Echo Sounds

Image: Anne Stokes ~ The Water Elemental Wizard who is a Merman

*Insert water music*

Hear and there, 
in ebb and flow of ocean waves,
whisper connections; contemplate.
Cosmic convergence, musical stares, 
sonar resonates, as motion shares. 

Murmurs channel, in turbulent flow, 
whirlpools form, of depths in zone.
God of Mermen, breath of the seas,
commands tide, wherever he please. 

Trident, Wizard wand, or sea spear,
brace for a storm, whenever you hear. 
A touch of Atlantis, a crystal torch light,
perpetual momentum in circling sight. 

King of Earth, Air, Ocean and Fire,
‘Poseidon; tell us, what you desire’
'Primal culture of Atlantean texts, 
repeating history, we would regret. 

‘None are just, black, yellow or white, 
none are ever wrong, or always right.
A multi-verse of wisdom inside and out;
like musical chairs, never shout about. 

We each have a place in tides of change,
let kindness and sharing play in the game'   
Victoria Healing ~ 8.4.2022

Musical Chairs

Set chairs in a circle, one fewer than the number of people in the game and then play music as they all walk around the circle. Every time the music stops, all must try to sit on a chair. This game teaches how to resolve arguments peacefully, deal with disappointment and practice patience. Settle conflicts peacefully by using your words to work out arguments about whose chair is whose or who got there “first.”


Sacred texts tell us of antediluvian civilisations of Atlantis

Ancient Aliens Documentaries.

Image: Anne Stokes

Today we have the Water Elemental Wizard who is a merman, the male equivalent of a mermaid. Here he uses his magic to channel the power of water and create a vortex in the sea.


Detecting and determining the distance and direction of underwater objects by acoustic means.

The first recorded use of the technique was by Leonardo da Vinci in 1490 

Sonar Sound Effects

‘Waves are the voices of tides. Tides are life. They bring new food for shore creatures and take ships out to sea. They are the ocean’s pulse and our own heartbeat.“ —  Tamora Pierce

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