“Inky” Spells Brave

Acts of Bravery

Not in the News


As well as stunning white-sand beaches, characterised by unique dune domes and a colourful Aboriginal history, you could almost imagine Fraser Island was paradise…

But, you’d be wrong.

There is a dark side.


It’s Criminals

This Island is home to wild and aggressive packs of Queensland Parks and Wildlife rangers, who exploit and kill all native life.


History of the Coups

Murdering Dingoes is common place.

The colonials determine to destroy them all.

Vale Brave Inky. 


Inky Spells Brave Warrior
Inky was, a high spirited teenage boy,
having fun and games, was his joyful ploy.
Aunty Mally was his Mom and best friend,
on his companionship; Elder Aunty could depend. 

A ‘mystery’ child, accused Inky of an attack,
some playful scratches; did tormenters get back. 
A ‘Death Penalty’ was issued for Inky’s death,
the ferocious executioner ‘Ross’ sent a request.

The hunters knew Inky would be easy to track,
his ear deformed, when butchered with blue tag.
I wouldn’t want to mention ‘pointing the bone’
but chief ranger 'Ross Belcher’ ancestry is known. 

Inky’s ‘Murder Warrant’; was sent to hunters on track,
Have fun and games, “Go full combat, into attack”. 
Inky was terrified, he didn’t know what he’d done,
a young Dingo victimised by another colonial’s son. 

Trappers enjoyed the thrills of merciless hunt,
Inky, suffered a bullet wound to his neck, I’ll be blunt. 
His friends pleaded with doggers to ‘Please stop’ 
that ‘Inky was a good boy, he shouldn’t be shot’ 

It took 22 sadistic rangers in chase and pursuit, 
what could Inky tell those murderous doggers?
like all of our innocent animals, he was mute.

This typical human juvenile boy behaviour,
most young Dingo males like to play with yer.
His brothers Winky and Byron, weren’t chased,
both were shot at first sight, as is the usual case. 

Aunty Malley begged for her precious boys back,
but the heartless authorities even refused that!
Inky, Byron and Winky were bunged on a tip,
because of some tall story from an ‘anonymous’ kid.

Please remember Inky and how his life was cut short,
your tourist dollars are the only concern at this resort. 
Victoria Healing ~ 23.11.2022
Inky Spells Brave Warrior 

Rest peacefully our dear Brave Warrior 
We will never forget 

‘The relentless hunt for Inky came to an end in the early hours of the morning on 22nd November 2012  when he was finally trapped and destroyed. It required 22 rangers and two mainland trappers to bring an end to Inky’s short life, but his legacy lives on’ ~ Zac Forster

“It is like losing one of my family.” said aunty Mally



The Legacy of ‘Inky’ and his friend John Marsh



Tears of despair



Abuse of indigenous cultural heritage



It’s Criminals



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E-mail: ross.belcher@nprsr.qld.gov.au

 Ross Belcher linked in




Vale Brave Inky, Byron and Winky. 

*Vale” means goodbye, farewell, adieu.

It’s two syllables, too – “va-leh” is the Aboriginal way of signifying that someone’s died.

To valedict is to bid farewell.


If, like me you have been touched by Inky’s heartbreaking story, You can help to conserve and protect the K’gari (Fraser Island) dingoes, by sharing a meaningful gift and message from https://savefraserislanddingoes.com/… this Christmas.
All monies raised go directly towards promoting and protecting the Fraser Island Dingoes.
With heartfelt gratitude

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