A Bitter Pill

It was a dreary day in September,
I was sick as a dog,  as I remember.  
My snorting, came by day and night,
something about me wasn’t quite right.

A professional diagnosis was required,
medication with steroids, transpired. 
These side effects are unkind, brutal,
but to keep on taking tablets is crucial. 

Always ravenous, endlessly thirsty, 
my hair is thinning and I’m growing curvy. 
I’ve been talking to my mom,
about “what pill is this” I’m on.

Mom is watching my every move,
each little change in my attitude.
“I’m sorry” I say “I’m too tired to talk,
don’t want to go for any more walks”

Mom looks deeply into my eyes,
“I’m sorry my darling” she cries.
“I beg your pardon, please” I said;
can I have a healthful diet instead?

Real meat, eggs, fish, veggies and rice,
and probiotic yoghurt would be nice.
When she came back from shopping,
I wagged my tail, happy eyes a popping.

In her bag she’d had; a steam vaporiser,
Hemp oil, and healthy treat appetisers.
its just a matter of resting and waiting,
for my ravenous appetite to be sated.

My vet said; I now have “Cushing’s Disease”
damaged from ‘toxic steroids’ if you please. 
Look at what those tablets have done!
I just hope, that I am the only one! 
Roxy (Tibalier) Healing _ 16.10.2020


Hush Ups


When you’re told that you have temporal lobe epilepsy,
you’re left feeling anxious about “How will this affect me”?
A plethora of research, you will have to do,
as neurologists only know about the pharmacy drugs to prescribe to you!

Our hidden dilemma is to find out about what stigma, is true.

All of the drugs don’t help the fact,
adding to your condition, and how side effects will react.
Getting a better understanding of your personality and moods,
are those the ‘traits’ of epilepsy, or are those drugs affecting you?

After spending half an hour with my neurologist the other day
all he was interested in talking about,
Was himself and how he’d been on another aeroplane.
after that conversation, he tripled my meds again,

In my consultation experiences, (and I’ve had a lot)
each time i’ve visited the doc,
He’s taken a lot of fee paying time,
bragging, about flights over the world and what riches he’s got.

Is that the perks of these jobs?
well can you tell me?
If this is this just a coincidence?
or not?

When I’ve asked about the medicinal marijuana campaign,
he’d wanted to know,  “Where are the profits and what could he gain”
Who are these Doctors answerable to? that is my quest,
Is it the pharmacy companies?
I’ll let YOU decide the rest.
Victoria Healing ~ 18.5.2017
©Hush Ups ~ Hey Momma

“No thief, however skilful, can rob one of knowledge, and that is why knowledge is the best and safest treasure to acquire” ~ L. Frank Baum