Fish Out Of Water

holiday heaven a woman cannot survive on wine alone she needs camping


This is the time of year when,  (under normal circumstances) we would be packing up our caravan for our annual winter getaway up in the Northwest of Australia.
For obvious reasons, we’re grounded, but I can still reminisce … 

A Fish Out of Water
I’ve spent hours watching everyone fish on the beach,
sitting on my deck chair, within an arms reach.
As I write poems, or read books and glance around,
waiting to hear that ‘ooooooh wow’ ‘I caught a fish’ shout.

As they race to show me their treasure,
our camera is at the ready and a tape measure.
To see so much joy on their faces,
makes me feel happy, as my heart races.

Although, I am not a woman who likes fishing,
hubby keeps nagging me and wishing.
Begging to buy me, my own fishing rod,
but I tell him bluntly, “I’d rather write a blog”

Here, I have a confession about my pic,
he’d hooked this ‘Longtom’ and said,
“Let me get a fish photo with you quick’! …

Victoria Healing ~ 8.9.2015
©Fish out of Water

me longtom exmouth Fish out of water
Image: Hubby Healing in Exmouth ~ Gardie Beach

This is a “Longtom”… the first big fish, I never caught: with the help of hubby .

at Yardie Creek, Cape Range NP WA.

September 8, 2015 at 9:20am · Exmouth, WA ·

Rhyme Universe

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