Stuck between an Elephant and a Possum


“I don’t even know where to begin”

elephant talk 2 dont get taken for a ride SMELL putra mas.png
“Until we consider animal life to be worthy of the consideration 
we bestow upon old books and pictures and historic 
monuments, there will always be the animal refugee living a 
precarious life on the edge of extermination, dependent for 
existence by the charity of a few human begins" ~ Gerald Durrell



“In our noisy cities we tend to forget the things our ancestors knew on a gut level: that the wilderness is alive, that its whispers are there for all to hear – and to respond to.”

― Lawrence AnthonyThe Elephant Whisperer


I’m now stuck in between researching the life of an Elephant and a Possum…

It’s making me feel sad and unhappy to think that we all must have forgotten.

Where is our human caring and kindness?

Shouldn’t we be trying to stop this mass exploitation, the cruelty and unnecessary violence?


When I look and compare all of these endangered species

The conclusion that I’ve come to; is that humanity just does as it pleases

Animals don’t have the power of speech or a loud voice,

But we humans should all be responsible in making a different choice.


Look into an innocent animal’s eyes and souls

Then you would see them pleading and hoping that ‘you should know’

What on earth are we doing to keep ‘ourselves amused?’

While these beautiful animals are consistently maltreated, tortured and abused.


Has mankind lost compassion and that gentle touch?

Our natural instinct of respect, love and kindness

I’m horrified at the exploiters who;

Have no empathy for our precious animals, what about you?

elephant ball love ball .jpg


“I have spent hours and hours watching elephants, and to come to understand what emotional creatures they are…it’s not just a species facing extinction, it’s massive individual suffering.”― Mike Bond, The Last Savannah


Then meanwhile on holidays, is it ok to get photos of us sitting on Elephants to brag and to boast?

It seems that getting social media likes is what entertains some people the most.

Then think about those poor animals and how they are treated behind the scenes?

If you haven’t looked at what happens to them; would you please?

elephant fame Calum von Moger Like This Page · July 7, 2016 · | •EŁEPHANT• |
Example: Elephant fame Calum von Moger


Here is just one news report;

I’m thinking that this is a deserving and worthy cause to be fought

There is ‘no such thing as a cruelty free ride’

Please remember that motto when you go off travelling next time.

“Most tourists sign up for experiences with elephants because they 
love wild animals. They simply don’t know about the cruelty behind 
the rides, tricks and photo opportunities. If people knew the facts,
then they wouldn’t do it” Jan Schmidt-Burbach

elephant z faithful 100 per cent.jpg

We want to change the demand from elephant riding and elephant shows toward activities that are elephant-friendly, such as observing elephants, if you can ride or have a selfie with the animal; chances are that is cruel to the animal.

– Jan Schmidt-Burbach


possum one of the basic steps to saving a threatened species is learn more about it .pngMeanwhile…

Back home and looking at our own country towns

Here and again, we are manipulating and mistreating our wildlife and eco surrounds.

Little Possums I’ve looked at them too, they are just trying to live a simple life

Either we don’t know, understand or care; they are just too easy to sacrifice.


“Many people think that conservation is just about saving fluffy 
animals – what they don’t realise is that we’re trying to prevent 
the human race from committing suicide … At the moment the human 
race is in the position of a man sawing off the tree branch he is 
sitting on” ~ Gerald Durrell 


It is filling me with sadness and remorse,

That I can’t do more for all of these beautiful creatures’ future and cause

Looking at their prospects fills me with sorrow and regret

When will these horrors stop? Shouldn’t we try to prevent or digress?


These words wouldn’t easily come

The more I studied the subject; my heart and emotions were numbed.

I haven’t been able to write for a day or two

And this is why; I appreciate and support conservation rescue wildlife parks and my local Perth Zoo.

possum western ringtail possum rapid decline valley of giants .pngVictoria Healing ~31.3.2018

Stuck between an Elephant and a Possum ~ Hey Momma


“Remember that the animals and plants have no M.P. they can write 
to; they can't perform sit-down strikes or, indeed, strikes of any 
sort; they have nobody to speak for them except us, the human beings
who share the world with them but do not own it.” Gerald Durrell


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