Dream Helpers

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While recently clearing out some clutter,

my heart went right into a flutter.

Oh wow, ‘old work diaries and dream journals’, I muttered.


Reflecting back to those dreams that I wrote,

and how I had found some pleasures in finding the anecdotes.

In that crazy world back then, of fundraising and promotions,

Expectations were high to create, eye catching  notions.


Reading back between those lines,

I noticed my hurrying and stress: far too busy for rhymes.

With this hyper-graphic condition, I’ve got,

my passion was always sparked when I was put, on the creative ‘spot’


Although, I hadn’t known this back then,

a Bull Terrier with determination and I still am.

Sales targets to meet!

pressured on deadlines; ‘you must complete’


However, what I’m noticing now,

is how…

My dreams were more adventurous back when,

fantasies of treasures, castles, animals and mystery dens.


When working in advertising and promotions,

suspense, anticipation, consistently creating new marketing potions.

I guess that is why I still do this to this day,

newspaper training has made me that way.


So where would I have been?

without those go-between helpers of my dreams.

Ideas that came in the dead of night,

although sometimes peculiar, I’d research their insights .


What a hard business world it would have been,

if I hadn’t listened, to those secret friends in my dreams.


How lucky was I?

when paying attention to my Dream Guides…

life became a huge adventure to get by.


Victoria Healing ~ 19.2.2018.

Dream Helpers ~ Hey Momma

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