Goddess of the Witches

 Ceridwen, from Welsh legends, was unique,
 Great wise Mother, if it is truth that you seek.
 An ode, to our dear Lady “Awen”
 of ancient origins who scribed “Amen”

 Shape shifter, in magickal gift of prophecy,
 wise and sacred, talented of philosophy.
 Back when in ancient times, it was trendy to be,
 gastronomically; a hot culinary cooking queen.

 Sprinkling herbs and stirring the pot around,
 for a year and a day, hubbly bubbly sounds.
 No cackling caws, our “Lady” she was!
 stirring her spoon making her family, broth.

 Return to sacred mists from veils of time,
 messages, betwixt and between the lines.
 “Behind the dark clouds, beams the sun,
 lessons we’ve learned; may obstacles be gone”

 Trust in yourself, that you cannot fail,
 wisdom and alchemy, inner sight to prevail.
 Victoria Healing ~ 26.10.2018

Often referred to as a “Cauldron Goddess” and “Goddess of the Witches”, Cerridwen is strongly associated with Samhain and Halloween.


Ceridwen was an enchantress in Welsh medieval legend:


The Night before Winter

Welsh ~ ‘Nos Calan Gaeaf’ in English means the night before  winter in Wales,

Nos Calan Gaeaf even influenced how Americans celebrate Halloween.




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