Summer Loving ~ May Queen

May Festival celtic goddess red hair sister of the mista bloddeuwed
Image: Sisters of the Mists


It is our sacred duty at the time of Beltane,
to honour our ceremonious May Queen.
Brythonic Goddess of love, great power and fertility.
Welsh Divinity of flowers, love, trust and stability.

Traditions decreed union, between Green Man; God of Forest,
with CREIDDYLAD; beautiful, eternal May Queen Goddess.
She, the personification of creation and rebirth,
Green Man symbolic of all life that grows on earth.

Legends tell of rivalry between her Warrior admirers;
Gwythr and Gwyn, fought each other for her alliance.
May day, a time of passion and roaring bonfires,
male and female, procreation and lusty desires.

Beltane signifies vitality and excitement of summer;
Super natural and sacred intercourse between lovers.
Victoria Healing ~ 1.5.2020
©Summer Loving

The Welsh goddess Creiddylad (Pronounced Cree-THIL-ahd) is The May Queen, she was a Goddess of summer flowers, love and the Celtic Sun God Belenus.

Image: Sisters of the mists – Priestesshood of Avalon.

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