Can you, Sea Lion

Advice from Sea Lions... Make a splash!

Seal only deep as I look can I dream 11247896_800478240066416_5503702421480536630_n.jpg

On Totem Animals

If SEAL shows up it means:

Your creative imagination is active and fertile right now, so keep a
 journal nearby and write in it every day. Your dreams will be clear
 and vivid, so play close attention to them for any messages 
from your subconscious.


The cycle of challenges are complete, and you’re now moving into a time of plenty and abundance. Stay attuned to your natural rhythms, such as sleeping when tired, eating only when you’re hungry and exercising when you feel the urge.


seal advice have a playful spirit.png

  • This is the time to let your self experience joy and be playful
  • Listening to all that’s around you is important, especially to yours and others feelings.
  • Take the time to stretch or do yoga to keep your body flexible.


If SEAL (Sea Lion) is your totem animal:

You are creative and imaginative.


You are very outgoing, easy to talk with and tend to brighten up any social gathering

You’re very adaptable and have always been able to meet any challenges head on and re-bound from them. You’re able to see behind the masks of others and intuitively and empathetically understand their emotions. You’re an emotionally expressive individual, yet you never let your feelings overwhelm you.


sealion spend time at the beach.png

What Animal, Bird or Insect have you seen today?


Working with the sacred animals of the Druid tradition: Seal (Ron)
Love, longing, dilemma. ~ The Dan nan Ron ~ The Song of the Seals
(by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm)
Numerology Daily Matters




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