Every Witch Way

 Expect the unexpected,
 on this eve of halloween,
 It’s a once in a blue moon,
 which you'll rarely ever see. 
 Beware a knock at your door,
 according to old Welsh folklore.
 Steeped in fear and mystery,
 are these cunning folk of history.
 In the witching hours of night,
 soothsayers take flight. 
 Is it all a coincidence,
 this Welsh costume influence?
 Black shawls, black pointy hat,
 I’ve often wondered about that.
 Cursed be those who don’t believe,
 of charms to heal or evoke disease. 
Trick or treat?
 what do you believe?
 Witcher, blessings be, 
 all who invite a mage in for a cup of tea. 
Victoria Healing ~ 28.10.2020

*WITCH (Welsh ~ Gwiddonod/Gwrach)the word really meant the local healer, someone who made poultices and medicines. Many viewed witches as being the modern inheritors of old Druid wisdom. 

BlUE MOON. Oct. 31, 2020,  will be the first full moon on Halloween in 76 years.

HALLOWEEN Nos Galan Gaeaf is the time when the veil is the thinnest between the living and the dead. 

Image used for entertainment purposes.
Many witch-trials revolved around an elderly woman, and it seems that this rather idiosyncratic style of dress became associated with the stereotypical image of the 'Witch' over time.
(Museum of Witchcraft and Magic)  
Striking similarities. 
There has been much debate on the origins of the top image. The following photo is an original, taken in Aberystwyth, showing Welsh ladies drinking tea. 
(Mon Amour by Malcolm Pryce.jpeg)  

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