Spelt of the Grain

Pitchfork in hand, threshing floor,
 ancient craft, obscured in folklore. 
 Sorting the wheat from the chafe,
 soak well, before braiding plait.  

Gather straw scraps in hand,
 aspire to create a Dolly plan.  
 Three wheat sheafs, a piece,
 taking care, that they be neat. 
One to the left,
 one to the right.
 Twist around the middle;
 squeeze and hold, all tight.
Weaving spelt into grain,
 do it over and over again.
 With a few snips and tucks,
 a Corn Dolly; gifted of good luck. 
 Protection, helping and healing, 
 Blessed be, our wheat, corn weavings. 
 Victoria Healing ~ 4.11.2020

These words are mine. The image shared for its impact and artistic beauty: The Wheat Weaver 

Corn dollies or corn mothers are a form of straw work made as part of harvest customs of Europe before mechanisation.

Before Christianisation, in traditional pagan European culture it was believed that the spirit of the corn lived amongst the crop. Corn dollies have many names, such as associated with Cailleach. In ancient times, the word “corn” stood for the English equivalent of “grain.” Even the word “dolly” had a different meaning in ancient times: The word “dolly” is most likely a slang for “idol.

Calan Gaeaf in Wales. The cyclical nature of life, growth, death, and rebirth was a pervasive theme among the Celts. The harvest festival reflects this at a time when the first wheat is ready for the sickle and the life-producing season gives way toward the cold, lifeless, contracted winter when most things upon the earth die.



Welsh Border Fan – Corn Dolls

Images: A Golden Dolly The Art, Mystery and History of Cornwall Dollies by M. Lambeth. 

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