It Takes Two

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Image: Girl Loving Life


If others are grating on your nerves,

stop and think silently about what you have really heard?

Don’t rush in like a fool to have a fight,

others perspectives can be just as right, right?


Listen carefully, not everyone’s truth is wrong.

Are you irritated from ego? or from your own experience?

Is it a ‘trigger’ flicked,? but especially, don’t become too serious.


We are all on this journey together,

albeit through sunshine and sometimes stormy weather.

Put up your boundaries, where you draw the line.

then everything should work out fine.


A careful balance of being true to yourself,

but also, respecting each other’s opinions as well.

Stand up for yourself, keeping sights high,

knowing your own strengths and weaknesses; will help to navigate by.


Although, remembering, in whatever you do,

If you stay silent, about matters that have caused you hurt,

This will cause conflict and a great war within ‘you’ first.

Accordingly, my advice would  be … ‘stay true to you’

Victoria Healing ~ 30.1.2018

It Takes Two ~ Hey Momma

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