Seeing the Beauty in Creation

Image: Imagenes Steampunk.  My take, on the ‘modern’ Empress. For entertainment purposes. 

Guide my feet on my path, as I honour the old Wisdom’

Morgan Daimler

This is a dedication to Pamela Colman-Smith, the artist who illustrated the first Rider-Waite-Smith tarot card deck. Read ‘Good Heavens’ on this blog


There are no coincidences. There IS an order in the universe and here is a key that can put your world into logical perspectives. Numbers are also synthesised with Tarot keys, planets and signs and decals of the zodiac.


Pamela Colman-Smith


In numerology  Pamela’s birth path represents: ’33’ ~ The Spiritual Avatar.


‘The Spiritual Avatar’ is considered to be a love vibration raised to the highest level “Compassion’


33’ as a number is the versatile, creative, resourceful and imaginative. Although it may require self sacrifice and sometimes martyrdom. Otherwise known as the ‘Teacher of Teachers’ It is the number of the reformer with a strong desire to make the world a better place in which to live. 

Although, there are risks in living up to such a high vibration. In the negative ’33’ can be emotionally unstable and will sacrifice themselves for any cause. The danger is, becoming a doormat for others.


Pamela was born on 16.2.1878 under the star sign of Pisces.

The Original Tarot Card as illustrated by Pamela (Pious Pixie)


I think that the tarot card, that relates mostly to the spirit of Pamela would be: 


Pamela was a self confessed lover and creatrix of beautiful things.

(Key 3) The EMPRESS  card symbolises the sub conscious mind.

It is a reference to that memory which produces growth through the imagination. The Empress card shows that the way forward, is to develop and put to use your own creativity. Your own ability to make things grow. ~ Step by Step Tarot. Terry Donaldson.

The EMPRESS ruled over Pamela’s own personal creativity. It is directly related to the emotions in which this creative potential is rooted. Without our ability to see, feel and to experience the different emotions of love, pain, fulfilment and rejection, we would all be dead as doornails, at least as far as the EMPRESS is concerned.

The real challenge is to learn to accept all of our feelings.


Look closely at the card. The trees, dress and wheat symbolise the ripening that takes place in the intuitive mind. The stream is the life stream, the stream of consciousness. The twelve stars on her crown are the twelve zodiac signs or the twelve months. thus representing time itself. In the same vein it takes time to bring our desires into manifestations.

We live in a society in which the EMPRESS is heavily repressed.


I believe that this reading sums her up to a ’T’

Image: The Empress. Montage Portrait of Pamela Colman Smith against her Tarot Trump III card “The Empress” as illustrated by Linda Ruiz Lozito 

References and further reading:

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The Empress, Tarot Artist: Linda Ruiz Lozito

Life of Pamela Colman-Smith

Send in the Butterflies

Learning to Fly ~ Art by  Iluka Art & Design [-o-]


A purple butterfly emerges from her cocoon. The meeting places in her wings symbolise Family, carers, health workers & Community.

Artwork done for Art for Epilepsy Auction 2018. With all proceeds going to the Australian Epilepsy Foundation. 

This is one of my memory lane moments… sighs loudly…

How beautiful and kind of  Iluka Art & Design [-o-]  to  donate this stunning Purple Butterfly to Art for Epilepsy  at an Auction in 2018. Where all proceeds went to Epilepsy Action Australia 

When I see such generosity, I often wonder, 

how much was raised and how their donation helped? 

This has reminded me of my favourite Welsh saying:

‘Anfonwch y gloynnod byw’

Send in the Butterflies

Artist: Denise Garbis

Bear Man



“As in the star system of ‘The Great Bear”?

“Yes, that’s right”

Associated with primal power and insight,

one of the brightest stars in the night skies.


Ursa Major of the Northern Polaris connects you, 

with the deepest affinity of your ancestral roots.

Mythology is filled with ancient tales,

the process of exploration, as changes prevailed.


Devoid of electronic systems in bygone times,

Druids were guided by stars; as planets aligned.

Living life for them was very different,

they appreciated the natural world as significant.


Viewed in reality from another perspective,

using symbolism to meet  potential objectives.

Ancients tell of the guiding ‘Light of King Arthur’

“Art” as Bear Man, God Artorius and mighty Warrior.


Primal shamanism was used in ancient times,

as their only navigation, sphere and guide.

Shining his ‘Bear light’ in dark of Winter season;

united this star with influence of animal; for a reason.

Victoria Healing ~ 30.5.2020

©Bear Man ~ King Arthur

king arthur knights Fantasy Character Art for your DND Campaigns

BEAR: Art.
Primal Power. Sovereignty. Intuition married with Instinct.

“To understand the full significance of King Arthur, we need to understand the origin of his name”  ~ (Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gom)

Significance. Art: Welsh for Bear
Midwinter. The time of Alban Arthurian/The light of Arthur.
Constellation of the Plow also known as The Great Bear or Arthur’s Plow.
Pantheon: Artōrius would regularly become Art(h)ur when borrowed into Welsh.[17]



Ursa Major (also known as the Great Bear) is a constellation in the northern sky,

Rhyme Universe


Image: becca-_r6w0R6SueQ-unsplash