Calling all Possums

possums hello edna you love me possums .png

It will take courage, time and patience’ Harry Possum said

“To gather up supplies while the humans are sleeping soundly in their beds

You have to be steadfast, determined and true”

Captain Harry reminded his possum troops on what they should do.


“We’ll strike after midnight when everyone is asleep

Then we’ll go on our raids to find what treasures they might keep

Beware of the cats and dogs that are lurking around

Tiptoe very quietly be sure not to make any loud sounds”

possum hello stealing hearts .pngThe recruits then all agreed and nodded their heads

“Lead the way forward Captain Harry our families are in dire needs to be fed”

All were standing to attention at Harry’s command; there was no time to lose

They had to get food and water to sustain their families soon.

possum hello night shift .pngHarry Possum was well known in his local district for his success

Striking in the small hours of the morning, to feed his family nest.

“Come on boys, follow me” Harry Possum shouted out

on Harry’s instructions, all of his recruits dodged and darted about.


Time again to put their dangerous nightly strategy into action.

all extreme in their battle search and commando style fashion


When in the dark, silent hours of the night

the human household were all soundly asleep,

high up in the roof rafters

if you listened intensely, you could hear the pattering of tiny feet

possum hello playing possum.png

Harry Possum was making another uninvited house call

looking for some water and snacks hidden in home stores

his good buddy Peter was standing guard, on alert on the garden fence

using his x-ray nightly vision for Harrys’ protection and defence.

possum hello where have all the trees gone.pngA regular night out again, searching for titbits and supplies

to feed their young families before the dawning of yet another sunrise

they all heard a loud ‘meow’ and right before Harry, a giant monster cat had appeared

Harry Possum rushed to hide himself under the roof rafters and eaves.


Hidden out of sight, breathing heavily, crouching down on his knees

to dash back out into the backyard when the right moment he might seize.

when all was clear, he had to sprint mighty fast

another night again, gathering, had become a dangerously risky task.

possum hello surround yourself with animals and people who are kind to them .pngMeanwhile, Possum Pete had discovered some tasty peppermint leaves

now they could all return with replenishment, back to their families.

so if at twilight, you listen all around

you may hear some scuttling and movement going down,


If you think it may be a possum up in your roof or hear a rustling of a tree

think carefully before you shoot at them can you? please!

use a camera, if want to take a shot

Don’t just presume that these cute little marsupials are vermin; they are not.

possum hello we all just want to know that we matter.pngEvery critter has its own distinct personality

contributing to their role in our ecological society

these tiny ring tailed possum are, speedy and small

another endangered species, do you know them all?


There are Western Ring Tailed, Golden, Brush Tailed and Mountain Pygmy

have they all long been forgotten?

then there is Pogo, Captain and well, yes…

Goodnight Possums!

possum hello don't put possum in a cage .pngVictoria Healing ~ 8.4.2018

Possum Responsibilities ~ Hey Momma

possum hello dame edna .jpg

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