A Knight of Enchantment

Sir kay enchanter knight
Image: Knight at the Museum ~ (Dan Stevens) 



He’d heard his name shouted in the distance,
loud, commanding, alarming, persistent.
With steel cold eyes and hard set jaw,
he listened for his ‘calling’ once more.

When entering into hypnotic trance,
he’d had no idea of time or circumstance.
Somehow ancient godlike powers emerged,
able to last nine nights without sleep, I heard.

Emotionally cold and ferociously bold,
stubborn of character, with heart of stone.
There was a part of himself, he had hidden,
frustrated passions and insecurity driven.

Blood would pulsate through his veins,
when in battle, his palms blazed flames.
As one of King Arthur’s ‘Enchanter’ Knights,
deputy, guardian and superhero of fight.

Extremely tall, invincible and strong;
although self centred, with vulgar tongue.
The heroic rescuer and friend of Gwenhwyfar,
great giant slayer and exemplar warrior…

Intrepid knight of gutsy talents and magic,
to forget him, would be an error so tragic.
…In the distance the voice called out again;
“Let’s ride together to adventures end”

And he turned and spoke into the darkness;
“I will always fight beside you King Arthur”
Victoria Healing ~ 7.6.2020
©Knight of Enchantment

King Arthurs Knight
Sir Cai: (Kay) Appears in the ancient Welsh poem, Pa Gur, and was one of the warriors who helped rescue Queen Gwenhwyfar and may have had a romantic relationship with her ~ The Welsh Triads.
Cai had mystical powers and was called one of the “Three Enchanter Knights” or the “Three Battle-Diademed Men”


Sir Kay enchanter knight on sword

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