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Decode Your Destiny - At the moment you were born, your 
limitless potential was encoded in your destiny. 
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Onion song the world is just a great big onionLemons if life gives you lemons try a pumpkin18920217_1514195878601899_1460235343446779787_n.jpg


“People want to ignore what they can't understand. 
They're looking for logic at any cost.” 
― Alice HoffmanPractical Magic
dreams do come true if we wish hard enough JM Barrie Peter Pan
Dreams do come true, if we wish hard enough ~ LovePaperPlane


Life all comes down to Numbers
at the beginning of each day;

there is even a number allocated, for the romance in your Name;

if happy in life, is where you want to be?

seek a little advice from the Numerology Tree


tree celtic tree of life no words12115726_1005738536114530_6571158410355384437_n.jpg


Astrology, is the same, presenting a clear vision

but Numerology is a logical science too …
helping to make your own personal decisions

when you don’t know what to do!


When you know your own Numbers

life makes much more sense,
your reality will be clear.

I would sincerely, like to recommend!


dance reality is up for grabs1429469_952277634793729_7634849538678946630_n.jpg

Victoria Healing ~ 25.7.2015
All, Sums up

Numerology Daily Matters

Rhyme in Verse

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