Magickal March

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Oh, oh, oh, its

Magickal March


I love the smell of coffee and witchcraft in the morning

In Numerology

March represents:

The epic power of number three

Meaning: Creative. Self expression. Growth. Imaginative. Optimistic.


Rely on yourself to make YOU happy

Somewhere deep down, you remember yourself as the bringer of magic.

Listen to your dreams, for they can bring messages and alert you to potential opportunities. It will be important to focus on your self care this month. Break up your daily routines and do something new. Take on challenges and obstacles with enthusiasm.

Three represents a beginning, a middle and an end. The magical charms of the three are often used in fairy tales. Three doors, three riddles or three wishes.


How to create your own Magickal Spells

Search for ideas that resonate with your sense of spirit. Find something which symbolises your creative art or craft. Set the items on your altar and rub a little lavender oil on it. Sprinkle a handful of lavender blossoms over it while you repeat the following words aloud:    

‘Muse of art,

Muse of sound.

Muse of thought,

Gather ‘round.

I ask for power,

For shining light.


In this rite’

~ (Witch unknown, but appreciated)


Your March mantra is:

‘That inner voice deep inside that speaks to you, listen to it’


During March  (2022)

You’ll be feeling the influence of the Universal month of ‘Nine ~ This number wants to promote improvement from all it has learned. It is the number of contemplation and completion, in preparation for the next new nine month cycle.

Fun and adventure is the key, although this may seem superficial, you will be feeling that anything is possible. Then, when the partying is over, you will know whether there is anything deeper. Either way, it should be memorable. Consciously and unapologetically recognise and discard things from the past that no longer fit.


“Mistakes are only mistakes if you keep on repeating them.”Doe Zantamata, Karma

Magickal Banishing spells for Letting Go


Silently call all of your power back.


Release all unwanted attachments.


Remember who and what you are.


‘Of all that ever held me back,

I now let go, I now relax.

I am fearless, I am free.

As I will, so mote it be’




march witch trials in salem began on march 1 1692


Witchy Tips

Keep your friends close and your enemies in your cauldron 


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