Our Angel

 Tomorrow, we lay our little girl down to rest,
 in knowing, that for her, we did our very best.
 The joy, the love, the happy moments, 
 memories sweet, to keep our hearts going. 

 The best days of our lives,
 were while Roxy was by our side. 
 The greatest love that we shared,
 in knowing that she’ll always be there.

 To live, to love, to hope,
 to see her again, will be how we cope.

 Sleep peacefully, our beautiful angel
 Roxy Healing ~ 15.2.2021  
Guardians of the mysteries

A Bitter Pill


4 thoughts on “Our Angel

  1. Our hearts are broken. Life will never be the same without her.

    We have to keep reminding ourselves that “Whenever grief tries to steal the beauty of our memories, that our Love. Never. Dies”

    Thank you for your kindness and caring Ivor.


  2. It is a time all of us animal lovers dread, but we know when we adopt them, they only have short little lives. We all loved each other, every minute of every day,. Precious memories. Thank you for your kindness and caring my darling dream Walden


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