2022 is the Year of The Lovers

Image: Claire Roige Photography

In Numerology the Tarot Card representing the year 2022 is:

‘The Lovers’

Key 6:

The Message: Love Relationships. Partnerships. Family. Co-operation.


What could make you feel more connected and loved by your partner? 


‘Partnership is giving, taking, learning, teaching, offering the greatest possible benefit while doing the least possible harm.’― Octavia E. Butler,

The Lovers are an obvious reference to partnership and marriage. encompassing all pairs of opposites: Male and female. It is the self, independence and unity.

But it is not just about physical relationships but about the inner synthesis, between opposites, that has to occur before it happens with another being.

Balanced relationships or enlightened ones, come when first we love ourselves and act, at all times, as integrated and whole beings, for it is by acquiring perfect equilibrium and inner unity, that we can truly merge with another with integrity and equality.



While every relationship is unique, it takes dedication, work, and love to make it work. Sure, there will be ups and downs but working through problems together is what makes relationships stronger.

This year, there will be an urge to create a peaceful, loving and comfortable environment, surrounded by family and friends. Domestic life will be your highest priority.

The Lovers can be a powerful card that helps you get clear about your own values and find harmony within yourself. Don’t settle for relationships that won’t let you be yourself


‘Love me for all that I am. There is no need to fix me. No need to think there is something wrong with me. Never make me feel that I am alone’ —r. m. drake

This Explains It All 

The connections between numerology, astrology and the Tarot have been tested through years of research and application.

~ Numerology and the Divine Triangle. Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker


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