In the Land of the Burrowers

in the land of the burrowers, you must scratch where it itches

 wombat family heirs and graces.png

“Morning: Slept.
Afternoon: Slept.
Evening: Ate grass.
Night: Ate grass. Decided grass is boring.
Scratched, hard to reach itchy bits.
― Jackie FrenchDiary of a Wombat


wombat wisdom dig deep .png

Underground, overground Wombat’s are we,

Although not as common or well known as those koala’s may be!

Many don’t notice us, many don’t see,

We spend our days underground and our nights roaming free.


Living on the fringes of society we are,

When we feel down, we just roll over and look up to the stars.

We won’t be bullied or pushed around

Standing firm with our feet on solid ground.


Having poor eyesight, we can’t see so far…

But our ESP kicks in and then there are no holds barred

We should all learn from a wombat spirit

Scratch where it itches and live life…  innit…

Victoria Healing ~ 6.3.2018

In the Land of the Burrowers



You feel intimidated, bullied or pushed around. You feel caught up in a rat race. Someone has treated you badly and you want to stand up for yourself.


Whenever attacked by predators, the Wombat jumps into the nearest hole in the ground and presents its rear side to the predator. The rear cartilage prevents the predator from harming the Wombat. Can you just imagine that?


For those not familiar with the charms of our clever WOMBAT:

They can easily grow up to one metre in length and weigh up to 36k. Their sharp claws and stubby, powerful legs make them great diggers. They are nocturnal critters.

Although sadly for us all, they are now on the “Endangered List” ~

wombat  jake says light at end of tunnel.png


You SEE a WOMBAT, you have all the resources you need for the dramatic changes that are going on in your life right now, but you may have to dig for them. Strive for what you want but stay detached. Speak up for yourself.

What Animal, Bird or Insect have you seen today?



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2 thoughts on “In the Land of the Burrowers

  1. Ha, ha, yes I saw that, but thought it may be too much information.
    We are so lucky living in Australia, so many beautiful creatures (and insects oops, stay tuned for more wonderful critters and crawlies).
    I am loving the research and learning more for myself too.
    I have promised myself to write up a poem a day about them all, a lot of people don’t get to see our amazing country


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