When You Believe

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When You Believe
They are born of earth, flame and bone,
long since forgotten and sleeping alone.
They weren’t the last to walk these paths,
through other worlds, they’ve since passed.

Scrambling through the cauldrons of hell,
back to the place they are known to dwell. 
They’re messengers of balance and magic,
how we’ve forgotten them is utterly tragic. 

Adored by the Welsh, their omens of good,
seers of great wisdom, wherein they stood. 
Stand out magnificent, mammoth and mythic, 
in fighting for what is right, they are terrific. 

Their unquenchable flames of compassion,
in virtues of empathy, truth and passion. 
It was a long time coming and they knew,
that hidden in yourself is a dragon, or two.  

They light the sky with inferno of flames, 
the legends of Dragons will always remain.
With fearless hearts, wisdom and charm,
when guarded by dragons, none are harmed. 

Creators or destroyers back in their time,
friends of the shamans and gods divined.  
If you’d like to practice earth spirituality,
wake your dragon energy, then you’ll believe. 
Victoria Healing ~ 12.10.2021
/!\ Way of the Dragon /!\

Is Dragon Your Totem Animal?

The Dragon is often seen as the guardian of treasure. The treasure symbolises you. You must overcome your struggles and fears to reach your true self. Dragon is here to help you find what you are searching for. 

Dragon Symbolism & Meaning

‘If you’ve given your power away, its time to take it back’ ~ Stephen Sterner

Bear with me


bear Man's Heart away from Nature ... Becomes hard - Standing Bear

Although I’ve never met a Bear in wild life, I would love to. To me, when I see them at the Zoo, they seem so calm and relaxed, but strong and powerful, at the same time. I’m always tempted to give them a big Bear hug. I met my friend Mary Hutton, many years ago, she has made it her life long ambition to Free The Bears from harm, I am so proud of what she has achieved. The Perth Zoo has now found safe homes for some, to be protected from danger ~ Thanks to Mary

They are said to be solitary, nocturnal and have an excellent sense of smell. Bears have been hunted since prehistoric times for their fur and meat. Sadly, the last time I researched, six species of Bear had been listed as either vulnerable or endangered.

Bear has been noted for “STRENGTH and STAMINA – helping you to find balance and harmony in your life.

IF BEAR is your FAVOURITE Animal;
You are a powerful Healer, but you will need lots of time alone; for your creative spark to flourish and then you will emerge from seclusion with new ideas and projects. Winter is the best time for you to honour your need for quiet and solitude, while spring is a time to act on the opportunities before you. You are very independent and are a Survivor.
~ Animal Spirit Guides (Steven D Farmer PHD)

bear Our loyalties are to the species and the Planet - Carl Sagan — with Jennie Chick.jpg

CELTIC WISDOM: BEAR – (Gaelic – Art)
Assertive. Confident. Strong presence.

“With the Blessings of the great Bear of the starry Heavens
and the deep and fruitful Earth,
We call upon the powers of the North”

Your intuition will never fail you, if you listen to it in the darkness of the night. Marrying your strength with intuition and integrating your primal power.

The word; “Art” means “Bear” which is the origin of the name “Arthur” – The Arthurian Legend connects the very roots of Celtic and pre-Celtic past. Learning of the Bear in Druid tradition helps us to follow this association back from Arthur to the beginning of Humanity.

In TUDOR times 

Every important town had its own Bear. Bear baiting arenas were commonplace. Bears toured the country decorated with ribbons or flowers, but sadly they were often “blinded” to conserve obedience and this tradition is continued to this day by gipsies in Balkans ~ (South East Europe). Although the Bear was native to the Isles – it is now extinct there.


An equally bizarre belief was that the Bear’s “paws” were believed to conceal a substance which when licked, could nourish the Bear through the long winter months. Unfortunately, even today, in China – Bears may have their paws severed for their supposed medicinal value … or maybe, the Bear’s could be seen perhaps licking “Honey” from their paws …

The place of honour given to the bear in the Druid tradition degenerated with the coming of Christianity and was perverted into the pastime of Bear-baiting.

The need, rooted in its pagan past, for each community to have its own bear can be seen as late as the seventeenth century

At Congleton, in Cheshire the citizens decided to use the money set aside for a new bible to purchase a replacement for the town Bear which had just died. Hence the rhyme:

‘Congleton rare, Congleton rare

Sold the bible to pay for a Bear’


BEAR ~ connects you with the deepest of your ancestral roots. Here you are in touch with our Primal Mother. – The Bear Goddess “Artio” … who will defend you fiercely from all danger. You are also connected with the Bear God “Artois” – the mighty warrior Arthur, and the guiding Pole Star of the Great Bear. ~ The Druid Animal Oracle (Stephanie and Phillip Carr-Gomm)

The Universe is always communicating with us through the beauty of Nature

What bird, animal, or insect have you seen today?

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Mary Hutton ~ at Free the Bears