Heart Smiles

Image: EarthMagick.

Someone: ‘What is your religion’?

Me: All the paths that lead to the light

Wunjo said: 
’Speak to me about Joy’ 

I replied:
It’s an enchantment, when hearts entwine, 
a euphoric feeling, it’s a bright light inside. 
The sacred essence within all things;
intense passion and bliss, it brings. 

Some thing fuzzy beyond skin and bones, 
a relationship you will remember and know.
Sunshine in your soul and caress of mind,
seen in a child’s laugh and twinkles of eyes.  

It’s in the warmth of your Mom’s embrace, 
that kiss of love seen in your family’s face. 
Strangers momentarily, stopping to smile;
when strolling streets or shopping aisles.

It’s in the pure innocence of a pets stare,
seeing your family happy, free from care.
A vulnerability and feeling of safety, 
Have you felt this contentedness lately? 

Count up your blessings one by one,
mindful, it takes two, for ‘Joy’ to  bond. 
There’s happiness; casting Wunjo Rune;
the beauty of insight, in how ‘self’ blooms.
Victoria Healing ~ 4.10.2021
Heart Smiles ~ Wunjo 

The Rune Blessing ~ Wunjo 

Meaning: Joy. Light.

Image: The Book of Runes. Ralph Blum

Joy is good for the heart and soul. Joy is not just a brave smile or laugh it’s something deep within, it’s contentment, confidence and hope ~ © Harry, The Happiness Contagion

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