Check Your Rear


In the barren wilderness of the remote Ozzie bush, 
the ablutions are basic, don’t expect classy or ‘lush’
A car ride, is required, a kilometre or so,
you must drive quickly, if you ‘really, really’ want to go.

Self sufficient in your camp site, you must be,
especially if you frequently need to pee. 
Tin shed Potties, are the essential trend, 
never luxurious, or swish, can you comprehend?

Search for spiders under the toilet seat, 
they’re the critters you never want to meet.
Inspect the privy, before sitting on your throne,
the local frogs may be swimming at home.

Our mate, Mr Brian had gone for a ‘relief’ meeting, 
his regular ritual, primal and basic seating.  
As he sat on the Dunny, he’d heard a flapping,
scaring him, that some ‘thing’ may come attacking, 

Investigating the water tank to check the foray, 
he found a baby Falcon, drowning, thrashing away.
Submerged and sinking, the small fledging, was in panic,
Brian knew, that he must dive in quickly, to grab it. 

As the Hawk was pulled safely back to dry land, 
his healing and recovery was hopefully, at hand.
We thought that young Falcon’s end was nigh,
but then we heard him screech, croak and cry.

Rescued, resuscitated, refreshed and revived,
our Mr Brian had thankfully saved this bird’s life. 
His urgent rescue mission was a total success,
that little Falcon flew elsewhere, to find happiness.  

At the end of this story, it is obvious and clear,
just like Brian, when in the Lav, you must check your rear.
Victoria Healing ~ 2.10.2020
Check Your Rear  
Young Falcon, In the dog cage, resting and drying out. 
There is no water available at Quobba Point, Western Australia. It is a free camp, 80 kms out of town. Travellers have to have their own water supply. Some inconsiderate idiot had taken the top off the water tanks by the toilets to steal water, which is not drinkable anyway. They didn’t bother putting the top back on, so this young Falcon got in, but couldn’t get out. 
Freedom flight for this Fledgling

Rhyme Universe

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