The Enchantment

The Enchantment Merlin and lady of lake _ (1)

He’d been holding his heart with his breath,
there should have been more dignity in death.
Deeply in love, he’d taught her all he knew;
his demise came, as a bolt out of the blue.

Through walls of air, swirling on hazy mists,
a beautiful yet unbreakable crystal cavern to him.
Ghostly figures of ominous, fluctuating light,
flickered, dancing across shadow of night.

The Lady of the Lake, had been his crush and obsession,
all she’d wanted was for him, to teach her, his lessons.
His infatuation, finally, became his ruin and downfall,
she, imprisoning him within enchanted tomb walls.

Deep within his cocoon, Merlin now sleeps,
guarding his magical powers and mysteries.
Although the cave has become lost over time,
you can still hear his chains clanking inside.

On Merlin’s Hill, East of Southern Wales,
rests our supernatural wizard of magical tales.
Stepping into Merlin’s shoes, at Arthur’s side,
the Lady of the Lake, became the Queen of all time.   

Bit of a shock and a twist isn’t it?
that our Lady of the Lake had resorted to this.
Victoria Healing ~ 24.5.2020

Image: Unknown. (Merlin and the Lady of the Lake)

References and further reading:


According to some variants of the Arthurian legendMerlin was born in a cave outside Carmarthen. The town’s Welsh name, Caerfyrddin, is widely claimed to mean “Merlin’s fort”  

Arthurian Legend

It is common belief that Merlin was created as a figure for Arthurian legend

Geoffrey of Monmouth

Merlin made his first appearance in literature in the early 12th Century in Prophecies of Merlin by Geoffrey of Monmouth. Monmouth based his Merlin on a legend who was called Myrddin. 

Myrddin Wyllt (Welsh: [ˈmərðɪn ˈwɨɬt]—”Myrddin the Wild”,

Lady of the Lake

In the Vulgate Merlin, she refuses to give Merlin (who at this time is already old but appears to her in the guise of a handsome young man) her love until he has taught her all his secrets, after which she uses her power to seal him forever,

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