Dingoes en masse is aerial baiting with meat baits laced with 1080 poison.


Are We Mad?

Image: New Zealand Arawhata. 1080 drop in 2013 which used THIRTEEN helicopters.

Are We Mad?
Helicopters wop, wop overhead,
Millions of bombs, drop bloodshed.
Devoid in shelter, spray floats round,
as dead carcasses, rot on the ground.

The risk’s, far greater than the cure,
but poison cartel sponsors endure. 
For each wild animal, native’s are lost,
the environment pays irreparable cost.

It makes me sad, it makes me sick,
this apocalyptic, chemical killing blitz.
As the crow flies high in the distance,
‘secondary poisoning’ is persistent.

Family pets, ingest the lethal baits, 
this genocide, does not segregate.
As the insects crawl from their holes,
wait, which way are they going to go?

Parroting the same dubious data;
scheming, since 1996 and thereafter. 
The paymasters seemingly agreed, 
‘confuse with propaganda and degrees’ 

Under the blue, free fall of the sky,
clouds of deadly toxin 1080 fly. 
In the polluting of nearby waterways,
you bet, future generations will pay. 

Wild places should be wild havens,
not man-made poisoning activations. 
Through our veins with each heartbeat;
pulse’s the destruction of every species. 
Victoria Healing 2.9.2022
Killing for cash in the name of Conservation

If I could talk for the Animals


These baits are extremely attractive to our dogs. There is no antidote.

Any animal who ingests 1080 suffers an excruciatingly painful death.

Natives take the bait.

No species is immune.

“Mr. Fox, sir, I won’t do it. I can’t say it. I won’t chew it.” ~ Dr Seuss

Are we mad?

It’s time that Australia catches up with the rest of the world and bans 1080.


Coalition of Australians Against 1080 Poison

Collateral Damage


Together we can, but we need your help



‘Compound 1080 was originally developed as a rat poison in Nazi controlled territory in the 1940’s and some research indicates that the Nazis considered using it to kill people in Holocaust death camps, before deciding it was too dangers for guards’ ~ Brooks Fahy


But, let’s not forget introduced pests did not ask to come to Australia – their presence in Australia is ‘man-made’



Western Australia declared state too dangerous for dogs outdoors.


An online map showing baiting locations today August 2022:


Image: New Zealand. Arawhata December 2008. Carol Sawyer.

Australia is second only to New Zealand in the wholesale use 1080 poison and that is another story.

“We must never, ever, forget our future generations of children” John Hanlon.

Guardian Angel

Image: Lagertha Vikings – Katheryn Winnick
All Hail 
The Rune ‘Algiz’ magical name;
an insignia of Protection, is His fame.
In His safekeeping, we are honoured,
in our awakening, we will prosper.

Boundaries, limits and self care,
are tested and strengthened there. 
Will you need a mirror of reflection?
or perhaps, a reversal for protection?

We might not reap all that we sow,
but from awareness, we will grow. 
Algiz raises upwards his guiding hand, 
asking: ’This, do You understand?

This sign is used on armour and shields,
as ‘symbolic’ of defence on battlefields.
Algiz will be your strength of mind,
when struggling in emotional times. 

A magnetic force, a field of energy,
if you have any problems, call *Hamingia*  
Victoria Healing ~ 10.10.2021
Protect Your Peace.
Image: The Book of Runes ~ Ralph Blum

ALGIZ  Rune  

Algiz is one of the most important runes. Standing for: Protection. Shield. Consciousness. Directing energy in the right direction. Resisting hostile forces. Guardian (*Hamingia*) Magical power. Sedge or Rushes. The Elk.

Temperance and courtesy are the sinews of this Rune’s protective powers.

Algiz victory runes were carved onto the shields, swords and spears of warriors as a mark of protection and sanctuary from harm.

The rune of life, his shape evokes the open hand protection.



Are the boundaries you have set being recognised and respected? Are you respecting the boundaries of those around you? 

Perhaps the challenge you are feeling now requires the courage to say no to something that no longer has a place in your life.


‘When our attention is trapped by fearful should’s, what if’s and don’ts, we scatter our energy and struggle with knowing what is authentic for us’. ~ ― Nikki Rowe



The primary objective for each Rune, is concerned with a correct relationship to your ‘self’ and are reflections of your own subconscious process.



If you are drawn to reading the Runes for your self; I’d suggest that you choose an oracle that you are instinctively attracted to. These poems are written from my own reflections. I use ‘The Book of Runes’ ~ (Ralph Blum) which were gifted to me by a dear friend, who has now passed. I am especially grateful to Sarah Beales who introduced me to these Runes as a study of self change.


(The fact that the runes were each given meaningful names confirms that they had some magical or spiritual significance to their users long before they emerged as an alphabet for records and messages.)



*The hamingja was a female guardian angel in Norse mythology. It was believed that she accompanied a person and decided his luck and happiness.



‘God within me, God without,

How shall I ever be in doubt?

There is no place where I may go

and not there see God’s face, not know’


‘Gud blessi thig’ ~ God bless you 

The Miracle of it All

Image: Humans of Melbourne
'I am learning to let go, 
like autumn. I am learning to grow like spring’ ~ Sabina Laura

The Miracle of it All 
‘Come to know Me’ 
Rune Berkana called...  

‘You are the miracle of it all;
summer, winter, spring and fall.
Planets in perpetual twirling,
new blossoms when uncurling. 

In the ebb and flow of oceans,
of sweet sap and nectar potions. 
Winds, rustle through the trees,
of shadows and lights in eternity.

In blushing colours of the rainbow,
circles of the sun and moon’s halo. 
When the birds twitter and sing, 
you will be ‘agape’ in all things.

And the dance goes on and on, 
as spirit sings, its mystical song. 
and when your last teardrops fall; 
‘You will be, the essence of it all’
Victoria Healing ~ 10.10.2021
The Miracle of it All 

Image: The Book of Runes ~ Ralph Blum

Rune Berkana. (Bear-kah-nah)

Meaning: – Fertility. Growth. Rebirth. Birch. 

The Rune of the life process. The power to influence development and the nature in which it flows into your body. The cycle of life.

The Miracle of Love

Image: Stephanie Bennett-Henry

Rites of Passage

‘Help’ she shrieked. ‘I’m still alive, 
don’t bury me here, I haven’t died’
The footsteps faded, no-one heard her screams,
as she realised then: ‘This is what death means’ 

Jumping into the abyss of her doubts, 
and the petty things, she’d stress about.
It felt scary, in the bottomless gorge,
a turning point, that had to be explored. 

As the darkness dissolved, shining to light, 
the dawn of the day, brought new insights.
She’d been running away from the fact,
living for the ‘date’ had a greater impact. 

Knowing each day is numbered, was her clue,
living life differently, was what she should do. 
Something ‘primal’ called to her and said”
‘Don’t be sad, there are runes to be read’ 

Drawing on the strength, of  the ‘Uruz’ sign,
invoked an unveiling of her heroine inside.
A new initiation, with fresh rites of passage.
There! a profound rebirth, of circumstances.

‘Thank God, it was only a nightmare’ she sighs;
‘I truly appreciate the fact, that I AM still alive’ 
Victoria Healing ~ 9.10.2021
Image: The Book of Runes ~ Ralph Blum

Rune Uruz:

Keywords: New Beginnings. Strength. Courage. Manifestation. Perseverance.

‘Uruz puts you on notice that your soul and the universe support the new growth. When in deep water, become a diver’ ~ (The Book of Runes ~ Ralph Blum)

‘Don’t let a wish bone be, where your backbone should be’ 

Heart Smiles

Image: EarthMagick.

Someone: ‘What is your religion’?

Me: All the paths that lead to the light

Wunjo said: 
’Speak to me about Joy’ 

I replied:
It’s an enchantment, when hearts entwine, 
a euphoric feeling, it’s a bright light inside. 
The sacred essence within all things;
intense passion and bliss, it brings. 

Some thing fuzzy beyond skin and bones, 
a relationship you will remember and know.
Sunshine in your soul and caress of mind,
seen in a child’s laugh and twinkles of eyes.  

It’s in the warmth of your Mom’s embrace, 
that kiss of love seen in your family’s face. 
Strangers momentarily, stopping to smile;
when strolling streets or shopping aisles.

It’s in the pure innocence of a pets stare,
seeing your family happy, free from care.
A vulnerability and feeling of safety, 
Have you felt this contentedness lately? 

Count up your blessings one by one,
mindful, it takes two, for ‘Joy’ to  bond. 
There’s happiness; casting Wunjo Rune;
the beauty of insight, in how ‘self’ blooms.
Victoria Healing ~ 4.10.2021
Heart Smiles ~ Wunjo 

The Rune Blessing ~ Wunjo 

Meaning: Joy. Light.

Image: The Book of Runes. Ralph Blum

Joy is good for the heart and soul. Joy is not just a brave smile or laugh it’s something deep within, it’s contentment, confidence and hope ~ © Harry, The Happiness Contagion

a Dream Journey

Image: Nausicaa Twila ~ Beautiful Minds Anonymous


I dreamt someone was shouting

“On your marks… Get Set…”.  

I woke with a start.

a Dream Journey
Swirling of lights, float within room,
as morning sunrise begins to bloom.
Sleep and wakefulness, in transition,
hallucinations of infiltrating visions.

Astral sounds and music are heard, 
sometimes, ‘shouting out’ of words. 
Between the passage of light and dark,
a super consciousness, a ‘divine spark’

Nightly invitations to pure connections,
blessings and signs for inner reflections. 
Teaching of ‘self’ and gifts held inside,
as journey of spirit and future aligns.

Celestial messages, from heart to soul,
private insights, as waking unfolds. 
Thanking the wisdom of your Dreams,
know their symbols and what they mean.
Sit in silence, remembering visual clues,
to this end, you’ll know, just what to do.
The idea of speaking with your soul,
is not as elusive as you’ve been told.

It can be a challenging task,
when this Raido Rune is cast.
To know how you will find;
will be a dream that comes to mind. 
Victoria Healing ~ 2.10.2021.
Bridging The Gap. The Rune Raido. 
Image: The Book of Runes. Ralph Blum

The Rune Raido.

Journey. Communication. Union. Reunion.

~ The Book of Runes. Ralph Blum


Yes, I know I have housework to do, but this is more fun

Even if you are one of those people who find it hard to remember their dreams, you will usually have a vague sense about it, this could be a feeling of up-liftment, frustration, concern or peace etc. Just write it down. ~

The Dream Book~ Betty Bethards. Symbols for Self Understanding

Image: Stormy’s Spellbook

Hypnogogia Effects. 


New Aged

‘Types of people you want in your circle’

a Numerologist

an Astrologer

a Rune Oracle

a Tarot Card Reader

‘What month is it?’ she said;
looking at her calendar, scratching her head.
‘Am I too early, or am I too late?’
I’m all fired up, as if new things await.

She’d searched the cosmos and the stars,
to know if Jupiter had aligned with Mars.
Many master teachers, she’d visited,
their prophecies were duly considered.  

Searching mind, body, soul and spirit,
studying secret doctrines, beyond limits.
After googling horoscopes and astrology,
calculating life’s path from logic in numerology. 

Consulting faith healers and channellers,
mystic, holistic and gypsy travellers.
Questioned about death and the after life,
the reality of dream messengers at night. 

Learned to interpret sacred Viking runes,
scattering magical crystals around rooms.  
Uttering, prayers, chants and incantations,
burned incense with positive affirmations. 

Consulting a group of psychic readers next,
occasionally, messages, were too far fetched.
some times astonishing, some times confusing,
although all of their insights, were infusing. 

Gazing up, into deep voids of night skies,
wondering ‘how awesome it could be, to fly’
Experimenting with those ‘new age’ tools,
although, with concerns, about being ridiculed. 

A plethora of modalities were searched,
all reiterating one vital lesson, to learn.
‘Follow your OWN heart where it leads,
use your own intuition, as YOU please’ 
Victoria Healing ~ 25.9.2021 
In the New Age 
Image: Kano. The Book of Runes. Ralph Blum

The Rune: KANO

Meaning: Opening. Fire. Torch.

This is the rune of Opening and renewed clarity.

The Book of Runes ~ Ralph Blum

Image: Luna and the Moon


One; October

In Numerology:

Get prepared, for new and exciting happenings in October.