Poetic License, But It Could Be Verse

writing epilepsy poetry I don't know what I was thinking too busy listening .png

When people ask me what I was thinking when I write?
I couldn’t tell you,
I was listening in, to my subconscious and inner sight.
Sometimes I may feel like I am in a daze or trance,
Oh well!
a side effect of epilepsy and hyper-graphic circumstance.

When an idea, a word or a sentence pops into my head,
I have to write those thoughts down, “I MUST” let them be said.
In the words of our accomplished expert; Doctor David Bear
an epileptic trait is our ‘poetry’ with an additional artistic flair.
Look back on this history there.

Attention and super hyper concentration is a talent we all have,
and critical judgement; I don’t think that is too bad.
Sensitive, empathetic and creative thinkers,
Cravers of philosophy,

This is an intense passion, can you not see?

Others may judge and stigmatise this condition that we have
and that is okay.
While ‘self-preservation’ is my motivation;
writing rhyming poetry, is my chosen way.

Our specialist neurologist, Dr Bear said that,
“The ability to detect connections,
is found within the sparks of our creativity.
It is a compulsion, a passion and intrinsic ability”

There are unique gifts to be found in adversity,
You just have to find them for yourself, do you see?

Now that I have found Poetry it is all rhymes and verse’s to me.

Victoria Healing ~ 24.4.2018

©Write, on
writing you'll never be able to silence a woman who writes 21271192_1627376004002776_8582245903940616142_n.jpg

It has also been suggested that Lewis Carroll who penned “Alice in Wonderland” may have suffered from temporal lobe epilepsy.[19] 

The Poets Trait
“Temporal Lobe Epilepsy spares essential functions like attention, 
concentration and critical judgement, all of which are necessary to 
sustain artistry, at the same time TLE predisposes people to such 
aspects of creativity and flexibility.

The combination of these two factors, unique to this form of 
epilepsy, may even intensify the ability to see artistically and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0qX7ZsxD3Ik&feature=youtu.be
to transform that vision into art.”
~ Dr David Bear, (Seized ~ Eve LaPlante)

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