Out of the Blue

Stepping out of our caravan door,
we saw an odd ‘thing' we’d not seen before.
In the middle of nowhere, out of the blue,
was a strange and peculiar, angle of view. 

Our world had turned upside down,
the sea was on top, I thought ‘I’ve drowned’
Our dogs were barking and making a fuss,
the Alien in the sky, had all been too much. 

Wobbly body, eight arms and bulbous eyes,
it was a giant flying Octopus, to our surprise.  
Multi faceted, intelligent and highly capable,
most see an Octopus as a tasty food staple.

I’ll be giving this seafood meal a miss,
I refuse to see it grilled, with garlic on my dish.
Resourceful, magical, mysterious and clever, 
the oddities we see on our travel endeavours.  

Billions of years, being impossible to find,
now here is one, hanging onto a string line. 
Victoria Healing ~ 5.10.2020
Out of the Blue 
Did you know?
An Octopus doesn't only see... it can recognise your face and even get to know you. We have so much to learn about these magnificently ancient creatures.

If you want to feel inspired by the power of nature, watch the movie “My Octopus Teacher” 

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