Silence echoes

kings park anzac.jpg

Should I end at the beginning?

Or begin at the end?

Today being a significant day in remembrance

Of our Australians and New Zealanders

Who lost their lives or suffered for their new generations to defend.

Was the sound of the “Last Post” a new hope?

Or a reminder of our great loss

A fortunate day now for some

But how many lives have these terrible wars cost?

kings park lest we forget anzac.jpg

Conflicts and battles where our innocent women and men,

who were armed and sent in to hell to protect all at home and defend.

Today at Kings Park in Perth, a Memorial Service will be held

To commemorate our brave ANZAC warriors

As a tribute to their bravery, courage and strength.

The Flame of Remembrance will always be burning bright

Never to be diminished

As a guiding Beacon of everlasting light and life

Words can never express,

For how could we ever forget

Those battles that were fought with courage, bravery and honourable intents.

kings park and botanic garden anzac day These Sunset Services will be conducted around the Flame of Remembrance and will offer an intimate service including a wreath laying ceremony. .jpg

I have no more words… as the silence echoes back

Reverberating along the Whispering Wall

Thank you.

Lest we should ever, ever forget.

kings park a memorable experience Kings Park and Botanic Garden Like This Page · April 13, 2015 · Planning to attend the Dawn Service this Anzac Day?

Victoria Healing ~ 25.4.2018

Silence Echoes ~ Hey Momma

April 25th

A day when we remember “all” of our fallen ANZAC soldiers, both

Australians and

New Zealanders.

Crowds will gather at Kings Park Memorial, Western Australia at dawn, where tributes and prayers are shared, wreaths are laid and a the final bugle calls, then…

A minute of silence for PEACE

kings park anzac LAST POST

In commemoration of our Heroes and their landing at Gallipoli on the 25th April 1915

The Flame of Remembrance. The Whispering Wall and 
The Pool of Reflection was dedicated by 
Queen Elizabeth II at Kings Park and Botanic Garden

kings park whispering wall .jpg

The Whispering Wall

The rounded curves of the War Memorial at Kings Park allows for some acoustic reverberation. Sitting at one end and having a friend sit at the other side of the curved seating area you can whisper to each other and hear perfectly like you are right next to each other but are really about 25metres away. Take in the serenity of the views.

kings park place of reflection ].jpgThe Place of Reflection

Is a beautiful, tranquil hidden treasure in Kings Park. It is dedicated to providing solace for anyone who has suffered loss or trauma.

This peaceful spot offers hope, renewal, understanding and healing. Enjoy a quiet moment here.

kings park memorial .jpg
We would like to thank especially the Indigenous men who bravely fought for our Beautiful Country, Australia in WWI and WWII
Prior to European settlement and exploration, Kings Park 
(Mount Eliza) was known as Mooro Katta[3] and Kaarta Gar-up, 
the Aboriginal names given[4] by the Nyoongar inhabitants. 

This area has been an important ceremonial and cultural place 
for the Whadjuk tribe

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