Braving the Storm?


Happy National Pets Day  

Braving the storm?

Last night was ruff, for our paw baby ‘Gypsy’ who was on ‘high’ alert, after sensing tropical cyclone Seroja. was ‘Heading’ her way. Luckily the storm pawsed by without incident.

The pupparazi took this photo, it was the leashed they could do…

Dog Senses…/

Tropical Cyclone Seroja…/tropical-cyclone…/100060654

Same, but Different

“Don’t bother” Zoonie mutters,
‘I don’t want a new sister or brother’
I’m so lost and confused,
I need my best friend’ she continues.

Feeling my heart pull and pinch, 
because she doesn’t respond or flinch.
Everything was different and she knew,
a huge void in our lives was the clue.

She’d ignored her new purple friend,
as he followed every where she went.
Trudging each room, no place to just be,
she looks forlorn and pitifully at me.

Tail limply tucked down under,
you can see her sigh and wonder. 
Eyebrows tightly scrunched into frown, 
still searching and looking around.

Her new mate patiently waits and stares,
but you can see Zoonie doesn’t care.
Her childlike sense of wonder and awe,
is lost, she’s different than before. 

The same comfy sofa and fluffy bed,
but still, she mournfully droops her head.
The day that she lost her darling sister, 
nothing in the world comforts or assists her.

Her new purple unicorn is bigger than she,
I hope that they make friends eventually. 
Victoria Healing ~ 6.4.2021.
The Same, but Different

Image: Zoonie with wanna be friend Cornelius, the Purple Unicorn.


It’s been a long six weeks since we lost our darling Roxy.

Roxy was more a mother than sister to Zoonie. It breaks my heart to see the sadness and confusion in Zoonie’s eyes. She is grieving for her soulmate. How do you explain to your dog that her best friend will never be coming back?

Heart Broken

Our grief comes in waves, as we recall our happiest days.

 Zoonie wants to express our heartfelt thanks on behalf of her sister Roxy, for the sympathy you have shown towards our family during our time of loss.

 Roxy fell asleep at home, in the arms of her loved ones.

 Life will never be the same without Roxy.

 Our hearts are broken. 

 We have to remember to remind ourselves that 

 “Whenever grief tries to steal the beauty of our memories, that our Love. Never. Dies”

 We are deeply grateful to you all. 
 With our love and appreciation
 Thank you
 Our beautiful Gypsy Princess

 Roxy Healing 
 26.12.2008 ~ 16.2.2021 
 Forever in our hearts 

 A Bitter Pill

 Thank you Dr Andrea: Mobile Vet Visits And Lisa at Passing Paws Pet Cremations  


There were a lot of comings and goings,
backwards, forwards too-ings and fro-ings.
As the station wagon was stocked and packed,
luggage being stuffed and stacked in the back. 

Taken hostage and secured in the rear seat,
stolen for ransom, as they handed me treats.
Driving miles, along roads and dusty tracks,
I worried, if I would know my way back?

My world was instantly, entirely rearranged,
I remember thinking that ‘This is so strange’
“Where are they taking me on this ride”
as my tummy was feeling all wobbly inside. 

Scanning the peculiar scenery and vista,
as my sniffs to the air, smelt much crisper.
Where will I sleep? when will I be fed?
worrying thoughts, spiralled in my head. 

Into the dreams of sleepy lands otherwhere,
head down, bum up, I surrendered my cares.
“We’re here” I heard the humans shout,
we’ve reached our stop, let’s all get out.  

Seized and trapped into a small house,
I pondered the unfamiliar and odd layout. 
There I was, in freestanding, metal box,
they called it a caravan; my home, it was not. 

Captive and restrained with a long lead,
sitting warily on the suspicious fluffy seat. 
There was no noise, or people in sight,
was this where I’d spend the rest of my life?

Silent beaches surrounded by blue water,
was this what my humans had sought after?
This was my first road trip, to be fair,
I’ll always follow my family anywhere. 

As chief protector and guardian of my family, 
I take on this responsibility happily and gladly.
It’s not where you walk, its who you walk with,
that was another day, I’m glad that I did. 
Charlie (Am Staff) Healing ~ 12.10.2020
Charlie’s first road trip
Carnarvon ~ Quobba Camp    

Looking for a Friend


I’m a ‘love to love you’ kind of chap,
with smiley face who loves couch naps. 
I have a kind and gentle heart,
I’m confident, outgoing, jolly and smart.

I’m a bundle of muscle, beefy and strong,
don’t judge my looks, you’ll get me wrong.  
I’m charming, with a larrikin attitude,
a cheerful, tolerant and playful dude.

I’m not a ‘Hop to it’ kind of chap,
when you call, I shan’t always come back.
Yes, I can be impulsive and obstinate,
but a fierce, ferocious brute, I am not.

You won’t hold on to me, if I want to run,
playing chasey with you, is much more fun.
I’m a little clumsy, I’ve heard some say,
but I’ll apologise with kisses right away.

I am Charlie, an American Staffy pup,
please give me a chance to look me up.
I’ll share my fluffy toys and tugs of war, 
play ‘Catch me if you can’ chases and more. 

How beautiful the world could be, 
if only, you'd just be, a friend to me.
Victoria Healing ~ 11.10.2020 
This letter has been sent to you from, our new furry baby Charlie.
Charlie has fallen in love with Nanny Zoonie, who refuses to play with him

The American Staffordshire terrier, sometimes called the “Am Staff,” is a medium-large dog with a muscular build and square head. Though known for its courage and high energy level, the American Staffordshire also has an affectionate and loyal disposition. Contrary to its tough appearance, the Stafford is a gentle dog breed.

Once they become familiarised with people, this dog will be loving and caring. It is good around children as well, despite the reputation.

Our Girls

Dogs girls staring no words11427797_782525705195003_7079012271554791484_n

Our Girls

We have two furry girls named *Roxy* and *Zoonie*
one is a Princess and the other a little Loopy.
They greet us each day, with a wag of their tails,
Making our lives happy with their bright and soul full eyes

They are both so special, you see,
because sometimes I think,
that they can talk right back to me!

They exude the purest love in all that they do,
and when anyone meets them ~
they are charmed by them too!

Besides their cute and pretty looks;
they are the kind of furry friends,
you’d want to read about in books …
Victoria Healing ~ 6.7.2015

Our Girls

dogs roxy of course i talk to my dog, sometimes I need good advice.jpg


dogs attitude is a terrible thing to waste.jpg


Dogs roxy with red hat on966935_395592740554970_844984645_o

Dogs happiness is sand on my nose beach under my paws .jpg