Attention April

Image: Harley Quinn

Find those hidden keys, in the abandoned prison of your mind



‘If you see me talking to myself,

I’m having a staff meeting’


‘Own who you are and what you want for yourself. Own your passions. Your thoughts. Own your own fire. Own saying no. Own saying yes. Own your moods, your feelings. Own your plans, your path, your success.’~ Bianca Sparacino


In Numerology the month of April represents:

Four ~ Build a solid foundation.  The need to define and order things.



Imagine walking into a restaurant and expecting the Waiter, to know exactly what you wanted to eat, without you even asking. What kind of a meal would he bring? It would be a side order of pot luck. It’s the same in life, you must decide what you want, so you will be happy with what you get. Ask yourself life changing questions. Think through the details, with a critical eye.



Get excited about your goals. and make a plan to go after them.

Have a vision for yourself, your life, your relationships and refuse to settle for anything less. Remind yourself you are doing a great job.  Be patient and remember that big things aren’t achieved overnight, but one day at a time. Self discipline is the biggest form of self love.

‘You’re not going to master the rest of your life, in one day. Just relax, master the day. Then keep doing that every day’ ~ Unknown



Things fall apart if you don’t look after them. Be aware of your abilities and trust your knowledge and experience. This month you will probably be happier dealing with practical things. Your strengths will lie with the material and functional. Minimise distractions, remain calm, even if everything is in chaos. Build for lasting benefit. The number ‘Four’ adds up to a big serving of stability in all associations.


Your Mantra for April should be:

No-one sees it like me’



Take a deep breath.

Relax your shoulders

Unclench your jaw.

Call your own energy back.


In April, 2022 we also have the influence of the Universal month of One:

The number of new beginnings.  Original. Independent. Unique. Innovative.



With the depth of vision and breadth of understanding, of the ‘Four and the originality of the ‘One’ there is a combination of inventive genius.

‘One’ is the pusher, supplying the diverse ideas which fall upon seasoned wise ears. Together these numbers bring courage and wisdom that will go far towards success.


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