“open your presence”

Rememberingback to days of old
when I was very young, a naïve little soul

At the time when Santa was due
i’d stare out of my bedroom window
looking up to the stars ~ for a better view

Just to catch a glimpse of his sled or his cart
i always thought i would see him there
a jolly big red happy man ~
with his Reindeer’s for Guards.

Little did i know then, he was just a myth
my parents were the real Santa and Elves bearing gifts!

As i reminisce back to my favourite pressie
a big baby doll ~ who was “cute and quite heavy.

i’d had her for years and treasured her so
she was like my own special best friend
don’t you know?

Many long “lonely” days playing in our concrete back yard
because my parents were busy
working so hard!

I think that was when i understood
life on my own was “okay” ~
i enjoyed my time on my own all day.

I had a furry friend whose name was Tracey
A cute boxer dog ~ i’d dress up as a baby ~

ever so pretty, cute and lacy!

I’d push her around in my little dolls pram
we were all best friends and we’d sit and we sang!
my imagination back then
was the play grounds of the my land

Spent many happy years playing with them,
what more could I want?

But …

Then horror of horrors, misfortune had struck

My baby doll lost her eye, she’d given me such a
funny look!

Her eye ball having fallen right into the back of her head
i was heartbroken ~ thinking  that she was dead.

Mortified i was ~ and my parents knew
that she was my best friend and that
i was feeling so desolate and blue …
this damage couldn’t be fixed with a little glob of glue.

Fortunately for me, they found a hospital for toys

yay, that day, I felt so much joy.

That doll was the most special friend you could ever have
apart from my Mom …
she gave me so much comfort, hugs and lots of love.

Now I’ve grown older ~ astonished at me!
because i’ve also lost the “sight” in my right eye too
would you believe?

Although my eye can never be fixed?
there’s no dolls hospital
which could flick on my eye, switch.

Looking back now, to what fate had handed to me
was that a glimpse to the future and what it might be?

However, I don’t feel sadness or any concern
because my other senses kicked in
to help me to adjust and then learn.

Victoria Healing ~ 20.12.2015
Gifts ~ Hey Momma


baby with bauble

Christmas “Cares”



So Today …

We packed up the car

With all the good stuff we don’t use…


Found out the address

Of the Local



Drove to their SECRET House

Dropped off a big load

Hubby and I felt really good

To see we could perhaps help


Unfortunate, distressed and

Anxious … needy souls!


A young Girl was HIDDEN behind giant bolted gates …

Felt so sorry that she had to flee her home

Due to a

“Bad man’s” evil ANGER and violent, abusive mistakes!


So hoping that all those Families

Will have a HAPPY Christmas to remember

And that they know

That the local Community will send more HOPE

To their caring Centre!




We feel better now that we have done a little bit

And from the TRUE SPIRIT of Christmas GIVING

We were able to give help and share some assorted gifts!


“PAYING IT FORWARD” is the way I like the best

Doesn’t cost a bank roll…


“Kindness and sharing”

“COSTS NOTHING” more or less.


“MONEY ” and control

Is the issue for many whom I have “known”


Working to provide their family

With so much stuff

Because of advertising media and

Peer pressure “sown” …


Well ..


christmas tree in the eyes of children all 30 ft tall.jpg


We’ll be looking forward to enjoying our



Focussing on the LOVE

“Spending” precious, special moments

And sharing our grandchildren’s JOY


And that TO ME

Is the reason

For us at this Festive Time!


To celebrate and honour our Loved one’s

Sharing a home cooked family meal


Maybe a glass or two

Of Red or White Wine


fisheries bay sa



Forgetting about the buying


We’ve been staying away from the RETAIL malls

And biding our time …

We’re not visiting any stores!


So today …

This started our real “Christmas”

And just how we want it “to be”

Remembering the true significance of the Nativity.



Now we feel prepared

For the Christmas Season…


Sharing the “Spirit of Giving”

And the reason for the “MEANING” …


fun on salt lake gawler ranges wilderness safaris smaller people


It’s very well known that at this time of year

So many families are STRESSED and worried

To provide so much Christmas stuff and Cheer!


Looking back on my Christmases of “old”




Spending time with my LOVED ONES


More precious



Victoria Healing ~ 19.12.2015

“Hey Momma”

ho ho ho deepak belani



Santa To The Rescue





The newspaper HEADLINE said …


To lifT the flagging “economy”

And get the retailers fed!!!


But what ever happened

To empathy and kindness



LIBERATING those underprivileged children

In far off lands

Desolate and barely living!



Refugees are knocking on our doors …

Do we turn our backs and ignore their

Plight, predicament and cause.


Or to our Children


Who are suffering at home!

Heartbroken from domestic abuse and violence


Undergoing sadness and pain


After being forced

From their family home

To roam…


So many worthy causes to choose from …


Children with Cancer

Not sure if they’ll live till next year

The Variety Club and Camp Quality

Supporting this needy cause!


I pick out “one” charity and support their dilemma

Then I feel content when Christmas Eve comes

Knowing that I have been able to help some “one” …


Wasn’t Christmas all about COMMUNITY and FAMILY?

Helping the needy ones

Who are living life

So sadly …


In Celebration of the special Birth

When Jesus Christ

Was born upon this Earth?

Well then I ask myself …


How did this Holy time turn into a frenzy of buying?


CREDIT cards maxed out and due to expire …

No more money in the bank

Interest rates growing higher!


Come New Year’s Day ~ sitting in fear?

Worrying about those payments

Now we have huge money debts to clear …


Is this what we should do to acknowledge

The “One” born in a Manger

Wasn’t He the one who became an

“Example” to live by and our “SAVIOUR”?


Doesn’t matter what Religion you are

Respecting each other’s cultures

Is the best moral value to me, by far …



So …



Where did we forget what this special time is about?

Was this because of “peer pressure”?

“Media and retail … bullying louts …


Go out and “buy this and this and this and that”

Coz Santa is on his Way …

Wearing his white furry beard and that big red pointy hat?


An “idol” associated with lots of spending,

Money and debts and payments never ending!


Shopping like crazy

Buying presents galore

Shoving and jostling

At the MONEY MAKING retail doors?


But …


What about Uncle “SAINT NICK”

The genuine and REAL EXAMPLE to us all

Gave the needy and disadvantaged

Secrets gifts

To enchant and enthral …



My Christmas WISH is all about




Who are REALLY doing it tough!


Sitting together with our Loved ones

On Christmas Day


Knowing in our “Hearts”

We’ve helped the deprived and needy


In our own




Way …

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Victoria Healing ~ 15.12.2015

“Hey Momma”