Andredes Weald

andred andraste

Worlds can and do exist within worlds of time,
dimensional existences overlap and intertwine.
A sense of excitement and purpose prevails,
learning about deities and divine Goddess tales.

In a sacred forest grove in Epping, Southern Britain,
lived, the Goddess of Battle and Victory, it is written.
When rebellion against the Romans was the order,
the Celts prayed for her shielding, against slaughter.

On the eve of revolt against the Romans in Iceni,
Boudicea invoked Warrior Goddess Andred in 61AD.
Known as The Crone, Creator, and the Cutter of Threads,
Lunar Goddess to whom all return, in her aspect of death.

Andred, the Warrior Goddess of warfare and victory,
revered as ‘invincible’ Prophetess of combat in Celtic history.
To be called upon, in times of disaster and Warcraft
It was Andred they summoned to help with their task.

She, the Warrior Goddess of fertility, love and the hunt,
otherwise known as the ‘Victorious’ One’
Representing the darkest, most fearful aspects of fight,
death was viewed as change and rebirth, as right.

Sacrifice of blood and worship of Hare,
her magical potions, ensured positive forces there.
An ancient Sussex woodland known as ‘Andredes Weald’
meaning the ‘Forest of Andred’ a dedication, is revealed.
Victoria Healing ~ 28.2.2020
©Andredes Weald 

“ANDRED is a little-known goddess of the pre-Roman British isles, whom the Romans referred to as Andraste. it’s quite possible that the Greeks took some of the gods of their pantheon from the Druids, whom they considered philosophically superior, with Andred being just one such goddess”

Image: Unknown

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