Teiwaz ~ In Patience

In patience listening little girl speak
Image: Little Girl Speak


Moving forwards, on our own paths,
the Spiritual Warrior within ‘self’ is tasked.
Otherworldly riddles will be made clear,
when releasing “self” from all that you fear.
Commitment in your ‘own’ soul path,
waiting patiently, is what is asked.
Cutting away from the dead and the old,
is your mission, to let inner truth unfold.

Never presume, nothing else can be learned,
evaluate and test, then be true, to your concerns.
Patience and detachment, is the warrior’s task,
waiting on the will of heaven, to be forecast.
Victoria Healing ~ 28.10.2018
©In Patience
Rune: Teiwaz:  The Spiritual Warrior. The Sky God.
(Inspired from The Book of Runes ~ Ralph Blum)


“Whatever is most heavy on you, take it off.


and just for this one sweet moment, carve out a place in your heart for peace and just breathe” ~ AVA  ~ Stardust Poetry 

Image: Little Girl Speak



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