Pen Dragon

 Reading is often an optical illusion,
 causing Pen Dragon daily confusion. 
 When studying books for learning,
 his cognition is deeply concerning.

 Backwards lettering and all upside down,
makes Pen Dragon squint and frown. 
Words skipping about all over the page, 
 causes frustration, igniting his outrage.

 All jumbled up and out of order,
 giving him headaches and nausea.
 Pen Dragon can’t link words to sounds,
 it’s a nonsense, as letters shake around. 

 Printed stories, are mysteries to him,
 he’s vowed that he will ‘Never give in’
 ‘I can do it, I can do it’ he repeats; 
 ‘Letters will never be the ruin of me’ 

 And Welsh green Dragon remembers,
 his breath would singe pages to embers. 
 It was hinted that the great fire in London, 
 was what Pendragon’s ancestor had done. 

 Whatsisname had, had this the same, 
 singled out in classes, as a hot shame.
 Perhaps dyslexia, could, be an advantage, 
 like Harry Potter, aka Daniel Radcliffe. 

 Concluding that having more self esteem, 
 and lots of practice would help him read. 
 Taking small bite sized chunks to fill gaps,
 Pen Dragon paced himself, as he relaxed. 
 Victoria Healing ~ 31.1.2021 
People suffering from dyslexia are highly creative, intuitive and excel at three-dimensional problem-solving. Their visual learning style means they learn best through a creative process. When dyslexics use learning methods that fit their thinking style, they can excel.
 Many people with dyslexia are famous and highly successful as adults.
A Common Welsh Green Dragon:
According to Rowling, a Common Welsh Green Dragon may have been responsible for the Great Fire of London in 1666.,Hebridean%20Black%20was%20much%20more%20aggressive...%20More%20 
Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe spoke about his dyspraxia which affects his ability to write by hand and tie shoelaces.
This is the week of SPED (Special Education), Autism, Dyslexia, and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) awareness. For all who struggle every day to succeed in a world that does not recognise their gifts and talents, and for those who are walking beside them, please let this be a gentle reminder to be kind and accepting of ALL people and especially Dragons 





D r a g o n s fly



Awaken your inner Dragon sleeping inside,

see beyond illusions, inwards, your original light.

like a bolt of lightening, out of the blue

Air dragon guards treasures, buried deep within you.


Draig Athar is the magician of primal forces

recognise your ability to ‘see’ future discourses

Air dragon stirs up psyche and intellect

i urge you to treat him with great care and respect.


Sudden flashes of illumination,

new insights, thundering imagination.

conveyor of numinous power,

Welsh Air Dragon

comes calling, when feelings are gloomy or dour.


Are you locked into a habit, idea or belief?

discover inner spiritual concepts

which may need to be debriefed


Flight paths of dragons, represent ley lines, birth

sixty million years ago

since dinosaurs and those first humans on earth.

dragon Artist Catherine Langwagen EARTH
Dragon Artist ~ Catherine Langwagen


Victoria S Healing ~ 15.11.2018

Hidden treasure ~ Celtic Otherworld.

(Our forgotten heritage)


Celtic Tradition.

AIR DRAGON ~ Draig-Athar

Inspiration. Insight. Vitality.

Within the Druid tradition, the flying dragon is a creature of the sky God – coming from the constellation Draco, which turns about the pole star.

Druid Animal Oracle ~ Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm.

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