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‘Hey Momma’

Because someone I love is in Heaven…

Hey Momma, is dedicated in memory of my Beautiful Angel Mom ~

Marjorie Howells. She was born in Port Talbot, Wales ~ 22.2.1940. The most gorgeous Lady you could ever have the privilege to have known.

This photo was taken on our last holiday together in Bali 2007, she passed away unexpectedly the following year … as you can see she was the

“light of my life” … (and still is)


These “Hey Momma” blogs are my unedited, raw, kind of “thoughts journal” written as  conversations that I would usually have had with my Mom on a daily basis.

I still “feel her presence” and in “her memory” I have begun to write my thoughts here, as poems. Musing and journaling about random current events which stir my emotions. Happy, sad, frustrations, challenges, life, love, travelling and funny moments.

My Mom taught me so much in life. She was my buddy and mentor and she would always know when the “worries of the world” were weighing heavily on my shoulders ~ just by a look or sometimes even from a distance and she would always show me how to “lighten up”

My hope is that these poems will be shared as family memories, addressed to our future generations and that they will know who their ancestors were and that my dear Mom will never be forgotten with the passing of time.

love to you my dear Mom xxx


…and I’ve invited someone else here as well, having been blessed with my dear daughter Louise’s love, patience and presence in my life. Who has given me strength and courage to cope with these harsh realities of death and the processing of grief.

Just Saying” is a term of endearment that Lou has always used: when passionate about a topic. Thank you my darling Louise, for being my best friend, strong arm, mentor and angelic guide. 

After, Life

About Justsayins at “Hey Momma”  

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9 thoughts on “About: Just Sayins

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  2. hey just emailed Miriam from “Out and About” as this post triggered de ve ju … she also lost her Mom who was her closest friend and mentor and her and hubby do loads of 4WD camping!

    Bet she is reading from afar 🙂

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    1. Thanks to Kate (above) I’m reading your post and totally resonating. What a beautiful post in honour of your mum (lived the Enya music too). I lost my mum nearly three years ago after brain surgery went terribly wrong. For over a year I watched her deteriorate from a vibrant independent woman and it was one of the hardest years of my life. It was during that time I started writing on my blog, reading to her and realising that my writing suddenly had a new purpose. Most of my travel musings these days come with a deeper message and it sounds like yours is the same. I look forward to reading more of your posts.,

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      1. Wow, I can hardly believe what I am reading Miriam. Eureka’s! both to you and Kate, you have both made my day, knowing that we are so like minded.
        Although, I am so sorry for your loss Miriam and cannot begin to imagine how difficult those last years spent with your Mom would have been.
        Fortunately, or unfortunately, for me, my Mom passed away suddenly and sadly we had no time to say goodbye or prepare ourselves.
        I attended Grief Counselling and did all of those things that the experts recommend, but also like you, I could only find solace in those moments when I am (talking with Mom) as I write letters to her each morning. This was when my chats evolved into rhyming verse, quite naturally but also so surprisingly for me. 😀 I had always hoped that if I published my “letters” out there, then perhaps my messages could help just “one” other person to cope when they were experiencing the traumatic loss of someone special from their life.

        Yes, high fives to you, definitely, this was my biggest turning point in life too and also why, I now always look for the “extra in the ordinary” as we travel these beautiful lands of Oz.

        Bravo and huge hugs to Kate for making our connection. How comforting it is, to know that there is someone out there who is just like me. I look forwards to joining with you on your adventures around Australia Miriam and who knows perhaps one day we may meet each other here or perhaps over there on our travels.

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      2. “The extra in the ordinary” wow, that’s exactly my motto too and how I go about each day, turning those ordinary moments into extraordinary ones. Sounds as though we have so much in common and I’m so very glad that we’ve connected here, thanks to lovely Kate.
        Keep writing what you’re writing as obviously it’s a great comfort to you. I’ll look forward to joining you on your journey too, how wonderful that we’re like minded travellers! Wouldn’t it be great if we met one day. In the meantime I look forward to getting to know you here Victoria (is that your name?) Warmest wishes, hugs and have a great weekend (I’m off camping again!) 😊

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  3. Thank you Miriam, yes, after ten years, I feel more accepting of our saddest loss, I find that I have written my way through those darkest years of my life. (you understand) I am now in a lighter, brighter happier head space. Thanks to my morning journaling.

    Yes it would be wonderful to meet up one day. We are planning a big lap of Oz, within the next few years. Or, then, perhaps when you are following our travels in WA, you may be tempted to visit our side of the world? 😀

    Thank you for visiting and taking the time to read my musings and for stopping by to chat.


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