Uncharted Territory

“Lets go exploring” our daughter said,
with a huge whoop of excitement.
“There’s a dirt track, just up ahead”
into the unknown, we were invited.

I’d been curious about these 'off' roads,
what secret surprises, they'd reveal, to see.
You know, where sedans are forbidden to go,
because city cars couldn’t drive, easily. 

Gatekeeper nods, with outstretched hand,
beckoning us forwards, through rusty old gate.
As we entered, into a desert of no mans land,
anticipating “how long our expedition will take”

Inching slowly over corrugated track,
our destination, 80kms in the distance.
That dusty, bumpy road, was no easy task,
we had to remain steadfast and persistent.

“This was a bad idea” hubby griped,
stranded in the wild, eerie, remote and barren. 
‘What if we have to camp out here overnight,
something beastly and frightful, could happen” 

Sandstorms whisked, around and ahead, 
gnarly shrubs, laced bright yellow and grey,
Escorted by our small convoy; we were led. 
amongst windswept lands, being driven astray. 

At last! our journey's end, was in sight,
socially distancing, in true Ozzie style.
At the heart of Gnaraloo we found paradise,
a hell of a ride, but happily ending, with smiles. 
Victoria Healing ~ 8.10.2020 
Making Tracks
Entering Gnarloo
Okay, so perhaps we got lost
Images: Miri Johnson
Gnaraloo is a working pastoral station, adjacent to the Ningaloo Marine Park, 150 kilometres north of Carnarvon, in Western Australia. It may be some of the areas most uncharted territory. This is Australia’s surfing mecca. Legendary for its fishing, waves and wind. 

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