Soldier of Light

Image: In Underworld

“What you see and what you hear depends a great deal on where you are standing. It also depends on what sort of person you are.” ~ Lewis Carroll

heard ‘The Voice’ calling out her name,
most thought, ‘that’ was crazy or insane.
Wait! ‘Was the speaker, inside or out?’
that definitive, communion shout. 

What if?
‘She’ was like Harriet Tubman or Alice,
would she still have taken that challenge?
Alice, trained in questioning of the hare,
and Harriet guiding her people, to be fair.

‘She’d’ known what had to be done,
that she was to be the chosen one.
A pretty, androgynous sort of chick,
what she did, was groovy and hip.

‘Her’ habit of wearing men’s clothes,
a mortal sin, back then, I suppose.
‘Her’ hairstyle neither feminine or girly,
a neat bob, instead of long and curly. 

‘She’ who was courageous and true,
not giving a flick about others views.  
‘She' walked a faithful, trusted path,
how inspirational and visionary is that?

‘She’ hadn’t been disturbed or afraid,
believing she had to give, what she gave.
‘She’ a crusader and a soldier of light, 
a messenger, motivating and bright,

Some were boggled out of their mind,
yet, following to see, what she’d find. 
It was a brutally rigged inquisition, 
thereafter, the success of their mission. 

It was a shock and revelation to learn,
the clerics called her a ‘witch’ to burn. 
She, an exemplar of unshakeable faith,
her courage, meant battles were saved.

Military leader, champion for France,
was it epilepsy, luck or circumstance?
Joan of Arc, a kid, a heroine, a leader,
why did the world not believe in her?  

How did she do it, do you know?
perhaps, God DID tell her, so 
Victoria Healing ~ 25.11.2021
Image: Copyright Murka

‘One life is all we have and we live it as we believe in living it. But to sacrifice what you are and to live without belief, that is a fate more terrible than dying’

Joan of Arc


St Joan of Arc was a French teenage girl who, after having divine visions, led an army to victory over the English before being captured, tried, and famously burned at the stake. She was canonised in 1920.



Although many believe Joan’s visions were epilepsy, the only way to be sure would be to test the DNA found in a strand of her hair. The only problem is that this strand of hair has yet to be found’ ~ Women of Grace


“My Voices did come from God and everything that I have done was by God’s order”.


Michael Persinger was an America Canadian professor of psychology at Laurentian University who discovered that people who report religious experiences may also display enhanced temporal lobe signs perceptual and motor skills 1984. His most well-known hypotheses include the temporal lobes of the human brain as the central correlate for mystical experiences


Her Crimes:

When she was put on trial: claiming divine visions and dressing as a man, among others.

‘It provides interesting evidence for the way the fifteenth-century church perceived Joan. The text also stresses the problem of Joan’s cross dressing ‘,_gender_identity,_and_sexuality_of_Joan_of_Arc#Modern_perspective


‘Isn’t it contradictory that throughout religious history when someone heard the voice of God they were censured… and now they are all sainted’

Image: Unknown artist. Pin Interest

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