They’re Baaack

 There was a brooding quality in the air,
 a watchfulness, despite, no-one being there.
 It happened in the early hours of morning,
 devilish eyes, demonic lips, all scorning.
 There was no getting away from it,
 or was she starting to imagine things?
 As she emerged onto the landing, 
 she saw a ‘thing’ beyond understanding. 
 A black humanoid shape began to levitate, 
 as her cold shivers, shattered into shakes.
 Darting her eyes, nervously all around,
 towards loud crashes of thudding sounds.
 Electric lights all began a flickering, 
 she’d been sure, she’d heard sniggering.
 Who was there, creeping up from behind?
 as into its shadow, she became entwined. 

 It wasn’t just the sounds, it was the feeling,
 a nameless dread, a fiendish fearing.  
 Unseen hands, tugged and pulled at her hair,
 it had all become too horrific for her to bare.
Shrieks and moans, echoed all around,
 gruesome, grim and petrifying sounds. 
 Moments later, she’d felt her bed shake,
 in panic, she’d jolted herself violently awake. 
 Had this only been a nightmare in her head? 
 or The BWGAN, coming back from the dead? 
I’m right here’ the poltergeist had said; 
 ‘You’ll find me, hiding under your bed’ 
 Victoria Healing ~ 29.10.2020

Bwgan ~ pronounced Boogan

Welsh poltergeist ghost similar to Bogeyman

It’s all part of the secret paranormal history of Neath and Port Talbot.

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