Image: Kayip Masal
Deep, swift, groaning grumbles, 
pounding in ‘head splitting’ bubble. 
Static. Buzzing drones, midst air,
ominous flash of lightening, flares.

Throbbing twinges in her bones,
the drum of darkness, feels cold.
No creature born of blood and flesh, 
escapes the wrath, of shocking net. 

Flickering sun, clashes with clouds. 
in a tsunami, of echoing sounds.
Summoned from their hidden lairs,
‘Those’ who are entrusted to its care. 

Hearing the wind chimes jangle, 
rain catchers, are tilted, at angle. 
Lounging around in shaded porches,
transfixed, to the vexing of light torches. 

Sipping on tea of chamomile flowers,
lemon, fruity, sweet and apple sour.
Listening ears, breathe in the wind,
weathered eye, in vigil. So it begins. 

Lips now puckered into whistles,
celebrating, intense electric bristles. 
Gather round the ‘Storm Witches’
Now. Before the thunderbolt blitzes. 

Inhaling the future, exhaling the past, 
emotive spells of storm’s furore. Be cast.
Victoria Healing ~ 10.3.2022
Storm Witches


‘Storms are the poetry of the earth.

The intensity,

the emotion,

the honesty,

the music.

The language of darkness and light’ ~ Victoria Erickson


I’m glad I brought my umbrella


Image: Grimvale


The Storm Witch

The name “Storm Witch” is derived from medieval lore,

Tempestarii were weather- making magicians who possessed the power to raise or prevent storms at will. ~ Wiki 

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